Monday, 31 March 2014

Cutting Down Sugar, Improving Behaviour and Terrible Two's

Last week I had a very minor meltdown after the body snatches came and invaded my daughters personality. I felt her behaviour had escalated over night and become out of control. I'm quite a strong person with a lot of patience for my daughter but last week I had had about enough. I decided to see if the sugars contained in food's were making an otherwise deal able situation explode. You can read my last post about it here

Over the last few days both me and my partner have monitored how her behaviour has changed by cutting out these major sugary foods. I can honestly say there has been a significant difference in her attitude the terrible two behaviour is still apparent but gone has the hyperness that went along side it. I really feel that taking out those unnecessary sugars has helped to calm her down. By no means has cutting the sugar cured the impending second year tantrums but it has helped take the edge of an already stressful time. Her sleep has improved in the afternoon with no more hours of shouting down the monitor. 

I think as parents we always try to feed our child the best we can but sometimes little foods can slip in that may actually be affecting the way our children asses's certain situations. My daughter loves fruit and in our house we use it as a bargaining tool when she is being picky with her tea so by no means is my daughter (thank god) addicted to sweet's. I don't think cutting out the niceties and a no sugar diet is the answer but for us at least, when we see a difficult behavioural time a head the sugar will be being cut down if possible to not encourage these wild outbreaks.

Miss Savvy-Mum

P.S I never in my wildest dreams would of believed in this tosh I just wrote before last week, sugar = bad behaviour, "no love your child's just naughty." So by no means do I expect you to believe me.
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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Step it up Sunday #5 Selfie loving

So this week the aim was to Instagram more selfies to help build my confidence up as a blogger. I feel I did ok. Don't get me wrong I could of done a 100x times better but life is sometimes not always perfect. If you would like to catch up on my other possible fails or achievements in the series you can click here or on The step it up Sunday link at the top.

Here is my little piccies from this week. I do think pushing myself to post a picture of my ugly mug for a change and not of Isabelle or a plate of food has stepped my confidence up slightly. I've ripped of the band aid and slowly letting the wound heal. I'm getting a bit deep this evening, that must either be because of the amount of times I've been pooped on today or I'm in an unusually good mood.

Whats next month I hear you ask?
Well now the sun is cracking the flags (you have to love some exaggeration) I really need to knuckle down in shifting some of these Pounds. Not the metal coin variety, I really don't need any assistance in that department. More of the hanging around on your hips and stomach type of pounds. I have taken a photo of my weight this morning, yes I was that brave. So hopefully next week I will have lost a stone, ok seriously lets say 2lbs to start off with.

As a little add on +Super Gorgeous Blog is doing a photo challenge on Instagram next month and it may possibly be lots of fun. I can't see it causing too much pain to anyone so I decided to join in. This challenge is mainly suited to beauty bloggers but I am sure any Joe Bloggs can join in if they want too, well I am. If you would like to join in then why not comment, share and obviously follow me on Instagram at my profile is set to private but I accept everyone I don't know (no that is not a typo).

Lots of Love 
Miss Savvy

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Friday, 28 March 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide Under £30

This weekend is the day to show a mummy, grandparent or just someone special you love them. If your anything like me then you may struggle to choose the perfect gift, so I put together a list of little ideas that wont break the bank.

You can find the full list at my Shopcade.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

How To Save Money But Still Get What You Want

We all, I think have a little passion for shopping whether it be handbags, shoes, make-up, baby gear or a hobby that you love. But giving in to little cravings doesn't have to break the bank. 
(Handbag lovers beware you can have any bag you wished for, for a fraction of the price.) 

Little Tip for Mums: You will now know by now the horrendous prices baby shops charge for items that admittedly are a bit of a fad. As a mum myself I have realised how little baby clothes, toys and equipment actually gets used and for such a short period of time. Don't waste thousands buying the latest mamas and papas rocking horse, have a check for local sellers desperate to give these things away and save quite a few £'s. 

I've always been a huge fan of eBay and lately have a little obsession, so little in fact that eBay bars me daily from adding items to my watch list. Not only can you buy what ever your heart desires you can also sell, making it a great opportunity to clear out your cupboards of unwanted tack. 
"One mans trash is another mans treasure." 

