Sunday, 31 August 2014

Step It Up Sunday: The 30 Day Ab Challenge, Getting Rid of The Michelin Man

Happy Sunday!

I started this little section of my blog to try and help push myself further and set goals for myself that once shared I don't feel like I can really back out of. I have been saying for the last 4 month's that I would like to tone my body and lose some weight to help me feel more like my pre- pregnancy self but for some reason I cant find any motivation. I decided to try concentrating on just one area of my body that was getting me down the most instead of setting myself so many goals that I felt destined to fail. After having Isabelle (2yr old daughter) I don't think I have ever been entirely happy with my stomach/hip area, the stretch marks I can deal with but the deflated tyre is just pushing me over the edge and I am too young to crack the big knickers out just yet. I had seen a picture making its way round social media sites called the 30 day Ab challenge. It looked like the perfect start to having a body overhaul and may help me find that motivation I seem to be lacking in so much recently. After searching pinterest for the picture (here is the link if you would like to take a look) I actually decided to download an app I thought this would be easier for me to keep track of my progression and also to encourage me to do this routine daily.

Above is the screenshot's of the app logo and also the app homepage, you can see that the homepage is a tracker which shows you your progress and logs if you have completed that's days workout. What is the 30 day ab challenge? Basically it is a series of 4 exercises (crunches, sit ups, leg raises and planks) meant to push your core muscles in to change quickly. Each day the exercises will increase but still only taking you a matter of minutes to complete, making it the perfect routine for busy women. 

I'm hoping this may give me the kick up the backside I need to help me feel more comfortable in my own skin. I will let you know next Sunday what my thoughts are on this crazy exercise and how it is working for me.

Saying bye bye to the tyre's and hello to the six pack
Miss Savvy Exerciser
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Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Beauty Box Battle, Glossybox, Birchbox and You Beauty Discovery

 This month I have received what can only be described as a ridiculous amount of subscription boxes, My excuse's, I have none, I will however admit that I have a very small addiction to packages but they say the first sign of recovery is acceptance so maybe one day I will cancel one. I thought it may be a good idea to show you all three of this month beauty boxes in the same post. Here is August's big surprises.

Glossybox used to be my favourite beauty box due to the majority of there products sent being make-up related but I've found recently it can be a little hit and miss. At £10.00 per month plus £3.25 p&p this is the most expensive of the boxes and although the samples are large the brands tend to be affordable. This month however I am really impressed with the contents. I received 6 samples this month which is always a bonus especially when half of these are full size, three products are make-up, three products bath/body a great variation. The below picture shows you what I received from front to back, left to right.

  • Philip Kingsley Elasticizer pre- shampoo treatment. I received 40ml full size (250ml) retails for £38.
  • Figs & Rouge mango and mandarin hand cream. I received 20ml full size (80ml) retails for £6.95.
  • Lalique L'amour eau de parfum. I received 2ml full size (50ml) retails for £67.00.
  • Essence long lasting lipstick in shade natural beauty. I received a full size product which retails for £2.29.
  • Yves Rocher mini nail polish in shade Esmalte. I received full size which retails for £3.60.
  • Kryolan for Glossybox highlighter in cashmere. Again I received a full size retail £12.95.

Next up is the middle priced box by Birchbox retailing for £10.00 plus £2.95 p+p only a shave cheaper than our pink friend Glossybox. Birchbox to me always appears to work with more luxurious products, products that not your everyday Joe Bloggs would go out and purchase from boots however the samples are usually smaller. I tend to receive more skin and hair products from this subscription box which can come in handy for travelling or cheeky nights out. This month Birchbox switched up there usual packaging and sent there offerings in a very cute make-up bag which I feel bumped the product count up to 7, covered in cute ice lolly's and seaside decoration's it is the perfect accessory for those little trips. Getting over the super cute bag inside was 6 products (one in which I forgot to picture). Once again the picture below shows you what I received. (Left to right)

  • Nude progenius omega treatment oil. I recieved 5ml full size (30ml) retails for £58.00.
  • Wild about beauty powder eyeshadow in shade 04 Becca. Full size received reatil £13.00.
  • Vasanti brightenup enzymatic face rejuvenator exfoliator. I received 20g full size (90g) which retails for £26.00.
  • Number 4 super comb prep and protect leave in conditioner. I received 30ml full size (200ml) retails for £20.00.
  • Supergoop daily correct SPF 35 CC cream. I received 2 x 3ml tubes full size retails for £32.00 (40ml).
  • I also received (missing item) the first chapter from the new book The Proposal by Tasmina Perry.

