Saturday, 31 May 2014

Style Saturday: Admiring Aztec and the New Shoes

(My new Hi-Top trainers from Topshop that I have fallen very quickly in love with)

Happy Saturday and Happy last day of May, where has this year gone? Please leave your theories below.

How amazing are these trainers, I know there super cool. I'm not a huge trainer wearer but with the sun coming out and more trips to the park planned with dearest daughter, I thought it was about time I embraced this type of comfy footwear. I loved the fact they are a cream base rather than white and decorated with bright colours. Aztec is quickly becoming one of my favourite prints, Come rain or shine it's a quick fix way to brighten up any look, from a key piece to all over outfit. What ever your style, what ever your occasion go Aztec. I've put together a few of my favourite products this season check out the full list at my Shopcade profile.

Miss Savvy Styler

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Review Thursday: Liz Earle's Skin Repair Moisturiser

Happy Thursday! We all know what today brings on the Savvy blog, a new review. I have made a few splurges over the last few months in attempt to rid my skin of dryness, the main one being from Liz Earle. I  have really enjoyed using the brands iconic and well hyped up hot cloth cleanser, so far it is working really well for my poor chapped skin. The next step I was certain I had to take was to there moisturiser. Here's my review of Liz Earle's Skin Repair Moisturiser for Dry/Sensitive Skin. 

Starting off the packaging is simple, clean and elegant. Made from plastic it's slightly unusual for a high end product but nice on the basis of weight and no risk of breakages around small children or men. As you can see I took these pictures after a month of testing daily and I don't feel I have even made a dint but this is due to the fact that Liz Earle have shoved moisturiser right up to the rim definitely giving you product for your penny's. The scent is so light it is hard to pick out any particular notes, if possible it smells clean and natural. 

The texture is more similar to a butter than a cream, perfect for dry complexions. I have super sensitive skin and haven't felt any burning or stinging from this product even though I used this during my worse reptile days. It works really well for me as a day moisturiser leaving skin silky smooth and moisturised with none of those horrid moisturiser balls when mixed with primer. In the evening Its a lovely end to a skin regime, soothing and hydrating. However when my skin is at its most dry I don't find it quite strong enough to battle the peel so I usually switch my routine up with a mask then continue using this as normal. If you have dry, normal or even sensitive skin and are struggling to find the perfect product I would really recommend biting the bullet and stepping up to higher end products. My teenage wannabe skin is being left behind with the teenage products and now starting to glow in rich lushess cream. I picked mine up my dry/sensitive skin moisturiser for £19.25 here but you can also purchase this cream in normal/combination skin here.

Any products that you think are worth a sneaky purchase?
Much love
Miss Savvy

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Monday, 26 May 2014

Mummy Monday's: Sweetcorn up the Nose, Sucking on Bogey's and A&E

You know those days when someone thinks it's a great idea to shove sweetcorn up there nose........ No me neither till last week. The fun of having a toddler in terrible has definitely hit our house with a bang over the last month, Isabelle has wanted to keep us on the edge of our seat. Here's our comedy how to guide on getting sweetcorn or a any other small object out of a nostril.

So like I said my dearest daughter while eating her pasta bake thought it would be a marvellous idea to shove a piece of sweetcorn up her nose. I realised while lifting my first fork full of steaming pasta to my mouth that there was something fishy going on. I am not a bad parent I looked down for only 2 seconds I swear that's all it was. I looked up from my plate to see her little finger shoved up her nose, it must of been my mummy "shit has hit the fan" radar to instantly know that in fact she wasn't digging around for edible bogeys because my meal was lame but was in fact hiding vegetables up her nose. It brought a whole new meaning to "Veg dodging". Did we panic? truthfully no. I finding panicking about non life and death situations a slight waste of time they usually just make the situation worse and only aid in resolving the scenario slower. I packed the other half off upstairs to find some tweezers while I demonstrated how to snort outwards in the most un attractive fashion, now that I think about it we should of swapped jobs. But after many failed attempts to get her to sneeze, blow or snort the sweetcorn out we attempted to tweezer the bloody thing, soon realising it was too far up for us to latch on with out running the risk of possibly injuring our beloved child. So we did what any other parent who doesn't ever eat a meal hot would do and sat down to finish our dinner while googling "how to get sweetcorn out of a nostril?".