Don't get me wrong buying second hand can sometimes be risky and truthfully I have received clothes that I wouldn't use for polishing the bonnet of a car from some sellers. However if your saving 60%-80% off the full price (generally) it makes little hiccups a lot more dealable. 

I usually clear out once a month, each time making around £100ish, this money then sits in my account to buy what ever  treats I feel the uncontrollable need to buy. Thus saving money in my bank account but still getting what I want, no correct that NEED! 

Ted Baker Eyeshadow Palette (new) £0.99 Urban Decay Eyeshadows (new)- £0.99 to £1.24

Kate Spade Phone Case - £0.99     Kate Spade Phone Case - £3.21

Dorothy Perkins Floral Top £1.76       Dorothy Perkins Yellow Top £0.99

Juicy Couture Handbag £4.82

Above is a few of this months purchases to show you some of the great deals you can pick up. 
(Prices do not include postage) 

There goes my eBay notifier, 
Keep it Savvy


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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Anatomicals Stress Relieving Bath Set Review

Earlier this month I was just leisurely browsing ASOS with a coffee in hand like you do, when I spotted this Anatomicals Stress relieving Bath Set on sale. 
Usually £10 down to £4

Anyone with a child, low self esteem dog or in fact a male that you call a partner and live with will understand the extreme need to have stress relieving products stashed at the back of the bathroom cupboard. Having only just moved into our new home, now with working bath tub. I am slowly collecting yummy bath products to either hide beneath or drown in. Depends on the day. 

This set includes bath salts, thermal mask, candle and bath pillow. Ow the possibilities. The day my parcel arrived I was already planning my quick escape to the bathroom once the little one was all tucked up in bed. After feeling like my lungs were going to explode from blowing up the pillow I filled the bath with salts. At this point my Grandma entered the bathroom or an intruder disguised as a rose bush either to be honest we're not welcome while I am filling my bath with suds. If you like floral scents then these salts are all well and good, my nostrils however flared and started to sneeze profusely. This was not going well. Once I sorted the garden, sorry the bath out. I lit up the candle and got my mask ready. Netflicks up and running on the kindle. Relax time. 

The candle smells also quite rosy but much more pleasant and delicate than the salts. I don't think it will burn for many baths but a really cute candle in very classic packaging. As for the thermal mask, I will give you three guesses as to what it smell's of?!? No........... Pot puree, but I will let you have flowers or neighbors garden. I'm really wary of using new face products due to the over sensitive insanely dry skin residing on my face at the moment. However a review is a review and from this day forward I dislike all readers for the sheer pain my face felt after 2 minutes of wearing this mask and several hours later. Wow its hot but honestly worked really well on my skin, I didn't get a rash or break out in spots.

Overall I'm not a fan of the set mainly due to the scent of all the products, they worked well at there jobs though I just personally can't see past the rose bush. At £4 I don't feel I have wasted my money as I now have a comfy pillow to sleep on and a face mask to cook my dinner on.

Much Love 

Miss Savvy

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Monday, 24 March 2014

Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness and Facts

14 Weeks pregnant, two weeks out of hospital,
 two stone lighter than pre-pregnancy weight but still fighting and smiling

A lot of women will find the first part of this title uncommon to them and the second half bewildering. That is how unknown Hyperemesis Gravidarum is, but in actual fact thousands of women across the world are suffering from what can be a life threatening condition. Pregnancy is meant to be a time to bond with your child and feel a love like never before, however for HG sufferers it creates a time of depression, isolation and dread. This condition is not only unspoke of but also ignored. 

So what is HG I hear you ask. Hyperemesis Gravidarum more commonly known as HG is a condition in which sickness becomes uncontrollable. Many women suffer from the term "morning sickness" this can be as minor as once in the morning to several times a day, but generally they can intake some form of food or liquid products. 

For HG sufferers the sickness can increase to 30-40 times a day. Food consumption becomes impossible and fluids are a no go area. Hyperemesis is also different in every women and can be plotted on a spectrum of severity. Not only does sickness increase, senses are heightened making food even more unbearable. In the UK there are small treatments available such as injections, tablets and liquid diets but there is nothing in place yet to help these women live through a pregnancy normally. What people do not understand is that this condition is debilitating and dangerous to pregnant ladies and quite a lot of the time ends in termination. If those lucky few do make it to the end of there pregnancy, it doesn't stop in labour ward. Due to severe lack of starvation and dehydration it can leave permanent defects to both mother and baby. 

