Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Anatomicals Stress Relieving Bath Set Review

Earlier this month I was just leisurely browsing ASOS with a coffee in hand like you do, when I spotted this Anatomicals Stress relieving Bath Set on sale. 
Usually £10 down to £4

Anyone with a child, low self esteem dog or in fact a male that you call a partner and live with will understand the extreme need to have stress relieving products stashed at the back of the bathroom cupboard. Having only just moved into our new home, now with working bath tub. I am slowly collecting yummy bath products to either hide beneath or drown in. Depends on the day. 

This set includes bath salts, thermal mask, candle and bath pillow. Ow the possibilities. The day my parcel arrived I was already planning my quick escape to the bathroom once the little one was all tucked up in bed. After feeling like my lungs were going to explode from blowing up the pillow I filled the bath with salts. At this point my Grandma entered the bathroom or an intruder disguised as a rose bush either to be honest we're not welcome while I am filling my bath with suds. If you like floral scents then these salts are all well and good, my nostrils however flared and started to sneeze profusely. This was not going well. Once I sorted the garden, sorry the bath out. I lit up the candle and got my mask ready. Netflicks up and running on the kindle. Relax time. 

The candle smells also quite rosy but much more pleasant and delicate than the salts. I don't think it will burn for many baths but a really cute candle in very classic packaging. As for the thermal mask, I will give you three guesses as to what it smell's of?!? No........... Pot puree, but I will let you have flowers or neighbors garden. I'm really wary of using new face products due to the over sensitive insanely dry skin residing on my face at the moment. However a review is a review and from this day forward I dislike all readers for the sheer pain my face felt after 2 minutes of wearing this mask and several hours later. Wow its hot but honestly worked really well on my skin, I didn't get a rash or break out in spots.

Overall I'm not a fan of the set mainly due to the scent of all the products, they worked well at there jobs though I just personally can't see past the rose bush. At £4 I don't feel I have wasted my money as I now have a comfy pillow to sleep on and a face mask to cook my dinner on.

Much Love 

Miss Savvy

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