Sunday, 23 March 2014

Step It Up Sunday #4 Easy Smoothie Recipes

I can't believe its Sunday already, I don't know where the weeks are going. Last weeks post was carrying on the healthy living fitness theme (read the last one here). This week I wanted to continue with the running and add more fruit into my diet and honestly I think I did quite well, for someone that usually walks down the fruit isle with a cross in one hand and holy water in the other. Here's a few of my favorite smoothies from the week.

Top: 1/2 Weight watchers small ice-cream pot in toffee and vanilla (32cals)
1 Banana 
150ml of Skimmed milk
1/2 spoon of Juice plus shake powder

Bottom: 5 large strawberries
1 Banana
1/2 spoon of Juice plus shake powder
200ml of Almond milk

Top: 1/2 Weight watchers ice-cream pot in Strawberry and vanilla
Bowl of mixed berries
150ml of Almond milk
1/2 scoop of Juice plus shake powder

Bottom: 1/2 scoop of Juice plus shake powder
200ml of Skimmed milk
1 scoop of Nescafe coffee
and because there was no fruit in the shake I had a banana on the side (good girl)

Just to clear up I'm not using the Juice plus shake as a diet plan I am using it as a way to bulk up my vitamin intake and force me to eat fruit, as the shake alone is disgusting! I only use these smoothies as a good calorie breakfast to start my day as usually I'm a skipper of food in the morning.

This week I feel really happy with my achievements as previously I didn't touch one piece of fruit unless it was on top of a cheesecake slice.

Next week my aim is to post three selfie's out and about. This might seem quite an ordinary task for all you lovely readers but I however have a little dislike to camera's. I know what you thinking blogger who doesn't like photo's, yes my blog is doomed.

Remember Sunday is the end of one week and Monday is the start of another.
Are you aiming higher this week?

Miss Savvy


  1. I will surly try this easy recipe.. thanks for sharing .... I love to experiment my self ...
    sometimes I mix cucumber and carrot in shake ... but the taste is amazing
    I will try this ... but i am sure taste will be yummy

  2. owww I will have to try that at some pint too. Sounds nice and healthy


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