Both myself, my Mum and my Grandma have suffered in a severe manner with this condition and in this time period the methods that the NHS use have not changed. It can be a depressing and lonely time for sufferers and unless you have been through this I don't think you can imagine the disturbing thoughts this condition can bring upon you. 

I wanted to write this post to bring just some awareness to you all. If you hear of someone suffering in this way don't throw the comment of "Your pregnant not ill" If you think you may have or have had HG then please feel free to get in touch. If I can reach out to just one person with this post then I will of succeeded. Please do not feel alone this is a hard time for not just the sufferer but everyone surrounding them. 

I don't know if I will write so publicly about this again as it's taken me a long time to accept my emotions but I hope I can find the courage to do so. It may help some of you to hear someone else's story as I know I struggled to find any written work on this condition, which I feel may have been of some comfort in my time of sadness. 

Much Love
Miss Savvy Mum


Sunday, 23 March 2014

Change of address

I have decided to go up in the world and have now purchased my own domain. Say Bye Bye to and Hello to


Miss Savvy

Step It Up Sunday #4 Easy Smoothie Recipes

I can't believe its Sunday already, I don't know where the weeks are going. Last weeks post was carrying on the healthy living fitness theme (read the last one here). This week I wanted to continue with the running and add more fruit into my diet and honestly I think I did quite well, for someone that usually walks down the fruit isle with a cross in one hand and holy water in the other. Here's a few of my favorite smoothies from the week.

Top: 1/2 Weight watchers small ice-cream pot in toffee and vanilla (32cals)
1 Banana 
150ml of Skimmed milk
1/2 spoon of Juice plus shake powder

Bottom: 5 large strawberries
1 Banana
1/2 spoon of Juice plus shake powder
200ml of Almond milk

Top: 1/2 Weight watchers ice-cream pot in Strawberry and vanilla
Bowl of mixed berries
150ml of Almond milk
1/2 scoop of Juice plus shake powder

Bottom: 1/2 scoop of Juice plus shake powder
200ml of Skimmed milk
1 scoop of Nescafe coffee
and because there was no fruit in the shake I had a banana on the side (good girl)

Just to clear up I'm not using the Juice plus shake as a diet plan I am using it as a way to bulk up my vitamin intake and force me to eat fruit, as the shake alone is disgusting! I only use these smoothies as a good calorie breakfast to start my day as usually I'm a skipper of food in the morning.

This week I feel really happy with my achievements as previously I didn't touch one piece of fruit unless it was on top of a cheesecake slice.

Next week my aim is to post three selfie's out and about. This might seem quite an ordinary task for all you lovely readers but I however have a little dislike to camera's. I know what you thinking blogger who doesn't like photo's, yes my blog is doomed.

Remember Sunday is the end of one week and Monday is the start of another.
Are you aiming higher this week?

Miss Savvy

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Terrible Two's, Sugar Intake or Just Bad Behaviour

Where's my cute monkey gone?

My little princess over night it feels has turned into a monster cross devil creature. She was one of easy's children I've ever had the pleasure to meet, that's not me being biased as many others have said it also. She could be a little crazy and wild at times but always wanting to help out and be a little lady. She has never had an issue with understanding rules and when asked to do something she pretty much did it first time.

I feel this may of been a previous life as my house is now nothing more than a war zone. She has become disobedient, violent and cheeky. At only 21 months this girl has an almost full vocabulary and a personality ten times the size of her. After tonight's witching hour of battling to get her teeth cleaned I lay in bed exhausted waiting for her to fall asleep, the only thought I was having was "Why?!?!?!?" surely a child's whole demeanor can not just switch in a week. To be brutally honest I felt drained and pretty lifeless from the day, which then left me in floods of tears. I wasn't crying for me I was crying for her, I felt so bad for how many times she had been told off that I realized I was racked with guilt. I ended up climbing in to her cot to give her a cuddle.......... How do I end up feeling like the bad guy?!?!?!?!?

Anyway so it got me to thinking that maybe there was more than meets the eye here. Thinking back over the last week or so I tried to pin point anything that could give me a clue into this mad situation. It occurred to me that only a week ago we switched up her milk from Soya to Almond (She is lactose intolerant and turns out Soya too) hmmmmmmmmmm.............

