Thursday, 4 September 2014

Review it Thursday: GIVEAWAY & -TEN- Baby Bath Milk and Shampoo Review

This week I have been trialling a few products for my little girl Isabelle. TEN is a new range of skincare for Mummy's, babies and toddlers formulated with natural ingredients to help maintain skins moisture and nourish your babies delicate skin. All there products are free from Paraben's, dyes, colours and Soap's creating the perfect bath time wash for those sensitive eyes. The two products I chose to try were TEN Baby Bath Milk and Baby Natural Shampoo both products can be found at Boots and there website Cleverskincare along with the rest of there range. Keep reading for your chance to win Three of these new boutique style products.

Ten's baby bath milk is enriched with almond oil and aloe vera creating a very delicate fragrance which lasts from bath to your babies soft skin. As this product is a milk it doesn't create the bubbles that my two year old now loves so much in her bath but from a sensible mummy point of view I now know she is safe to splash about till her hearts content with out the nasty sting in her eyes that other bubble bath's can cause. The formulation is moisturising and during the winter months I can see this being a wonderful product to cleanse and comfort her dry skin. I suffer from overly sensitive skin and am always careful with what products I use as to avoid any nasty reactions, as soon as I opened this product I knew this was not likely to create any issues for either of us due to the lack of unpleasant ingredients. 200ml of bath milk retails for £21.00 which is a little more than truthfully I am usually willing to spend on bubble bath but a little really does go along way. I'm heavy handed this is no secret and love to use large amounts of everything but it is just not needed even with Isabelle now using a large bath a few drops of milk instantly softens the water and creates an almost cream like bath. Is it worth the price? If your child has allergies, dry, sensitive or a little fear full of the dreaded soapy eye then this product is definitely for you. I've tried many sensitive skin products but none felt as moisturising and mild as this milk does, I am really looking forward to using this in the winter to aid Isabelle against our bitter dry weather.

The other product from there baby range I tried was the Ten Baby Natural Shampoo this formulation includes chamomile extracts and wheat protein to help hair growth and maintain the natural balance of the scalp.  Like the bath milk the formula is creamy and moisturising which has really helped my daughters rapidly growing hair stay tangle free. I have noticed a big difference to the texture and quality of her hair from the day I started using this shampoo. I find it easier to manage and brush even days after washing, helping those tears from knot brushing stay away. This is the first shampoo that I feel is strong enough to wash the baked beans, yoghurt and jam from her delicate hair whilst still being a tear free formula. I was finding she had started to become a little hard work for hair washing and really didn't appreciate those pesky suds washing her eyelashes, I tried many shampoo's all stating they were tear free but still the tears rolled thankfully this issue has been resolved by TEN. Without sounding mad I really wanted to hate this product as again the price tag is a little steep at £18.90 for 200ml but I just can't, we have seen so many benefits from using this that I will be hard pushed to buy anything else in fear of the screams returning.

As a one year blog anniversary I'm offering everyone a chance to try some of these products. There is two for baby and one for Mummy to enjoy.

  • Baby Gentle Massage Oil retail £19.80 - An easy pump non-greasy oil with gentle skin softening properties enriched with sweet almond to help maintain skins natural balance.
  • Baby Bath Milk retail £21.00 - Formulated to gently cleanse baby's epidermis while helping retain skins moisture.
  • Breast Care Cream £34.50 - With extracts of rice and papaya provide the perfect breast care cream, helping to firm skin and improve elasticity. Can be used both pre and post pregnancy.
You can enter as many or as few times as you like by following the steps below. The give away will be open internationally and I will be picking a winner at random on the 18/09/2014. I wish you all the best of luck and thank you for your constant support. 
(Pictures are below of the products you will receive)

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  1. Looks so gorgeous! I adore your blog too! Makes me so happy to read ;) xxxx

  2. Thank you hunny that is very sweet :D xxx

    1. If I was lucky enough to win, I would give the products to my cousin, who in a few weeks will be a mum! ;) xxx

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