Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Moving into Spring Easy Nails #2014bloggerchallenge

Spring time is vastly upon us and I for one can't wait. The sun has started shining and somewhere above us I am almost definite I spotted a blue sky. All this put together has given me a great wanting for dusky pinks, canary yellows and a little bit of pastel blue. Cue a nail varnish rampage. 

I find the easiest way to expand your wardrobe is through polish. However bonkers this statement might sound its true. That black jumper you lived in all winter can now be brightened up with a clashing nail. 

For this weeks bloggers challenge it was all about the varnish. I chose to show you my most simplest spring look I could think of but one I love a lot. Just choose two colours from the same pallet but of different shades. I chose Ciate's Hoopla and Kiss chase.

Lots of polish love
Miss Savvy


  1. These colours are absolutely adorable! Ordered!. Ah! Will be painting my nails like this in a few days - so happy !

    1. I love the Ciate paint pots and they do such fun colours. Look out for my Spring Nail collection coming next week. There's some lush colours.


  2. What a perfect manicure, and I love the shades!


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