Thursday, 18 September 2014

Pink Parcel Subscription Box Review for Girls on the Blob

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Last month I received a new subscription box by Pink Parcel. This box is a little bit different and is actually designed for that time of the month us ladies find really depressing. No matter what you call it, on the blob, painting the town red, closed shop, painters & decorators, Aunt Flo or another strange concoction of words no-one enjoys it and we all wish that it was possible to just sleep it away in a coma. Unfortunately we can not so when I spotted this little box I thought it could be a great way to soften the blow and possibly create the feeling of want or excitement for the dreaded bleed.

Pink Parcel unlike other subscription services is sent on different days to each customer. They advise 5 days before your expected period to make sure you receive your package in time. When you sign up for this box, the website will prompt you to enter your cycle details and your last period dates, so whether you go 28 days, 26 or even 24 you will always receive your parcel on time. You can also request the absorbency and brand of tampons, Pink Parcel currently don't supply sanitary pads but by the end of this month the new website should be launched which will then include this option. Due to this being a slightly embarrassing subject for some the parcel is designed well and discreetly, it will also fit perfectly through any letter box so no awkward journey to the post office or the hunky neighbour next door. If at any point you wished to change the date you provided, brand or freeze your account, I found that there customer services were more than helpful.

As well as receiving a weeks supply of tampons you also receive a form of beauty box and a few supplies to keep you going through this rough time, included in my box was a selection of Tea Pigs tea bags and chocolate by Doisy & Dam. The beauty products inside last months box were four full size products,

As for the products you actually need (tampons) I chose a mixture of absorbency's to see me through. Altogether I received 25 tampons in boxes marked "for later" (below) which if you did require more tampons per month it states on the website that you can  contact them by email and a pouch marked "for now" which was really handy to chuck in my handbag while keeping them discreet from prying eyes.

This subscription service is £5.95 for the first month and £9.95 there after but you may cancel at any point. For £5.95 I was really impressed with the quality of service from pink parcel. There has been a lot of thought put into how they supply, package and send your goods making it all the more easier to be won over by this box. If you would like some more information you can visit the website at

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Mummy Monday's: Stopping at Panic Central for Nursery

Last week was the start of a very hard but hopefully exciting road for Isabelle (2yr old daughter). We decided that this year was the right time to let go and nudge Isabelle into the world of school to help her with social skills and development. Babysitters are not on hand to often in our family due to work and carer commitments so having a nursery placement also gives me an opportunity to breath. The thought of nursery actually seemed like a small parenting dream, that was until this week. 

At our chosen nursery they have a system in place that they call "taster days" . Taster days are for the new pupils, they get to play for an hour free of charge to see what Nursery is all about. The first day was incredible she had a smile from ear to ear, painted her first picture, ate all her favourite fruits for snack time and got to run around outside with the other little ones. She seemed to have the most perfect day. When she got home she informed me about her new friends, her teacher (who she believes is a princess) and splashing in the water so I had no feelings of panic for the following second "taster day". 

As most of us are aware it seems toddlers main aim in life is to surprise us and keep us on our toes at every opportunity. You will probably have already guessed that the second day didn't go half as well. On the walk there Isabelle was full of beans talking about seeing her friends and what she hoped she would be doing that day. I explained again on the way there that mummy would not be coming in School but that I would be back later to pick her up. She smiled back and replied "Mummy pick me up later" excellent she has got it all ready. How wrong was I? I epically failed and must of committed some sort of parenting crime as I said Goodbye. Cue the tears and screaming, Isabelle actually started to climb up my legs like a monkey on steroids. She did not stop climbing until she was hanging around my neck by my hair. Her nursery teacher had to peel her little fingers from my neck and walking away from that building seemed almost impossible, I swear my feet had glued to the floor. I knew she was just testing the boundary's and sticking around would just give her the reaction she was hopefully looking for. I was the adult in the situation and left the nursery repeating to myself that it was only an hour. You will be glad to know Isabelle was fine, her nursery teacher won her over with food within 5 minutes of me leaving and ever since has been wonderful. I am so glad that I was strong enough to walk away even through her tears and mine it worked out for the best I think. Sometimes as parents we have to make tough decisions that in the long term will benefit both you and your child, be strong and remember as long as your child is in no harm a few tears are painful.  

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Review it Thursday: GIVEAWAY & -TEN- Baby Bath Milk and Shampoo Review

This week I have been trialling a few products for my little girl Isabelle. TEN is a new range of skincare for Mummy's, babies and toddlers formulated with natural ingredients to help maintain skins moisture and nourish your babies delicate skin. All there products are free from Paraben's, dyes, colours and Soap's creating the perfect bath time wash for those sensitive eyes. The two products I chose to try were TEN Baby Bath Milk and Baby Natural Shampoo both products can be found at Boots and there website Cleverskincare along with the rest of there range. Keep reading for your chance to win Three of these new boutique style products.

Ten's baby bath milk is enriched with almond oil and aloe vera creating a very delicate fragrance which lasts from bath to your babies soft skin. As this product is a milk it doesn't create the bubbles that my two year old now loves so much in her bath but from a sensible mummy point of view I now know she is safe to splash about till her hearts content with out the nasty sting in her eyes that other bubble bath's can cause. The formulation is moisturising and during the winter months I can see this being a wonderful product to cleanse and comfort her dry skin. I suffer from overly sensitive skin and am always careful with what products I use as to avoid any nasty reactions, as soon as I opened this product I knew this was not likely to create any issues for either of us due to the lack of unpleasant ingredients. 200ml of bath milk retails for £21.00 which is a little more than truthfully I am usually willing to spend on bubble bath but a little really does go along way. I'm heavy handed this is no secret and love to use large amounts of everything but it is just not needed even with Isabelle now using a large bath a few drops of milk instantly softens the water and creates an almost cream like bath. Is it worth the price? If your child has allergies, dry, sensitive or a little fear full of the dreaded soapy eye then this product is definitely for you. I've tried many sensitive skin products but none felt as moisturising and mild as this milk does, I am really looking forward to using this in the winter to aid Isabelle against our bitter dry weather.

