Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April Glossybox - The Last One

Ow it is that time of the month again. I know it's been a while since I posted a beauty box opening as I have been contemplating for a few months now whether or not to cancel my subscriptions. I can now confirm I have. There is only so many samples any girl can use, even a beauty junkie and I do think it is about time I riffled through them all to either bin or keep.

So what did I get this month. As always the pink box enclosed five beauty products wrapped up in black tissue and tied with a ribbon. There is the monthly beauty tips magazine and also a card to explain each product. This months theme was "Sweet Treats" and if the truth be told I was expecting some form of chocolate surprise, if that be edible or scented.

Emite Make Up Brush- I got sent a lip brush which you can clearly see may have something that looks suspiciously like eye shadow. You would be correct in your observation. I've been using this as an eye liner brush and it works really well. Just shows don't judge a book by its cover.
Retail: £17 buy at

MeMeMe Cosmetics Highlighter- *sigh* another MeMeMe product from Glossybox this time in the form of a highlighter. In my house this has been mistaken for a nail polish many times and I can see why. I haven't tried this yet and truthfully am not in any hurry too.
Retail: £5.50 buy at

MONU Spa Massage and Body Oil- I actually don't own a massage oil, I know shocking. I was really happy to receive this but I don't think the fella feels the same. I have had a quick try and I absolutely love it. The smell is divine with a strong scent of lemon and a hint of ginger, relaxation is just around the corner. The oil heats up on contact to the skin and leaves me feeling silky smooth.
Retail: £25 for 100ml buy at

QV Skincare- This little wash claims to be soap free and super nice to sensitive skin. As any of my regular readers will know I have a huge pain in the backside from my skin so I don't mix my skincare up very often. I will be saving this for a "I'm living of beans this week type of time".
Retail: £6.06 for 250ml buy at

TRESemme Dry Shampoo- Last product in the box and a full size is this instant refresh dry shampoo. I'm a lover of non water shampoo on those I cant be bothered just wear your Pj's sort of days.
Retail: £4.99 buy at

Overall the box was OK not the best or worse. It did help me make my decision to cancel as I do not feel as excited as I used too when the postman turns up. If you would like to give this beauty box a try then you can sign up here for £10.00 + p&p.

What do you think of Glossybox? Has the quality dropped?

Miss Savvy

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Monday, 28 April 2014

Mummy Mondays - Eating in public places, avoiding McDonald's and (the cringe)

Public + Child + food = disaster, but learning to adjust to the new eating environment can make everyone's life a lot easier. Entertaining a toddler or baby in fact, can be difficult even in surrounding's your familiar with. When entering a restaurant I think all parents feel the eyes of peaceful families and couples bore there eyes right through your soul as they instantly judge you, your child and probably the rest of your universe. I do on times feel like screaming that I am indeed welcome to the establishment and do not belong in McDonald's just because food is served with a toy. The pressure of not disturbing the peace can cause more stress than the actual task at hand but putting those feelings behind you will create a much happier atmosphere allowing everyone to (try) and enjoy the night. My little girl is almost two and it seems the older she gets the more she intends to show us up in public but to be honest some of her antics can be hilarious. Who doesn't love watching the snobby couple picking Spaghetti out of there hair... No, me neither. A few things I've learned is being prepared for the worst can go a long way. 

1. However silly you may feel, packing a small suitcase full of activities and toys will help keep the peace amongst other diners while waiting for food to arrive.
2. In the suitcase chuck in there favourite plates, cutlery and bibs, the more homely the settings feel the more relaxed they will be.
3. Sharing your starters with the little one can help spread the meal out, rather than rushing to order a child's main meal let them eat little portions of food throughout the evening therefore avoiding the rest of the family shovelling there last course down there throats in attempt to exit the restaurant.
4. Spare clothes, I don't think I need to explain this one.
5. Order food you think your child may be familiar with hopefully avoiding the screaming tantrums of getting them to try something new. 
6. Lastly try to enjoy yourself. Eating out as a family can be a lovely and special bonding experience for you all. Although routines are good for any child a change is as good as a rest (well so they say).

Liver Pate that Isabelle loved.

Keep calm
Miss Savvy

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Saturday, 26 April 2014

OOTD: Weekend at Fashion Week

As you may know I attended Manchester Fashion Week this weekend. My style isn't always out there fashion but more simple and comfy. I went shopping a few days before to pick up some new gear for the event. Most of the pieces are current season so if you want to pick them up they should still be available.

Day One
Day One I wore Faux Leather Jacket - New Look, Print Dress - T K Max £11.00, Leggings - New Look £7.00, Chelsea Boots - Primark £12.00, Bag - Dorothy Perkins £15.00, Necklace - Primark £3.00

Day Two

Day Two comfort was key here except for the scary heels. Jumper - Dorothy Perkins £15.00, Pants - New Look £14.99, Shoes - New Look £7.00, Bag - Dorothy Perkins £15.00, Jewellery - All Primark from £1.00 

I really loved my outfits for the weekend of fun. The bag that I picked up from Dorothy Perkins in the sale saved me through out the few days creating two different looks with just a spin of the handle.