Well before I carry on with this little factual tale I will just point out that no children or parent for that matter was hurt in any way. As you can see from the picture above my daughter found the whole thing rather amusing. Anyway when we had tried blowing and tweezering, we finished our dinner in the hope it might just slide out. No such luck, we were slowly coming to the realisation that our chilled family night in front of the telly was drifting more and more quickly away but rather being replaced with a stressful trip to A&E. Not wanting to give up hope I had a moment of madness and realised that the lovely nurses at the hospital would just suck the sweetcorn out. My other loved item in my house after my child, partner and dog is my hoover, the cogs ticked and the idea flowed. Unfortunately this failed, the only achievement from trying to stick the hoover hose on her nose was a daughter in a hysterical heap of giggles which in fact caused her to laugh so hard she cried meaning snot then started to bring the sweetcorn southwards. While attempting this little masterful idea the fella had actually had a brainwave and entered the room with a straw. I left him to inhale bogeys by popping one end of the straw at the base of her nostril and the other in his mouth and sucked hard. Pop!! Out (thankfully) emerged the sweetcorn. I don't think either of us has or will ever again be so relieved to see one small piece of sweetcorn. I can happily tell you that Isabelle was and is fine and has not currently attempted this act of insanity again. Phew. 

I hope this little tale can bring a smile to all you mummy's, daddy's and guardians of a small child.

Looking out for the next toddler hurdle
Miss Savvy Mum

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Review Thursday: Herbal Essenses Intensive Hair Mask

As a Mummy I crave quick fix products that take as little time and effort as physically possible. Since having Isabelle (2) I've found my hair is dry and brittle. Where as previously a hair mask was just a one-off treat I've found it now needs to part of my weekly beauty regime so as too not resemble the look of a scarecrow. I wanted to find a product that I could throw on in the shower and work to its full potential within minutes before rinsing off. Herbal essences have solved all my problems here, I think. I'm not a fan of there regular shampoo and conditioners, I usually find my hair becomes dryer so I was a little dubious when I bought this. Read on for the full review of Herbal Essences Intensive Hair Mask.

I purchased this for £1.97 at Superdrug (better than half price), which compared to other brands on the market it's a really good price for the amount of product you get, 200ml. This Bee Strong Strengthening Hair Mask is targeted to dry & damaged hair containing Honey and Apricot extract, I can confirm it smells divine. Starting with the packaging the screw off lid isn't the best invention I have ever seen, especially when using this product in the shower, it becomes a game of speed to get the lid back on the pot before the shower drowns the contents with water. However I love the look of the packaging it looks more high end then low end to me, I have dropped this a few times too and the container hasn't cracked like many others I've owned.

Inside is a product of dreams. I really love the texture, I find it really thick making it easy to remove from the tub and not slip off wet hands. I leave the Herbal Essences Mask on my hair for around 5-10 minutes while doing all the other chores us women have to do in shower, shaving, exfoliating & washing. Once I've rinsed the product off, my hair feels dramatically different, softer, silkier but light weight. I was really worried my hair would become greasy quicker but I can still leave my hair for 3 days before another wash is needed. Since using this weekly I can really see the effects of this conditioner and I have received heaps of compliments on my new shiny hair from family, friends and readers of my blog. I don't think I would be with out one of these pot's on my bathroom shelf, I've used around half of this product and purchased it about 5 months ago, but it just doesn't seem to be going anywhere fast. If your having trouble with your locks and need an instant quick fix boost of moisture than I really would recommend this mask for you. The offer is still on at Superdrug Stores so grab yours fast.

With glossy hair 
Miss Savvy

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

How to Tuesday: How to Work From Home

Last week I talked about the ups and down of becoming a Mummy. The mixed emotions, feelings and the ways in which I dealt with this. Read last week's Mummy Monday: Surviving Mummy hood post by clicking on the link, if you would like to catch up. I had a few emails and comments asking about how to work from home? What I thought? How much did I earn working from home?. So to start off here's my top 5 ways of getting started to work from home. 

Firstly you need to work out how much time you can give per day and per week. Secondly figure out why it is you want to work. Is it for money? A type of hobby? lack of stimulation causing boredom? Or to just feel like your doing your part for the household or yourself? Once you have figured these two questions out you can decide which of these options below is best for you. If you decide that money and an actual job is what you need then you want to write down a list of skills you have and edit your CV. If your a Mummy then there will be spaces within your CV. Try and fill them with goals you have achieved in that time period whether that be personal, a blog you wrote or skills that being a mummy taught you. Employers will be impressed that you had the initiative to show them other aspects of your life.

