So who am I? 
I'm Clare. I'm no beauty expert, I have spots, chipped nails and probably should lose a stone in weight. I have days I find it acceptable to wear pyjamas and days that I pull the trainers and the sweats out instead of the skirts and heels. My friends and family would say I'm outspoken, sometimes abrupt, sarcastic but kind. To me this translates that I am a truthful person with a bit of humour. Don't ask the question if you don't want the answer is my belief. I live with my partner, daughter (Isabelle, 22 Months), Hammy Hamster, 2 large French Lop Bunnies (Suzie and BB) and our Doggy Woofs (Layla).

I'm a Mum. Judge away my munchkin eats chocolate and has squash in her water. I don't parent from books or apps, I don't use technical phrases and find my self googling mummy terms when amongst friends. I parent from the heart and make choices on instincts. 

I work as a Sales and Events Co-ordinator. Planning weddings and events at one of the most stunning restaurants I know.

Life is hard no matter what your circumstances, everybody has there own stresses and I don't believe in judging anyone before you know the facts. 

My hates and loves
I hate people with no manners and people who are rude just for the sake of it. I dislike those that make others feel bad to make them self's feel better. I can't stand anything flavoured around peach or apricot. 

I love my family both blood and those inherited from my partner. I'm a coffee addict and chocolate devourer. Cheese is also my big downfall. Handbags and shopping are sometimes my oxygen for the day. My favourite colours are pink and yellow, not together mind you and a random fact, I would love to run a marathon one day and have the fitness to do so. 

I don't fit in a niche and for quite a while tried too. I'm me and me I shall now always be. What I blog about no-one knows let's see where the wind takes us.

Clare (without the I (just a small pet hate))

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  1. What a lovely intro.
    I'm not far from you!


    Hannah x


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