Monday, 28 April 2014

Mummy Mondays - Eating in public places, avoiding McDonald's and (the cringe)

Public + Child + food = disaster, but learning to adjust to the new eating environment can make everyone's life a lot easier. Entertaining a toddler or baby in fact, can be difficult even in surrounding's your familiar with. When entering a restaurant I think all parents feel the eyes of peaceful families and couples bore there eyes right through your soul as they instantly judge you, your child and probably the rest of your universe. I do on times feel like screaming that I am indeed welcome to the establishment and do not belong in McDonald's just because food is served with a toy. The pressure of not disturbing the peace can cause more stress than the actual task at hand but putting those feelings behind you will create a much happier atmosphere allowing everyone to (try) and enjoy the night. My little girl is almost two and it seems the older she gets the more she intends to show us up in public but to be honest some of her antics can be hilarious. Who doesn't love watching the snobby couple picking Spaghetti out of there hair... No, me neither. A few things I've learned is being prepared for the worst can go a long way. 

1. However silly you may feel, packing a small suitcase full of activities and toys will help keep the peace amongst other diners while waiting for food to arrive.
2. In the suitcase chuck in there favourite plates, cutlery and bibs, the more homely the settings feel the more relaxed they will be.
3. Sharing your starters with the little one can help spread the meal out, rather than rushing to order a child's main meal let them eat little portions of food throughout the evening therefore avoiding the rest of the family shovelling there last course down there throats in attempt to exit the restaurant.
4. Spare clothes, I don't think I need to explain this one.
5. Order food you think your child may be familiar with hopefully avoiding the screaming tantrums of getting them to try something new. 
6. Lastly try to enjoy yourself. Eating out as a family can be a lovely and special bonding experience for you all. Although routines are good for any child a change is as good as a rest (well so they say).

Liver Pate that Isabelle loved.

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  1. your daughter is so adorable! xx

    1. Swap the word adorable with cheeky lol. Cutie pie. Clare xx

  2. Good morning Clare! I thought I would check out your blog re:your note on #bloghour and it was so funny to see that our latest posts were talking about the same thing: eating out as a family :-))) Your little girl is sooo cute. My boys are the same age and yes I understand really well when you talk about cheekiness. Anyway back to the topic. I genuinely had a lovely time checking out your blog, so many topics/articles, so much to see, I love the diversity plus I love how you opened up in "About Me- The Truth". All the very best to you. Helene

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, it's nice to hear someone enjoy my blog. I would love to read your post you have wrote we can compare tips ;D
      Clare xx


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