Payed Full or Part time Work
If you have specific skills sign up to websites such as People per hour, Elance and Freelancer. You can offer your skills out to company's when and if you require work or you can find a more permanent position being a virtual assistant, writer or social media whizz kid. The list of home based jobs is quite endless but skills based around office type positions are most desired on these sites.

Commission based work
If your skills lie more in sales and marketing then try your hand at being a rep. This type of work can be hard to achieve a set wage but if you enjoy working for your self, setting targets and pushing to achieve all you can then you may find your naturally quite good at this type of role. There are places such as Usborne books, Avon, Kleeneze and many more. Usually they involve paying a small fee up front to gain your starter pack. Only hard work and perseverance will guarantee you your money back and a continual wage. Jobs like these will either flop or sky rocket in success, only you can make that happen though.

Start a business
If your the creative type starting your own business on Facebook has never been easier. If your a crafty individual then put your hands to making something, not only will this be an enjoyable hobby but also earn you a few spending penny's. Think knitting, making bunting, hair slides or outfits. Anything you can make, someone somewhere will be in need of it. 

Paid Surveys and Product testing
There is so many sites out there offering cash, vouchers or products for your time. You will never be rich from this but it can help towards cost of living. A lot of companies pay you for taking short surveys on a wide range of topics. Payment is usually in vouchers, love to shop or Capital bonds giving you a huge choice of places to spend them at. If your just after a bit of fun or stimulation and a few free things along the way then sign up for product testing sites. I've had test products from food to beauty to baby essentials. All they require is you give your truthful opinion on the products after a week or so of trialling

Mystery Shopping and Dining
This is the one job I mentioned that most people are curious about. I can't tell you where to sign up too, where you work or what you earn per job as it is against all agency's guidelines, obviously it's called mystery shopping for a reason. What the job involves is entering a premises, shop or business and talking to staff about there products. It involves a great deal of acting as you can not let on as to why you are really there. Sometimes you need to make a purchase which is usually part or fully re payed back to yourself and you get to keep the product, bonus. Once the job is completed you then need to complete a report at home covering things you saw and did in store. Again this is not a job that will keep you with a steady income n=but more a hobby and little spending money here and there.  

Top tip: If the work your going to start from home pays an income you will need to declare this to the tax man and write yourself down as self employed. If you start declaring an income when working from home you need to remember your outgoings and expenses. This includes printing equipment, stationary, travel and many other things. All these things are taken into consideration bringing your total income down and tax payments down too, equalling more money for shopping or boringly bills. 

Let me know what other information you need or want and I will do my best to help.

Do you work from home? If so what do you do? Any tips you can pass on?
Miss Savvy mum

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Thursday Review: Bourjois 1 Second Nail Gel Formula

First off how pretty are these polishes! 

Hiya and welcome to another Thursday review. As a mummy I'm always looking for the quickest most efficient beauty products on the market, I usually have a toddler round my ankles so time is not easily given. I purchased some new polish's (just for a change) from ASOS (ow another surprise). I really liked the look of these mainly as they had been labelled as Revel's 2013 beauty award winner's and also for the gel silicone like formula. I will give you some truth and tell you I usually hate Bourjois polish's as I find they chip really easily. But you know what they say second chances! So that is how these cute polishes landed in my basket, ow and the fact they were on offer to £1.50 from £5.99.

I always use a bottom coat before using any polish so please keep that in mind. First off the small stubby brushes on these polishes make application super easy and quick, they are the most well designed applicator's I've ever used. One stroke and your nail is complete. These two glitter polishes only needed one coat so much so that even though I did a second I couldn't tell the difference. By the time I finished my first hand the first finger I did was not sticky, yes that's right it had dryed. I still cant believe how quick these became solid it was almost instant. All these points put together made me one happy lady. 

The next day came and life as a mum went on as usual. Washing, cleaning, bathing and tidying seriously took its tole on my nails and by the end of the first day they were chipped........ badly! Bourjois striked again. I was really expecting a little longer wear from these especially since they are classed as a gel formula and glitter based, I actually thought I was going to have to fight to get the glitter off. You know the whole ripped cotton wool pad situation.

