Monday, 15 September 2014

Mummy Monday's: Stopping at Panic Central for Nursery

Last week was the start of a very hard but hopefully exciting road for Isabelle (2yr old daughter). We decided that this year was the right time to let go and nudge Isabelle into the world of school to help her with social skills and development. Babysitters are not on hand to often in our family due to work and carer commitments so having a nursery placement also gives me an opportunity to breath. The thought of nursery actually seemed like a small parenting dream, that was until this week. 

At our chosen nursery they have a system in place that they call "taster days" . Taster days are for the new pupils, they get to play for an hour free of charge to see what Nursery is all about. The first day was incredible she had a smile from ear to ear, painted her first picture, ate all her favourite fruits for snack time and got to run around outside with the other little ones. She seemed to have the most perfect day. When she got home she informed me about her new friends, her teacher (who she believes is a princess) and splashing in the water so I had no feelings of panic for the following second "taster day". 

As most of us are aware it seems toddlers main aim in life is to surprise us and keep us on our toes at every opportunity. You will probably have already guessed that the second day didn't go half as well. On the walk there Isabelle was full of beans talking about seeing her friends and what she hoped she would be doing that day. I explained again on the way there that mummy would not be coming in School but that I would be back later to pick her up. She smiled back and replied "Mummy pick me up later" excellent she has got it all ready. How wrong was I? I epically failed and must of committed some sort of parenting crime as I said Goodbye. Cue the tears and screaming, Isabelle actually started to climb up my legs like a monkey on steroids. She did not stop climbing until she was hanging around my neck by my hair. Her nursery teacher had to peel her little fingers from my neck and walking away from that building seemed almost impossible, I swear my feet had glued to the floor. I knew she was just testing the boundary's and sticking around would just give her the reaction she was hopefully looking for. I was the adult in the situation and left the nursery repeating to myself that it was only an hour. You will be glad to know Isabelle was fine, her nursery teacher won her over with food within 5 minutes of me leaving and ever since has been wonderful. I am so glad that I was strong enough to walk away even through her tears and mine it worked out for the best I think. Sometimes as parents we have to make tough decisions that in the long term will benefit both you and your child, be strong and remember as long as your child is in no harm a few tears are painful.  

Miss Savvy Mum

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  1. Oh poor you! You did the right thing - glad to hear she calmed down quickly - and how cute that she thinks her teacher is a princess x

    1. She has been fabulous so far this week, fingers crossed my heart does not have to shatter again :( On a happier note, thank you for stopping by xoxo

  2. Awww! Its so sweet that she thinks the teacher is a princess, adorable!!

    It must have been so hard for you to leave her there, I know this is something Im gonna struggle with then I have kids I'm such a softie on my nieces and nephews!

    I'm sure she's gonna have a wonderful amount of fun. Nursery prepares little ones so much for school, it'll be a lot less of an uphill struggle then, she'll be a little social butterfly by that point!


    1. I don't think I appreciated how much nursery would help her to enter into the school world. Until this week when she has been telling me about her day and what she has learnt that day. So cute!!

      I love that "social butterfly"

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. xoxo

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