Tuesday, 12 August 2014

How to get Creative at Home with a Toddler?

Finding things to do with a toddler indoors can be difficult and quite stressful at times especially now the school holidays have hit us hard. Nursery's have shut and play centre's are all most unbearable with a child at the age of two. I hate sitting indoors with Isabelle day after day but the English weather can be so unpredictable it is not always possible to get out and about especially being a non-driver. I decided it was about time to get a little messy and get Isabelle's imagination flowing. Last week both myself and my partner came up with a few ideas to keep her busy but also have special bonding time for us all, the results were so fun. Here is a few ways we enjoyed our "in" creative time.

Arts & Crafts

At the moment Isabelle is really into pirates and with the new release of Tinkerbell Pirates the movie (also another of her fave's) we thought it would be a great idea to make some pirate fairy inspired toys. 

There was a boat made from old cardboard boxes, polystyrene and masking tape, decorated with a fairy flag. Pink pirate hats embellished with feathers, skulls and stars,

Once we had made out equipment we set sale on the rough sea's, treasure map's in hand to help us find the gold. The whole experience was enjoyable for everyone and barely cost a penny for what was and will be hours of fun again.

Indoor Teddy Bears Picnic

Rosie (the big bear looking slightly drunk in a hello kitty top) is Isabelle's favourite teddy bear. Bought from build a bear a week after her birth and a wardrobe to make any fashionista jealous she is a pretty cool part of our family. We had a crazy but brilliant idea to throw little Rosie a birthday party inspired by a traditional teddy bears picnic. 

After we set up an old blanket on the floor and Isabelle had distributed her most loved teddies with plates and cutlery we retreated to the kitchen to make pizza. I can safely say Isabelle loved making her food from scratch throwing lots of topping's on to a tomato covered based. It added an extra excitement watching the pizza bubbling that she had made. Once ready we used paper plates left over from a birthday party to eat our yummy meal.

Once the plates were clear Ste brought through a chocolate caterpillar cake with candles a light for Rosie (yes the bear) to blow out. The smile on Isabelle's face was priceless, we sang happy birthday and Isabelle tried to get Rosie to blow out the candles (so cute). There was an almost fire hazard but this was thankfully avoided. Another lovely experience for everyone and one I am sure me and Ste will never forget, even if just for the giggles we shared while singing Happy Birthday to a stuffed animal.

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and summer. Let me know of any great ways you have found to pass the time stuck indoors.

Miss Savvy Mum

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