Is it possible that my daughter was having some form of reaction to this milk? No I didn't think so either but could it be the sugar, I had a hunt round the kitchen to figure out what the difference was from her previous milk and on viewing the kitchen cupboards and adding a few figures together, actually was it her sugar intake in general? Tomorrow I'm going to try an almost no sugar day to see if there is any difference in her behavior.

Do you think sugar can affect a toddlers behavior and turn them over night in a living nightmare?

Miss Savvy Mum

Friday, 21 March 2014

Spring Nails: My Top 5 Polishes This Season

Arggghh the sun is finally out and blue skies are emerging. Every season I think this is my favorite time of year but I think everyone in England was starting to crave a little bit of light in there lives. Gone (hopefully) are the icy mornings and bitter winds hello tweeting birds and sprouting daffodils. 

I've already been cracking open the pastel and brightly coloured nail polishes in preparation to select my favorites. Here's a round up of what I know will be my ultimate nails this season. 

Ciate Paint Pots in Pepperminty

Barry M Nail Paints in Peach Melba

Seche Nail Lacquer in Not Easily Swept Away

Ciate Paint Pots in Hoola and Kiss Chase

Models Own Scented Polish in Bannana

What colours do I need to add to my spring collection? 

Miss Savvy

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

What I Ate Wednesday & #2014bloggerchallenge

Hello Food Lovers

If your anything like me you will strangely enjoy being nosy at what other individuals digest. Here's my diet from yesterday. 

For breakfast I had a smoothie made from 1 Banana, 1/2 a tropical moo frozen yogurt and 100ml of skimmed milk. This was delicious.

I was really naughty for lunch and fancied something yummy. So I ended up with two crumpets topped with mature cheddar cheese and a helping of beans. Yummy stodgy food. 

For dinner I tried something new as I had some ham joint left over from a previous tea. I filled an ovenproof dish full of yummy ingredients topped it with beaten eggs and baked in the oven. On the side I had a jacket potato with sweet onion chutney and a salad with french dressing. 

Truthfully not the best healthy eating day but if we just pretend the crumpets for lunch didn't exist than an amazing day. Huh what crumpets?!?!?!?

Miss Savvy

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

About Me- The Truth

When I first started my blog I tried to write an about me and truthfully I found it hard. If I don't know who me is then the rest of the world better watch out. When I was pregnant with Isabelle I feel I lost myself and have really struggled to re find it. Writing a blog was my way of channelling my feelings and thoughts to hopefully find who I really am again. Last month I had a little bit of a break from it all, with the house move happening I just thought it was a stress I didn't need to be dealing with. In the manic that was unpacking I some how must of unpacked my personality again. I think the time away from here and the fresh start at a new town in a new house did me some good from the first day. 

So who am I? 
I'm Clare. I'm not a beauty expert, I have spots, chipped nails and probably should lose a stone in weight. I have days I find it acceptable to wear pyjamas and days that I pull the trainers and the sweats out instead of the skirts and heels. My friends and family would say I'm outspoken, sometimes abrupt, sarcastic but kind. To me this translates that I am a truthful person with a bit of humour. Don't ask the question if you don't want the answer is my belief. I live with my partner, daughter (Isabelle, 20 Months) and our doggy woofs (Layla).

I'm a full time Mum, no I don't sit watching soap opera's all day, I  do however wish I had the time too.  I'm a babysitter, a cleaner, a cook but most of all a friend to my daughter. She eats chocolate and has squash in her water. I don't parent from books or apps, I don't use technical phrases and find my self googling mummy terms when amongst friends. I parent from the heart and make choices on instincts. 

I work from home sometimes doing mystery shopping and dining. I used to be a restaurant manager, I have also been a teaching assistant and a watch technician. I'm 23 and still don't know what I definitely want from life. I take each day as it's thrown at me and try to smile at every occasion. 

Life is hard no matter what your circumstances, everybody has there own stresses and I don't believe in judging anyone before you know the facts. 

My hates and loves
I hate people with no manners and people who are rude just for the sake of it. I dislike those that make others feel bad to make them self's feel better. I can't stand anything flavoured around peach, apricot or orange. 

