Monday, 31 March 2014

Cutting Down Sugar, Improving Behaviour and Terrible Two's

Last week I had a very minor meltdown after the body snatches came and invaded my daughters personality. I felt her behaviour had escalated over night and become out of control. I'm quite a strong person with a lot of patience for my daughter but last week I had had about enough. I decided to see if the sugars contained in food's were making an otherwise deal able situation explode. You can read my last post about it here

Over the last few days both me and my partner have monitored how her behaviour has changed by cutting out these major sugary foods. I can honestly say there has been a significant difference in her attitude the terrible two behaviour is still apparent but gone has the hyperness that went along side it. I really feel that taking out those unnecessary sugars has helped to calm her down. By no means has cutting the sugar cured the impending second year tantrums but it has helped take the edge of an already stressful time. Her sleep has improved in the afternoon with no more hours of shouting down the monitor. 

I think as parents we always try to feed our child the best we can but sometimes little foods can slip in that may actually be affecting the way our children asses's certain situations. My daughter loves fruit and in our house we use it as a bargaining tool when she is being picky with her tea so by no means is my daughter (thank god) addicted to sweet's. I don't think cutting out the niceties and a no sugar diet is the answer but for us at least, when we see a difficult behavioural time a head the sugar will be being cut down if possible to not encourage these wild outbreaks.

Miss Savvy-Mum

P.S I never in my wildest dreams would of believed in this tosh I just wrote before last week, sugar = bad behaviour, "no love your child's just naughty." So by no means do I expect you to believe me.
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