Sunday, 4 May 2014

Step it up Sunday: The countdown and a change

Happy Sunday and welcome to another failed attempt at Step it Up but as I always say Monday is a new day so here we go again. I decided to start doing this series once a month to just keep you updated on my progress so far. I'm now on countdown for our family holiday in June and I know I am going to have to squish myself into some form of swimsuit which if truth be told makes me shiver a little inside. To any one else I may seem to be a good size and by no means do I think health wise I need to lose weight or get fit. As women though, we like to feel comfortable and confident inside and out but right at this moment I don't. Since having my little girl when I do put on any weight it seems to cling around my hips and waist making me extremely out of proportion in my eyes. Why does our extra weight not land in places we would be happy to see it, you know the boobs or bum area would be great, a girl can dream I suppose. 

As you know I love running its my release from the world and makes me feel a little more empowered. I would love to get to a better fitness level for my own self esteem and I already feel I have achieved a lot just being able to now jog down the drive. 

This month I want to not only diet but change my entire lifestyle. Its so easy to pull out the quick meals or throw a sandwich together but if I'm truthful to my self I don't enjoy this bad for you food as much as I probably should. Healthy food isn't only better for our bodies but also for our minds. I can 100% tell the difference when I get lazy with food preparation and grab for the stodge. I would like to learn from my mistakes, creating a healthier happier future for me and my family. My weight has always fluctuated massively and I feel changing a lifestyle slowly will benefit me much more than another quick fix diet.

Before I fell pregnant I had just finally arrived in a place I was content. As you can see pregnancy didn't change my weight too much (due to the fact of being ill all the way through) but I'm now struggling to keep it off. My body has changed through the roughness of pregnancy both inside and out, doctors and my self agree I'm lacking in good sources of vitamins and minerals. So here's to a new month changing for the better, finding, creating and enjoying new foods. Watch this space hopefully a hot mama will be coming your way soon. 

Have you any tips on changing a habit of a life time?
Miss Savvy Getting Fitter

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