The other product from there baby range I tried was the Ten Baby Natural Shampoo this formulation includes chamomile extracts and wheat protein to help hair growth and maintain the natural balance of the scalp.  Like the bath milk the formula is creamy and moisturising which has really helped my daughters rapidly growing hair stay tangle free. I have noticed a big difference to the texture and quality of her hair from the day I started using this shampoo. I find it easier to manage and brush even days after washing, helping those tears from knot brushing stay away. This is the first shampoo that I feel is strong enough to wash the baked beans, yoghurt and jam from her delicate hair whilst still being a tear free formula. I was finding she had started to become a little hard work for hair washing and really didn't appreciate those pesky suds washing her eyelashes, I tried many shampoo's all stating they were tear free but still the tears rolled thankfully this issue has been resolved by TEN. Without sounding mad I really wanted to hate this product as again the price tag is a little steep at £18.90 for 200ml but I just can't, we have seen so many benefits from using this that I will be hard pushed to buy anything else in fear of the screams returning.

As a one year blog anniversary I'm offering everyone a chance to try some of these products. There is two for baby and one for Mummy to enjoy.

  • Baby Gentle Massage Oil retail £19.80 - An easy pump non-greasy oil with gentle skin softening properties enriched with sweet almond to help maintain skins natural balance.
  • Baby Bath Milk retail £21.00 - Formulated to gently cleanse baby's epidermis while helping retain skins moisture.
  • Breast Care Cream £34.50 - With extracts of rice and papaya provide the perfect breast care cream, helping to firm skin and improve elasticity. Can be used both pre and post pregnancy.
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Monday, 1 September 2014

1 Year Blogging: 10 Things You Learn Being a Mummy of a Toddler

I can't believe a whole year has gone by since I started blogging, back then it was a way of trying to define who I had become after being thrown into mummyhood, now it is a fun place to share my parenting experiences, the ups and downs of losing the mama pouch and reviewing the shit, amazing and totally rip off products out there but more than anything sharing a smile. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to post for my 1 year anniversary, I finally decided who better to help me make this choice than you. So I took inspiration from my most highly post which you can find here. So here is my top 10 things you learn as a mum- the toddler version. (Keep reading to the end to find out about my other celebratory post coming this week and maybe a few little freebies) 

1. Nappies are either decorative or just pretty bum supports, they will not and do not support the amount of liquid your toddler wishes to relieve themselves of while climbing over your furniture. 

2. The day you wished for your child to talk will become a long and distant memory while you try to stare through there suddenly monstrous head, drown out there repeated shouting and catch up on Emmerdale. Just remember to brag at mummy meet ups "I saw the credits at least". 

3. Private time! What's that? Toilet or shower, "BOO mummy I'm here" yes thank you sweetheart for the mild heart attack I now have half a bottle of this ridiculously expensive supposedly relaxing shampoo in my eyes!

4. Toddler actually stands for: 
Toddler thought process: go in room, empty everything, throw it around, once complete start to scatter said items around house, once mummy goes to tidy up first room start above steps again in the next room until the entire house is in uproar and the only creature able to live amongst this crap would be the rats.

5. Throwing birthday parties for teddy bears with candles, cakes and presents has become absolute normality. "This isn't what all other people do at the weekend?"

6. Dressing a toddler is like trying to get Barbie's shoes on an elephant. Impossible and dangerous. 

7. Every toddler is secretly a millionaire. Everything is there's, they bought it, they own, don't touch it. IT! If your wondering is the world and it's contents. That Radley handbag you bought, there's. The diamond bracelet on your dresser, there's. The kid's bike you saw while driving down a street 363 miles away from home, there's. Don't try and deny it life will just become problematic. Hand over your belongings, lower your head and come to terms with the fact you now rent things from your toddler. 

8. There imagination will blow your mind. You believe you gave birth to a human I believe there actually extra terrestrial creatures. Last week my daughter told me her Polly Pocket car was broken, she told me it needed petrol and water, "well done sweetheart that it very clever". She came back to me 5 minutes later with a toy dog cage (the petrol) and a Princess Crown (the water) huh!!  

9. Meltdowns are not predictable. You would presume that the words stop that, put it back, no, be quiet and don't ride the dog like a horse would all be the start of the world ending and I swear to you they are. But then there's others, the ones that hit you like an invisible iron bat in the face, unseen and unwanted. You think your being the nice mother your children wish you to be by asking  "Isabelle do you want to watch a princess film with mummy" this comment ends all human life as we know it. First comes the window shattering scream and then the dramatic should win an oscar fall on the floor with legs flailing wildly in the air. I figured it out in the end I had ruined world domination during brick building. 

10. Life is a roller-coaster of emotions. Not only are toddlers the most irritating and infuriating beings to grace this planet there also the most loveable. Those little glimpses of angel's will melt your heart until approximately 10 seconds later when she-devil strikes again but each time your little prodigy says "love you mummy" the world is forgotten. 

To all the parents out there the biggest and most crucial advice I could give is to laugh away the stress and smile each and everyday. Your toddler is a rainbow, many colours, layers and dimensions and with rainbows comes sunshine as well as rain.

I want to thank everyone who has read followed and liked my blog and social media sites. As a thank you I will be doing my first mummy themed giveaway on Thursday with products worth over £70.00 make sure you follow so you know when this goes live. Thank you again

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