Thursday, 15 May 2014

Review Thursday: Herbal Essenses Intensive Hair Mask

As a Mummy I crave quick fix products that take as little time and effort as physically possible. Since having Isabelle (2) I've found my hair is dry and brittle. Where as previously a hair mask was just a one-off treat I've found it now needs to part of my weekly beauty regime so as too not resemble the look of a scarecrow. I wanted to find a product that I could throw on in the shower and work to its full potential within minutes before rinsing off. Herbal essences have solved all my problems here, I think. I'm not a fan of there regular shampoo and conditioners, I usually find my hair becomes dryer so I was a little dubious when I bought this. Read on for the full review of Herbal Essences Intensive Hair Mask.

I purchased this for £1.97 at Superdrug (better than half price), which compared to other brands on the market it's a really good price for the amount of product you get, 200ml. This Bee Strong Strengthening Hair Mask is targeted to dry & damaged hair containing Honey and Apricot extract, I can confirm it smells divine. Starting with the packaging the screw off lid isn't the best invention I have ever seen, especially when using this product in the shower, it becomes a game of speed to get the lid back on the pot before the shower drowns the contents with water. However I love the look of the packaging it looks more high end then low end to me, I have dropped this a few times too and the container hasn't cracked like many others I've owned.

Inside is a product of dreams. I really love the texture, I find it really thick making it easy to remove from the tub and not slip off wet hands. I leave the Herbal Essences Mask on my hair for around 5-10 minutes while doing all the other chores us women have to do in shower, shaving, exfoliating & washing. Once I've rinsed the product off, my hair feels dramatically different, softer, silkier but light weight. I was really worried my hair would become greasy quicker but I can still leave my hair for 3 days before another wash is needed. Since using this weekly I can really see the effects of this conditioner and I have received heaps of compliments on my new shiny hair from family, friends and readers of my blog. I don't think I would be with out one of these pot's on my bathroom shelf, I've used around half of this product and purchased it about 5 months ago, but it just doesn't seem to be going anywhere fast. If your having trouble with your locks and need an instant quick fix boost of moisture than I really would recommend this mask for you. The offer is still on at Superdrug Stores so grab yours fast.

With glossy hair 
Miss Savvy

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