Lots of style love
Miss Savvy

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Botanics 93% Organic Super Balm First Impressions Review

On Thursday I had one of those days that can only be described as a beauty meltdown morning. I woke up to find my skin had dried out, covered in red raw patches and spots had erupted across my chin. Not the best way to wake the day before Fashion week. I made a quick dash to Boots to find something to help my skin immediately. I originally went in to purchase either The Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask £22.00 or there Drink Up 10 Minute Mask to Quench Skins Thirst also £22.00. When I arrived I realised that our local quite crappy Boots of course didn't stock the well hyped up brand. Devastation doesn't even come close to how I felt. The only option I had was to hunt round for something similar. As I've already stated our Boots store is not the best, so finding anything similar was near as damn it impossible. I did however spot this Botanics 93% Organic Super Balm. On first glance it was hard to tell what exactly it was so I did what every curious beauty addict does and opened the packaging. Inside was a small 11ml pot that looked a lot like a lip balm. As there was nothing else suitable this landed in my basket.

So what do I think? Wow is my first impression, where has this product been my whole life? I used it instantly when leaving the shop to see what the consistency was like. The product is solid in the pot a little like a wax but on contact to the skin turns into a rich oil. It has quite a strong smell that to be honest is so natural it doesn't phase me, I think this comes from the rosehip ingredient. I found it instantly diminished the look of dry skin and cooled any burning sensations I was previously feeling on my excruciatingly tight skin. I was as you can imagine really worried this would break me out because it leaves the skin quite greasy when layered up but I honestly thought it was a risk worth taking. However after 4 continuous days of using there is not a spot in sight, I have found that it actually lightened the redness of any spots trying to rear there ugly heads. Skin does feel slightly greasy when first applied and truthfully I wouldn't expect anything less from an oil based product. I have been wearing this through the night after moisturising on those really tough to get rid of dry skin patches and currently its working like a dream. Like its rival product Vaseline it has a huge list of uses from face, lips, eczema and probably many more which I'm sure I will figure out along the way. This is made however from natural ingredients making it much kinder for your skin. It contains Shea butter, Rosehip Oil, Sweet Almond and Jojoba Oil and I am certain is set to be my next wonder product. Small enough to fit in your handbag, pocket or changing bag. You can pick it up at Boots for £4.99 currently on sale to £3.99.

If there is one thing you purchase for your beauty collection make it this...........
Miss Savvy
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Monday, 21 April 2014

Mummy Mondays - Overcoming fears

I thought today I would do a little sharing with you. This weekend I attended Manchester Fashion week alongside Shopcade. I was honestly so happy to be attending but deep down I was petrified. 

I've said before that after having my little girl I felt my life had slipped away from me and I no longer knew where I belonged but was rather wearing "I'm a mum" sign on my forehead everyday. Don't get me wrong my daughter is my world but every now and then you need to give time to yourself. Blogging has given me that satisfaction of being something else too. So when I was asked to work with Shopcade at fashion week. I knew it was an opportunity I couldn't miss. Not only would this be my first singleton venture out since my daughter was born (22 months ago) but also my first event and first time leaving the little one in the capable hands of another human being for more than two hours. These feelings inside where making a small tornado in my stomach and I'm sure if someone would of thrown me a bucket I would of vomited. 

Through all this were the usual womanly anxieties. What will I wear? Will I fit in? Will I make a tit of myself? At one point I thought I was going to pull out of the whole thing and I'm quite certain if I wasn't so against screwing people over I would of done. I knew I needed to hold my head high be proud of who I was, where I had got too and let the strength take over. 

The first day didn't quite follow this plan I felt withdrawn and shy a trait I don't usually own. However once the evening came and I had thrown back a few glasses of liquor I felt more at ease and it dawned on me what a fool I had been for the entire day. Second day came and went. A lot more successfully than the first. I socialised with people, joined in more with the photography and interviews, overall just a more out going person. I felt my confidence growing the more conversations I held about explanations I gave about what I do and what Shopcade is. 

I think we all should remember in life that you need to walk through life being proud. We are all individuals with different looks, personality's and hobbies. Be the best you can be and grasp every opportunity. Those deep dark fears you have actually only a milli chance of  becoming true. 

Trying to be insightful
Miss Savvy 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Patisserie Lemon Bon Bon Hand Cream Review

Seen as its the run up to Easter I thought it would be nice to do a sweet review. Is this hand cream not just the cutest thing you ever saw. It is a little glass pot full of yummyness. Patisserie make a line of beauty products all in tasty scents from Strawberry cupcake, Lemon bon bon and Sugared Violet. They make some beautiful products and this is no exception. I picked this up from my favorite shop, go on I will let you guess. ASOS of course my one stop place for all things lushess. I'm a lover of lemon and this satisfy's my need for this citrus fruit. Its a thick cream that when heated smells even more divine. The hand cream is really moisturising and I found it great for my cuticles too. Unlike many other creams this doesn't leave a greasy or sticky felling on the hands after use, so you can quickly apply and crack on with the rest of your day. I grabbed this for a steal at £3.50, it looks pretty in my handbag although weighing it down from the heavy packaging. Overall a gorgeous product that I think everyone must try.

With moisturised hands I wave you bye.
Miss Savvy
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