I did the gold which is shade Oh My Gold on my accent nail and the pink shade Champagne Shower on the others. There such pretty colours for a night out in the spring and summer but unfortunately just didn't last the test of time for me. I would use them again if I was rushing out of the house though. The application and drying time just can not be beaten. You can pick up Champagne Shower here and Oh My Gold here if you want to give them a try. Unfortunately the colour does not pay off enough in these pictures as out of the ordinary for Britain the sun was beaming through the window's of my house making glitter picture taking very difficult indeed.

Have you tried these polishes? What did you think? Any tips to make them last a little longer?
Miss Savvy
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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

How to: Homemade healthy burgers and sweet potato chips

Happy Wednesday everyone. For today's post I thought I would share with you one of my families favourite homemade and healthy recipes which I made over the bank holiday weekend. Everyone loves a good burger in the summer whether it be on a BBQ or just in the home and this is sure to be loved by everyone old or young. Its a great alternative to the unhealthy packaged burgers you find in the supermarket but also cheap and easy, what more could you wish for. I've also added an extra side recipe of sweet potato chips to make this dish even healthier. See below for step by step instructions for both of these recipes.

Ingredients (this recipe makes approximately 6 medium burgers)
  • Mince Beef 
  • 1 pepper (red preferably)
  • 1 Onion
  • 1 Medium sized egg
  • Herbs and flavouring's of your choice, I used garlic, mixed herbs and a splash of ketchup.
Topping's (all your own preference) 
  • Iceberg Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Half fat cheese
Sweet Potato chips
  • 1 Sweet potato per person
  • Olive oil
  • Mixed herbs
  • Garlic
Price per portion is calculated on products I bought from Morrison's. 
Mince - £1.99
Onion- £0.10
Pepper- £0.34
Egg - £0.17
(herbs are optional)
6 Burgers - £2.60
Price per burger-  £0.43p (whattttt?!?!?)

To make your healthy burgers
Firstly slice and dice your pepper and onion the smaller the better as you don't want your burgers to be lumpy. TIP: If you find chopping onions reduces you to tears, rinse them under cold water to remove some of that sting.

Next you want to add in your choice of herbs. I was extremely lazy and used this ready chopped refrigerated garlic. It saves our family load's of time and money. We are all lovers of garlic and find having it ready done in the fridge really easy when making homemade foods from scratch. You can use garlic in pretty much any recipe as it helps bring out the natural flavours in the food your preparing.

This stage is optional but I find it works really well in to make super soft burgers. I usually blend my pepper's, onions and herbs in a mini blender to get them as small as possible. It takes only a few seconds and can really improve the texture of the patties. TIP: If you have any diced ingredients save them for later they will make a lovely fresh salsa.

Once you feel you have all your ingredients sorted your on to the messy part, mixing. There is no other way to do this than get your hands stuck into it. Mix together your Mince meat, chopped ingredients, 1 medium egg and any sauces you want to add in a bowl, make sure you really blend all those ingredients together. I choose to add a little ketchup at this stage too, yum yum.

Once your happy with your hand blended mixture you want to form you patties. Split your mixture into equal parts and shape into the size you require.

That's it your all done. Easy peasy isn't it. The way you cook your burgers is entirely up to you and how healthy you want these tasty patties to be. I choose to use my George Foreman grill It helps release all the bad fats in the burger but still keep them juicy, you can BBQ, grill, pan fry or even oven cook your burgers if you wish. No matter where you cook them make sure there cooked all the way through especially if there for little ones.

Bleeeuuuuurrrggghhhh, look at all that fat the Foreman grill caught!!!!!!

While your waiting for your burgers to cook slice up all your ingredients for your burger topping. Fresh lettuce and cucumber make a lovely crunchy topping especially in the summer months. Remember how I said to save those onions and peppers? Well here's your chance to use them up either mix in some chopped tomatoes or tomato ketchup to make a fresh salsa for your burger. Delicious!

And there you have it one healthy happy burger. I used a ciabatto bun to cut down the calories and fat content even more, there also fabulously crunchy like a proper gourmet burger bun. Need a bit more on your plate read on for quick and easy sweet potato chip's........