The final box is a relatively new box to me by You Beauty Discovery it is also the cheapest of the three at only £6.95 including p+p. This box isn't as well known yet as Glossybox and Birchbox but it is rapidly making its appearances with popular bloggers and vloggers. You Beauty also has a slightly different system, each month on the 1st the subscriber gets to choose two products from a selection of around ten the other products in the box are a surprise. If you would like some more information on this box then I did a post last week explaining how it works and what I received in June and July. Click here to read that post. As before below are the products received.

  • Jimmy Choo eau de parfum. I received a sample vile full size retails for £38.50 (40ml).
  • A four step nail file value unknown.
  • (Chosen product) Marsk mineral eye shadow in shade rich list. I received a full size which retails for £14.49.
  • (Chosen products) Just be botanical's hydrating serum. I received 10ml full size (30ml)  £34.95.
  • FaceD cream serum 1 sachet received.

What is your favourite beauty box? 
Miss un-savvy spender
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Monday, 25 August 2014

Mummy Monday's: Day at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Last Thursday me and my family travelled to Doncaster to visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park. I had seen an offer on Living Social which if you didn't know is a voucher/discount site like Groupon and Vochercloud. We managed to get entry for all three of us for only £14, which was a huge discount on the ordinary price. Not only was this a fantastic deal it also gave us entry to there special safari night. Instead of the park closing at 5pm it was open until 9pm and included a One Direction tribute band with bangless firework display. I wouldn't of generally suggested travelling this far just for a day trip as it took us almost 2 hours to travel here but due to the heavy discount we thought it was just too much of a good opportunity to miss out on. I thought it would be nice to show you some pictures of the day and do a small review of the place for anyone living close by and struggling for things to do in these very long school holidays.

The very tall giraffes, as you can see the enclosure was very open unlike many other zoo's that use high cage like fences.
Munching up there dinner, num num.

Say cheese.

I'm sure this was a super sized guinea pig.......

The cutest lemurs I have ever seen.
The lemurs were free to roam about a special area of the park and visitors could walk around with them, they were tame enough to approach.

The wallabies again were roaming free and you could actually stroke and pet these animals, such a lovely experience.
Selfie please mummy.
Little spider monkey's, once again roaming free in a special South America area.

The Lioness
The Lions
We were fortunate enough to have caught the lion feeding which gave us a great view of these huge cats.
This is Isabelle very excited about the firework display.
The firework's were a lovely finish to an amazing day.
The park was different from any other zoo I have been to. Unlike many, animals were not enclosed in high fences and cages but rather free to roam around with visitors. There was not a huge selection of animals compared to say Chester Zoo but the ones they did have could be viewed clearly and even touched. On site there was an indoor soft play area, drop slide zone and outdoor adventure playground all were included in the price which was highly surprising. Due to the park being on the smaller side I would advice you take advantage of the many talks and feeding's the keeper's do, it is a great way to learn but ensures you have a day out rather than a few hours. While we were roaming there was plenty of places to rest and buy refreshments throughout the visit. Overall we had an extremely enjoyable trip that was well worth the money we paid even with the long distance travel.

If you would like to find out more about the park please click here.

Do you have any hidden treasure places you would recommend for a family?
Miss Savvy

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*this is my own personal thoughts and was not asked by the company to review, I am also not being sponsored in anyway*

Thursday, 21 August 2014

The New Subscription Box: You Beauty Discovery Box Review June and July

Last month I decided to re open my letter box to a few beauty boxes. The You Beauty discovery box is totally new to me and appealed straight away at only £6.95 per box including postage. I believe every Mummy needs some form of treat and beauty boxes are definitely my guilty pleasure. Like all the beauty subscription services my samples were presented in a sturdy re-usable box wrapped in shredded tissue paper. Inside the box you receive at least four sample products. Two chosen by yourself on the 1st of the month and the others a surprise. It a best of both worlds concept, knowing there is two products for £6.95 on there way that you have hand picked is a lot easier to swallow than receiving a box of mystery products you will never use for £12.95. Listed below is the products I chose and received in June and July.

