Friday, 18 April 2014

Patisserie Lemon Bon Bon Hand Cream Review

Seen as its the run up to Easter I thought it would be nice to do a sweet review. Is this hand cream not just the cutest thing you ever saw. It is a little glass pot full of yummyness. Patisserie make a line of beauty products all in tasty scents from Strawberry cupcake, Lemon bon bon and Sugared Violet. They make some beautiful products and this is no exception. I picked this up from my favorite shop, go on I will let you guess. ASOS of course my one stop place for all things lushess. I'm a lover of lemon and this satisfy's my need for this citrus fruit. Its a thick cream that when heated smells even more divine. The hand cream is really moisturising and I found it great for my cuticles too. Unlike many other creams this doesn't leave a greasy or sticky felling on the hands after use, so you can quickly apply and crack on with the rest of your day. I grabbed this for a steal at £3.50, it looks pretty in my handbag although weighing it down from the heavy packaging. Overall a gorgeous product that I think everyone must try.

With moisturised hands I wave you bye.
Miss Savvy
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  1. It sounds lovely and rich and I can just imagine how fresh it smells :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Loving the packaging on this! I've been looking for a non greasy hand cream, so I might give this a try :)

    by the way, I'm doing an international giveaway on my blog if you'd like to check it out!
    Clever Spice

  3. This looks lovely, so vintage, cute and delicious. I've actually never seen anything quite like it before!

    I also have a hair product giveaway up at the moment! xx

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

    1. Me neither it's very unique. I just had to try it. Big thumbs up for the packaging. Clare xx

  4. Oooh this looks so cute! Think I will have to buy a couple, one for me and then some for friends... they look like they would make great gifts!

    Lauren |

    1. I thought exactly same so cute in a gift box with a few other products. Clare xx


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