So you want to make some sweet potato chips, there a yummy side to your healthy burgers and honestly more Delicious than chips. Firstly you want to peel your potato, see told you it was easy.

Next chop up your potato in to chip size pieces. Don't worry about shape and size too much, sweet potato's come in such strange and wonderful shapes that its hard to get the size just right.

Next place your sweet potato's in boiling water for around 15 minutes or until soft.

Once your potatoes are soft drain off the water using a colander. To crisp them up you will need to add your potatoes to a baking tray with a little bit of oil. Stick them in the oven at around 200 degrees or gas mark 6 for around 15-20 minutes but if you like your chips extra crispy then hey leave them in a bit longer.

Wow look at them....... my mouth is watering just writing this post. Sweet potato's are much healthier than white potatoes and sooooo much more tastier. There great for picky little ones too as when roasted it brings our there naturally sweet taste.

I want to say a huge thank you to Morrison's for letting me be a part of #morrisonsmum. I've never been a one supermarket type of girl but truthfully Morrison's was always last choice, I found it old and expensive compared to other supermarkets. However it seems Morrison's also realised this and have now re-vamped there stores making them a much more enjoyable place to shop. They had so much fresh produce in store I found myself picking up very little ready packaged food's, great for the weight and health of my family. I heard they were making some drastic permanent price cuts and these really were visible around the store and un like some places who class a price cut as £0.01 Morrison's has actually cut a lot of penny's and once I hit the till I could really see the difference. My weekly shop which I was expecting to be around £120 was actually only £94 and boy did I buy a lot of food. From going to there store It is now going to be going to the top of my list on those weeks when I really need to stock up. If you haven't been to Morrison's for a while then pop down to your local store and see what you think. All the ingredients used in this post were from Morrison's using vouchers they had provided but the recipe is completely my own. I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend. Let me know if you give these burgers a try and if you like to see more healthy recipes?

Miss Savvy Mum
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Monday, 5 May 2014

Mummy Mondays: How I Survived Mummyhood

Being a Mummy has so many rewarding aspects but no-one ever tells you the low times. All parents are different and react to changes in there lives in the best way they see fit. But sometimes these changes can become overwhelming and make you feel like you have lost your way in the world. Before I became pregnant with Isabelle I worked two jobs (by choice), I'm one of those people that likes to busy and never sleep. I had a group of close friends whom I regularly became inebriated with at the weekends and enough late night meanderings to keep anyone from being bored.

 Me having some drunken nights (pre-pregnancy)

Thankfully and un-thankfully all in one sentence I left this life behind me and truthfully if anyone offered it me back I would refuse, kick them were it hurts and run so fast there would be smoke billowing from my stiletto's. I wouldn't leave my new world for anything, If it meant I had to give up precious time with my daughter. However life would still get me down when I felt I was "just a mum" and I got mowed down with the feelings of where do I now belong. I've said it before and I will say it again. I'm not one of those mums that huddles in corners with other mum's at daily play groups talking in long mummy words, so at times it was a lonely life. I knew I had to find something for me to focus my energy on something I could be proud of that was mine, just mine and all about me. That may sound selfish but I felt trapped in a mummy bubble with no escape. My life became monotonous and I could feel my own personal ID drifting away.

Me and my baby, now having sleepless nights (Post-partum)

So what did I do? 
Firstly I found a job that had no ties, no hours and no commitment needed. I became a mystery shopper and diner. This gave me a sense of purpose and helped me feel like I was contributing to the family income again. I could pick up as much or as little work as I wanted. Hours fitted around me and no-one demanding deadlines down my ear. It helped for a while but soon I felt myself drifting inwards again. It just wasn't enough. So in August 2013 I decided to write a blog, this blog in fact and write about all those things I didn't feel were fully in grasp any more. Beauty, fashion and cool lifestyles. I kept this up for a while and although the commitment and pressure of getting things done was great for someone with continuous ants in their pants and a strong case of OCD, it still wasn't quite filling that void. In February of this year we packed up our lives into a hundred boxes and relocated across town to a much bigger and more well equipped family home which is where it seems I found my calling. I took some time off from the blog to tackle the house renovations and unpacking of boxes filled with mounds of crap. After a long month away I realised that the only way to be happy in this world is to be yourself and aim for your dreams. So that's what I did. I overhauled my blog figured out what it was I wanted to write about and set sail on my next journey. I started writing about my interests, my thoughts and my life but best of all it's now jam packed with personality. I'm pleased to say I've never been happier or more proud of who I have become. Taking those little steps to find out who I am post-partum has helped me mentally and emotionally become a better person and mother. 

