Monday, 25 August 2014

Mummy Monday's: Day at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Last Thursday me and my family travelled to Doncaster to visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park. I had seen an offer on Living Social which if you didn't know is a voucher/discount site like Groupon and Vochercloud. We managed to get entry for all three of us for only £14, which was a huge discount on the ordinary price. Not only was this a fantastic deal it also gave us entry to there special safari night. Instead of the park closing at 5pm it was open until 9pm and included a One Direction tribute band with bangless firework display. I wouldn't of generally suggested travelling this far just for a day trip as it took us almost 2 hours to travel here but due to the heavy discount we thought it was just too much of a good opportunity to miss out on. I thought it would be nice to show you some pictures of the day and do a small review of the place for anyone living close by and struggling for things to do in these very long school holidays.

The very tall giraffes, as you can see the enclosure was very open unlike many other zoo's that use high cage like fences.
Munching up there dinner, num num.

Say cheese.

I'm sure this was a super sized guinea pig.......

The cutest lemurs I have ever seen.
The lemurs were free to roam about a special area of the park and visitors could walk around with them, they were tame enough to approach.

The wallabies again were roaming free and you could actually stroke and pet these animals, such a lovely experience.
Selfie please mummy.
Little spider monkey's, once again roaming free in a special South America area.

The Lioness
The Lions
We were fortunate enough to have caught the lion feeding which gave us a great view of these huge cats.
This is Isabelle very excited about the firework display.
The firework's were a lovely finish to an amazing day.
The park was different from any other zoo I have been to. Unlike many, animals were not enclosed in high fences and cages but rather free to roam around with visitors. There was not a huge selection of animals compared to say Chester Zoo but the ones they did have could be viewed clearly and even touched. On site there was an indoor soft play area, drop slide zone and outdoor adventure playground all were included in the price which was highly surprising. Due to the park being on the smaller side I would advice you take advantage of the many talks and feeding's the keeper's do, it is a great way to learn but ensures you have a day out rather than a few hours. While we were roaming there was plenty of places to rest and buy refreshments throughout the visit. Overall we had an extremely enjoyable trip that was well worth the money we paid even with the long distance travel.

If you would like to find out more about the park please click here.

Do you have any hidden treasure places you would recommend for a family?
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*this is my own personal thoughts and was not asked by the company to review, I am also not being sponsored in anyway*

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