Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Botanics 93% Organic Super Balm First Impressions Review

On Thursday I had one of those days that can only be described as a beauty meltdown morning. I woke up to find my skin had dried out, covered in red raw patches and spots had erupted across my chin. Not the best way to wake the day before Fashion week. I made a quick dash to Boots to find something to help my skin immediately. I originally went in to purchase either The Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask £22.00 or there Drink Up 10 Minute Mask to Quench Skins Thirst also £22.00. When I arrived I realised that our local quite crappy Boots of course didn't stock the well hyped up brand. Devastation doesn't even come close to how I felt. The only option I had was to hunt round for something similar. As I've already stated our Boots store is not the best, so finding anything similar was near as damn it impossible. I did however spot this Botanics 93% Organic Super Balm. On first glance it was hard to tell what exactly it was so I did what every curious beauty addict does and opened the packaging. Inside was a small 11ml pot that looked a lot like a lip balm. As there was nothing else suitable this landed in my basket.

So what do I think? Wow is my first impression, where has this product been my whole life? I used it instantly when leaving the shop to see what the consistency was like. The product is solid in the pot a little like a wax but on contact to the skin turns into a rich oil. It has quite a strong smell that to be honest is so natural it doesn't phase me, I think this comes from the rosehip ingredient. I found it instantly diminished the look of dry skin and cooled any burning sensations I was previously feeling on my excruciatingly tight skin. I was as you can imagine really worried this would break me out because it leaves the skin quite greasy when layered up but I honestly thought it was a risk worth taking. However after 4 continuous days of using there is not a spot in sight, I have found that it actually lightened the redness of any spots trying to rear there ugly heads. Skin does feel slightly greasy when first applied and truthfully I wouldn't expect anything less from an oil based product. I have been wearing this through the night after moisturising on those really tough to get rid of dry skin patches and currently its working like a dream. Like its rival product Vaseline it has a huge list of uses from face, lips, eczema and probably many more which I'm sure I will figure out along the way. This is made however from natural ingredients making it much kinder for your skin. It contains Shea butter, Rosehip Oil, Sweet Almond and Jojoba Oil and I am certain is set to be my next wonder product. Small enough to fit in your handbag, pocket or changing bag. You can pick it up at Boots for £4.99 currently on sale to £3.99.

If there is one thing you purchase for your beauty collection make it this...........
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  1. So glad you got your poor skin cleared up. There is nothing worse than that sore, tight sensation across your face. This looks like a fab little product... I wonder if it would work well on my lips. They are super sore and dry right now, and my Vaseline just isn't up to scratch it would appear. x

    1. I have tried this on my lips also and find it to be a lot better than traditional vaseline products. I would say it is well worth a try as an oernight trearment. Loves Clare xx

  2. This looks like a fab product! RIght up my street. I'm always looking for natural products to use as I have very sensitive skin. If you're interested, I actually just did a blog post about a natural homemade moisturiser which I absolutely swear by! I'll pop a link to my blog here if you fancy a nosey :) Nicola xx

    1. Ow thank you that's fab I will definitely check this out, anything that may help. I have had no trouble with this balm at all on my super sensitive skin. Clare xx

  3. Sound like a great product!
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    Have a nice day!


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