Monday, 10 March 2014

Step it up Sunday #2 and the epic fail


As you may or may not know a month ago I set myself a challenge, to give myself weekly aims to achieve things I probably wouldn't of attempted before. However I epically failed from the first week, which only one word sums this up, OOPS. I had a valid reason, I hope. Moving home was more time consuming than I could ever of imagined, if you would like to have a laugh, read about it here. Even though I failed I am going to re-start from where I left off and really push myself to stick to it. 

#1 Task
You can read my last post about my failing challenge here but to re cap I have a small phobia of cutting my hair. I don't know if it's the multiple bad cuts Ive had or the fact I get bored so quickly. However this I did achieve. Can I hear a woop woop? The second fail of this post is I forgot to take a before picture. Yep I'm am idiot. But here it is my hair..............

Surprise surprise I hate it and have already re styled my fridge several times. I may have to share with you the ways to hide a fringe disaster as I think I've become quite a pro. 

#2 Aim
For this weeks task I want to start exercising regularly so I am going to set myself the task to go for three jogs in a week. I will photo, record and report back on how badly I died or how many stitches I collapsed from. Wish me luck as I am seriously going to need it. 

Why not join in and push yourself further?  Sunday is the end of a chapter start Monday's on a fresh.
I've always wanted to bungee jump......... Hmmmmmmmm

Miss Savvy

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  1. Your haircut is gorgeous! I love it.. Honestly! Wouldn't have commented if I didn't absolutely obsess over it all day at work until I got home when I was able to finally make this comment (because blogger is blocked at work)... That picture is fantastic. Seriously!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    1. Hahahaha You always make me smile. I cant seem to get on with it.......... What next?!?!

      Lots of love and smiles

  2. I love are so lucky to rock this hairstyle*SERIOUSLY*.
    I love this haircut but i KNOW for sure it wont suit me at all...watsoever....Middle partition looks hideous on me:(

    1. Ow thank you hunny. I really can't seem to like it and however much I envy these people with long hair, I feel a bob may be in order again.


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