Sunday, 16 March 2014

Step it up Sunday #3 - The Marathon

This week has been an accomplishment for me. The aim was to achieve three runs and honestly I found them easier than I expected. The hardest part of the week was probably finding the motivation to get up and go, but once outside I really enjoyed myself. The weather was perfect, sunny but cool. I ran on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each day I took a different route and aimed for 1.5 miles to get me started. On Monday however I ran 2 miles, ended up in a field wading through mud and got lost. Thankfully there was a nice gentleman that gave me directions home. Although exercise is meant to be good for you, I don't believe the multiple mini heart attacks I acquired on Monday were good for anyone!!! You can read last weeks post/aim here.

I unfortunately can't prove that I completed my goal for this week, as on Thursday my iPhone died and lost all my data. My phone was not backed up and hadn't been synced since Monday. These things are set to try us and try us they may. But here's me in my running gear and Mondays run, courtesy of the partners phone. 

Next week I want to carry on the fitness theme but up the goal's a little. I have a major dislike to any kind of fruit and I know that it should be a part of your daily diet, offer me one bite of chocolate or an unlimited bowl of fruit when I'm starving and the chocolate would win every time. So next week I am going to (attempt) to do the three runs again and also eat fruit for breakfast everyday. I'm going to disguise the horrid stuff in smoothies I think. On top of all this pain I will be aiming to eat a little healthier. This week I will record and photograph all runs and smoothies and hopefully feel and look a bit more alive. 

I'm not sure which one I don't want to do the most. 

With a tear in my eye. Goodbye
Miss Savvy 


  1. Hahah woo! Yay runs! I totally know what you mean...once you're out there, ready to run, or at the gym, and start, you feel good about it! It's just, ya know, getting there! lol I was part of a running group a couple yrs ago and was tempted to join again - they have a guide who takes a group of ~15 ppl down all different trails and paths, it's cool finding new places to run! Changes of scenery and all :)
    Good luck with the runs & fruit breakfasts! I'm trying to eat more fruit too atm!

    Cachoo Joo // CACHOO JOO

  2. That sounds like a cool idea!! Is it not difficult to keep up with others though? I think I would be the one at the back dragging her feet after about a mile lol.



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