Saturday, 22 March 2014

Terrible Two's, Sugar Intake or Just Bad Behaviour

Where's my cute monkey gone?

My little princess over night it feels has turned into a monster cross devil creature. She was one of easy's children I've ever had the pleasure to meet, that's not me being biased as many others have said it also. She could be a little crazy and wild at times but always wanting to help out and be a little lady. She has never had an issue with understanding rules and when asked to do something she pretty much did it first time.

I feel this may of been a previous life as my house is now nothing more than a war zone. She has become disobedient, violent and cheeky. At only 21 months this girl has an almost full vocabulary and a personality ten times the size of her. After tonight's witching hour of battling to get her teeth cleaned I lay in bed exhausted waiting for her to fall asleep, the only thought I was having was "Why?!?!?!?" surely a child's whole demeanor can not just switch in a week. To be brutally honest I felt drained and pretty lifeless from the day, which then left me in floods of tears. I wasn't crying for me I was crying for her, I felt so bad for how many times she had been told off that I realized I was racked with guilt. I ended up climbing in to her cot to give her a cuddle.......... How do I end up feeling like the bad guy?!?!?!?!?

Anyway so it got me to thinking that maybe there was more than meets the eye here. Thinking back over the last week or so I tried to pin point anything that could give me a clue into this mad situation. It occurred to me that only a week ago we switched up her milk from Soya to Almond (She is lactose intolerant and turns out Soya too) hmmmmmmmmmm.............

Is it possible that my daughter was having some form of reaction to this milk? No I didn't think so either but could it be the sugar, I had a hunt round the kitchen to figure out what the difference was from her previous milk and on viewing the kitchen cupboards and adding a few figures together, actually was it her sugar intake in general? Tomorrow I'm going to try an almost no sugar day to see if there is any difference in her behavior.

Do you think sugar can affect a toddlers behavior and turn them over night in a living nightmare?

Miss Savvy Mum


  1. Hello; I read this post after reading your request on a linked in group; I am blind so can't speak to design or layout. But it seems to be easy enough to use with my screen reader. I'm thinking maybe you need to narrow your focus a little. Also, I would suggest changing your account from admin to your name as the author. Other than that read other people's blogs, leave comments, share posts, etc. And I have a friend who has recently started a regular blog review feature on his site. His name is ashley faulkes and the site is you might consider asking him to review yours. good luck, Max

  2. Love to read an update regarding the no sugar day! My daughter has been having what seems to be the terrible twos since around 15 months. She can be such a cheeky monkey and also very tiring too. She really loves pushing the boundaries at the minute. Hopefully "this too shall pass" :-)

    Rachel x

    1. I'm just in the middle of writing an update will be up tomorrow. I think my little one has hit the "two's" early as well......... just keep smiling ;D



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