You Beauty Discovery Box June

L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24H Lip Colour (Chosen)
What the book says: A 24Hr colour, hydration and comfort for your lips. Perfect lipstick that doesn't stain your champagne glass.
  • Flawless Fushia 
  • Full size received 
  • £9.99 From Boots

Urban Veda Daily Purifying Facial Wash (Chosen)
What the book says: Naturally formulated to cleanse and purify. Help's to treat blackheads, excess sebum and clear toxins. 

Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Mask
What the book says: Breath life back into skin with an intensely invigorating and revitalising mask. A satisfying boost for thirsty skin to penetrate deep into pores and remove impurities. 

Expandable Face Cloth
What the book says: A unique, soft and expandable facial cloth. Great for removing make-up, exfoliators and masks.
  • Full size received
  • No price available. A YBD special product. 
Overall I think it was a great first box with my first choice of product being more than the box total. I have used all the items sent and have loved trying them out. Total box value: approximately £12.50 (ish)

You Beauty Discovery Box July

Tan Organic Self Tan Original (Chosen)
What the book says: Discover a sunless tan made with natural ingredients. No unpleasant fake tan smell, no paraben's, artificial fragrances or synthetic ingredients.

Loreal Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara (chosen)
What the book says: Featuring a 360 degree flexible cone shaped brush for mega volume on top and bottom.

  • Full size received 
  • £8.99 from Boots

Dove Men+ Care Pro Moisture Shave Cream
What the book says: Designed to provide men with a more enjoyable shaving experience. Moisture rich texture applies easily to soften stubble while the low foam formula provides a close shave.

  • 50ml received 
  • £3.49 from Boots

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream
What the book says: The celebrity favourite all purpose skin balm with super moisturising benefits. Combining six natural ingredients and bursting with anti-oxidants to nourish and protect skin.

  • One sachet received
  • £20.99 from Amazon

Agent Provocateur Fatale Eau De Parfum
What the book says: This new fragrance has dark glamour, seduction and a sensual hint of danger.

Another great box in my eyes. For the small cost of £6.95 I feel you really get what you pay for here. It was a nice surprise to receive a product for the worst half, keeps him sweet while I spend all the pennies on my little indulgences! Total box value: Approximately £29.85 (wow)

Have you tried this box? What do you think of the contents for the small price tag?

Look out for all the beauty box comparisons, Glossybox, You Beauty and Birchbox who will come out top this month.
Much Love
Miss Savvy Spender

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Monday, 18 August 2014

Mummy's Monday's: Day in The Life On a Girl's Night Release

This weekend saw one of very few girls nights out. Having children, growing up and generally having to be responsible for more than where your next donna kebab is coming from can put a stopper in the works to what can only be described as messy evening's. But every once in a while every mama, wife and women needs a night to let there hair down and be uncivilised to the general public. Not only does it give you a chance to become your younger self but also to take in present cultures and experiences. What am I talking about it's just a night to get K.Oed on alcohol and became irresponsible human beings with no feeling of quilt because the booze made you do it. No I'm just kidding, but it is just a perfect time to catch up with those most loved who you don't unfortunately have time to catch up with daily. Through out the night we acted like responsible adults, who only drank as much as they could handle but had a truly enjoyable night with plenty of giggles. Here is a few of our giggles captured through the lens of an I-phone.......... (editing not allowed, best to show the night in all its beauty and beast)

Starting the night calm and collected, we could actually be mistaken for ladies......

Meet the girls, Top: Me, Middle: Vanessa, Bottom: Fiona
Civilised OOTD/OOTN VS The full on obnoxious pose

Arrived at the first bar The Alchemist in Manchester (Spinningfields)
First round of drinks, starting with a cocktail.

Passion Fruit Mojitio or........

Frog spawn?!?

It's a cocktail selfie

ow and another one.......

and just one more!

OOPPS maybe not quite done with the cocktails

You find a chaise longue you have to take a picture

You know these are two sexy ladies

Selfie's are flowing now, random toilet, why not

Ready to meet the toilet queen

Yes this is a booty dress, single lady

Ow no a cheeky McDonald's on the train back...... Why not have another embarrassing selfie

Last pub of the night back on home turf, girlies tired and ready to go home

What a great night we had one that shall be remembered. It is lovely to catch up with friends and have a little fun. Just one night to forget your troubles and let your hair well and truly down.

Disclaimer: No adults were harmed in the making of this blog post, all arrived home safely with not too much of a hangover.

Miss Savvy Drinker

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