Who am I?
I'm Clare a full time Mummy to Isabelle, Mystery shopper/diner, blogger, soon to be vlogger, running amateur and Shopcade contributor. But most of all I'm me.

Miss Savvy Mum

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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Step it up Sunday: The countdown and a change

Happy Sunday and welcome to another failed attempt at Step it Up but as I always say Monday is a new day so here we go again. I decided to start doing this series once a month to just keep you updated on my progress so far. I'm now on countdown for our family holiday in June and I know I am going to have to squish myself into some form of swimsuit which if truth be told makes me shiver a little inside. To any one else I may seem to be a good size and by no means do I think health wise I need to lose weight or get fit. As women though, we like to feel comfortable and confident inside and out but right at this moment I don't. Since having my little girl when I do put on any weight it seems to cling around my hips and waist making me extremely out of proportion in my eyes. Why does our extra weight not land in places we would be happy to see it, you know the boobs or bum area would be great, a girl can dream I suppose. 

As you know I love running its my release from the world and makes me feel a little more empowered. I would love to get to a better fitness level for my own self esteem and I already feel I have achieved a lot just being able to now jog down the drive. 

This month I want to not only diet but change my entire lifestyle. Its so easy to pull out the quick meals or throw a sandwich together but if I'm truthful to my self I don't enjoy this bad for you food as much as I probably should. Healthy food isn't only better for our bodies but also for our minds. I can 100% tell the difference when I get lazy with food preparation and grab for the stodge. I would like to learn from my mistakes, creating a healthier happier future for me and my family. My weight has always fluctuated massively and I feel changing a lifestyle slowly will benefit me much more than another quick fix diet.

Before I fell pregnant I had just finally arrived in a place I was content. As you can see pregnancy didn't change my weight too much (due to the fact of being ill all the way through) but I'm now struggling to keep it off. My body has changed through the roughness of pregnancy both inside and out, doctors and my self agree I'm lacking in good sources of vitamins and minerals. So here's to a new month changing for the better, finding, creating and enjoying new foods. Watch this space hopefully a hot mama will be coming your way soon. 

Have you any tips on changing a habit of a life time?
Miss Savvy Getting Fitter

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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Pastel Pink the Colour of Spring

Pastel Pink has to be one of favourite Spring colours to wear. I find it really easy to style no matter what mood your in. Black, browns, whites or creams all seem to match perfectly. It is one of those colours than can be casual with trainers or glammed up for night. Inspired by Joo Kim here's the hottest look to rock this spring. See my other Spring looks on my Shopcade profile.

Miss Savvy Styler
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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Rockin' Curves Extreme Black Mascara Review

First off let me just say I payed £1.80 for this mascara do you realise that is cheaper than some loaves of bread, bargain is the only word to describe this little find. Rimmel did a flash sale on ASOS  last week for the Scandal Eyes Rockin Curves Extreme Black Mascara and at this price I just wasn't going to contemplate not buying it. It was pretty much free don't you think. I used to be a huge fan of Rimmel's mascara but after trying Soap & Glorys Thick and Fast I have been dubious to steer away from my new favourite brand.

I purchased this mascara in extreme black as to be honest my eyelashes need all the help they can get to become visible. The packaging fits the "Rockin" name well, with the croc leather print and graffiti inspired writing its nothing short of edgy. The brush is curved which is meant to look like a broken heart. It works well to lift my lashes and give them the shape they lack. I've been testing it now for a few days and I'm currently quite blown away with it. It builds quickly and makes my lashes blacker than black itself. My only small issue which to be honest probably isn't even worth mentioning but If like me you need a few coats to lengthen lashes you have to apply quickly or otherwise lashes will stick and become gloopy. This minor problem is also a benefit as it shows how quickly the mascara dry's making those rushed days even easier. The weather has been really humid in the Uk for the last week and usually I end up with mascara melting down my face and thankfully for my ego this little beauty has stayed put. Go Rimmel. If you would like to give it a go you can pick it up from boots in either Extreme Black or Just Black for £6.99.

Have you found any bargains recently? What products have surprised you?
Miss Savvy
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