Monday, 26 May 2014

Mummy Monday's: Sweetcorn up the Nose, Sucking on Bogey's and A&E

You know those days when someone thinks it's a great idea to shove sweetcorn up there nose........ No me neither till last week. The fun of having a toddler in terrible has definitely hit our house with a bang over the last month, Isabelle has wanted to keep us on the edge of our seat. Here's our comedy how to guide on getting sweetcorn or a any other small object out of a nostril.

So like I said my dearest daughter while eating her pasta bake thought it would be a marvellous idea to shove a piece of sweetcorn up her nose. I realised while lifting my first fork full of steaming pasta to my mouth that there was something fishy going on. I am not a bad parent I looked down for only 2 seconds I swear that's all it was. I looked up from my plate to see her little finger shoved up her nose, it must of been my mummy "shit has hit the fan" radar to instantly know that in fact she wasn't digging around for edible bogeys because my meal was lame but was in fact hiding vegetables up her nose. It brought a whole new meaning to "Veg dodging". Did we panic? truthfully no. I finding panicking about non life and death situations a slight waste of time they usually just make the situation worse and only aid in resolving the scenario slower. I packed the other half off upstairs to find some tweezers while I demonstrated how to snort outwards in the most un attractive fashion, now that I think about it we should of swapped jobs. But after many failed attempts to get her to sneeze, blow or snort the sweetcorn out we attempted to tweezer the bloody thing, soon realising it was too far up for us to latch on with out running the risk of possibly injuring our beloved child. So we did what any other parent who doesn't ever eat a meal hot would do and sat down to finish our dinner while googling "how to get sweetcorn out of a nostril?".

Well before I carry on with this little factual tale I will just point out that no children or parent for that matter was hurt in any way. As you can see from the picture above my daughter found the whole thing rather amusing. Anyway when we had tried blowing and tweezering, we finished our dinner in the hope it might just slide out. No such luck, we were slowly coming to the realisation that our chilled family night in front of the telly was drifting more and more quickly away but rather being replaced with a stressful trip to A&E. Not wanting to give up hope I had a moment of madness and realised that the lovely nurses at the hospital would just suck the sweetcorn out. My other loved item in my house after my child, partner and dog is my hoover, the cogs ticked and the idea flowed. Unfortunately this failed, the only achievement from trying to stick the hoover hose on her nose was a daughter in a hysterical heap of giggles which in fact caused her to laugh so hard she cried meaning snot then started to bring the sweetcorn southwards. While attempting this little masterful idea the fella had actually had a brainwave and entered the room with a straw. I left him to inhale bogeys by popping one end of the straw at the base of her nostril and the other in his mouth and sucked hard. Pop!! Out (thankfully) emerged the sweetcorn. I don't think either of us has or will ever again be so relieved to see one small piece of sweetcorn. I can happily tell you that Isabelle was and is fine and has not currently attempted this act of insanity again. Phew. 

I hope this little tale can bring a smile to all you mummy's, daddy's and guardians of a small child.

Looking out for the next toddler hurdle
Miss Savvy Mum

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  1. haha aww look at her cheeky grin! I can't imagine how worried you must have been, but your other half's idea with the straw is pretty ingenious! So glad everything is okay! :) x
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