Thursday, 29 May 2014

Review Thursday: Liz Earle's Skin Repair Moisturiser

Happy Thursday! We all know what today brings on the Savvy blog, a new review. I have made a few splurges over the last few months in attempt to rid my skin of dryness, the main one being from Liz Earle. I  have really enjoyed using the brands iconic and well hyped up hot cloth cleanser, so far it is working really well for my poor chapped skin. The next step I was certain I had to take was to there moisturiser. Here's my review of Liz Earle's Skin Repair Moisturiser for Dry/Sensitive Skin. 

Starting off the packaging is simple, clean and elegant. Made from plastic it's slightly unusual for a high end product but nice on the basis of weight and no risk of breakages around small children or men. As you can see I took these pictures after a month of testing daily and I don't feel I have even made a dint but this is due to the fact that Liz Earle have shoved moisturiser right up to the rim definitely giving you product for your penny's. The scent is so light it is hard to pick out any particular notes, if possible it smells clean and natural. 

The texture is more similar to a butter than a cream, perfect for dry complexions. I have super sensitive skin and haven't felt any burning or stinging from this product even though I used this during my worse reptile days. It works really well for me as a day moisturiser leaving skin silky smooth and moisturised with none of those horrid moisturiser balls when mixed with primer. In the evening Its a lovely end to a skin regime, soothing and hydrating. However when my skin is at its most dry I don't find it quite strong enough to battle the peel so I usually switch my routine up with a mask then continue using this as normal. If you have dry, normal or even sensitive skin and are struggling to find the perfect product I would really recommend biting the bullet and stepping up to higher end products. My teenage wannabe skin is being left behind with the teenage products and now starting to glow in rich lushess cream. I picked mine up my dry/sensitive skin moisturiser for £19.25 here but you can also purchase this cream in normal/combination skin here.

Any products that you think are worth a sneaky purchase?
Much love
Miss Savvy

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  1. I have been looking for some good moisturising repair cream and I think I will give this a try after reading your review. I hope it works for my combination skin. I had the skin peel treatment last month from and its the best I have for my skin glow and revitalisation in a long time.


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