I love my family both blood and those inherited from my partner. I'm a coffee addict and chocolate devourer. Cheese is also my big downfall. Handbags and shopping are sometimes my oxygen for the day. My favourite colours are pink and yellow, not together mind you and a random fact, I would love to run a marathon one day and have the fitness to do so. 

I don't fit in a niche and for quite a while tried too. I'm me and me I shall now always be. I hope you will all continue to follow me on my journey, as my blog goes through changes, from a magazine article to pieces of my life. 

Clare (without the I (just a small pet hate))

Monday, 17 March 2014

Get The Look: Inspired By St. Patrick's Day

Today is St. Patrick's day (just incase you didnt know!!) and last week I put together a list on Shopcade that was so cute I had to share. Inspired by the notorios green shades there is an item for everybody to love. Spread the love, Spread the Emerald......... Have a look at the full list here at Shopcade.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Step it up Sunday #3 - The Marathon

This week has been an accomplishment for me. The aim was to achieve three runs and honestly I found them easier than I expected. The hardest part of the week was probably finding the motivation to get up and go, but once outside I really enjoyed myself. The weather was perfect, sunny but cool. I ran on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each day I took a different route and aimed for 1.5 miles to get me started. On Monday however I ran 2 miles, ended up in a field wading through mud and got lost. Thankfully there was a nice gentleman that gave me directions home. Although exercise is meant to be good for you, I don't believe the multiple mini heart attacks I acquired on Monday were good for anyone!!! You can read last weeks post/aim here.

I unfortunately can't prove that I completed my goal for this week, as on Thursday my iPhone died and lost all my data. My phone was not backed up and hadn't been synced since Monday. These things are set to try us and try us they may. But here's me in my running gear and Mondays run, courtesy of the partners phone. 

Next week I want to carry on the fitness theme but up the goal's a little. I have a major dislike to any kind of fruit and I know that it should be a part of your daily diet, offer me one bite of chocolate or an unlimited bowl of fruit when I'm starving and the chocolate would win every time. So next week I am going to (attempt) to do the three runs again and also eat fruit for breakfast everyday. I'm going to disguise the horrid stuff in smoothies I think. On top of all this pain I will be aiming to eat a little healthier. This week I will record and photograph all runs and smoothies and hopefully feel and look a bit more alive. 

I'm not sure which one I don't want to do the most. 

With a tear in my eye. Goodbye
Miss Savvy 

Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Pore Fessional Quick Review

I'm not one for jumping on the band wagon of hyped up expensive products but I received this sample in a Birchbox recently and my god is it hyped up for a very good reason. I can now sit here and say I have purchased the full size. 

I have dry skin so don't struggle with foundation staying in place but I can imagine those that do this would be a wonder product. It leaves skin looking and feeling mattified and almost velvet like. It drys instantly making it the best quick fix primer I've ever tried. Foundation smoothes over the skin with ease immediately after applying The Pore Fessional. 

If you struggle with dry or oily skin this needs to be the one product in your make up bag that you splurge on. 

What kind of skin do you have? What did you think?

Miss Savvy

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Day in the Life........... Cake Show

For todays "What I did Wednesday" Last Friday me and a friend took a trip to Event city at the Trafford Centre to see the Baby show but with both children being toddlers it was a little bit underwhelming for us. Next door however was a world of delightful treats. The cake show. There was cakes that absolutely blew my mind. The contestants must have spent sleepless nights designing and preparing these wonders. All the cakes above are entirely edible (not that you would want to eat them). Overall we had a lovely day and came away feeling rather inadequate in the kitchen. 

My OOTD: New look jumper, Gap Bootcut Jeans, Primark Chelsea Boots

Isabelle OOTD: Next Little Miss Sunshine Jumper, Matalan Shorts and Boots from TK Maxx. 

Are you creative in the kitchen?

Miss Savvy

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Moving House, Smashed Windows and a Tin of Beans

So back in the day when I was deluded, I remember saying how much I loved moving house.

*note to self- taking a gun and shooting yourself in the foot would be less painful*

In our old little two bed terrace I could never of imagined how much crap I had secretly stored away in any available space. I am going to write to the government requesting that when you give birth, babies should exit the womb with a warning sign stating how much stuff you WILL waste your money on and become inexcusably attached too. 

Week 1- The renovation
The new house that we have now moved into could only be described as a runaway fugitive from a pre-war museum.  This house was committing crimes as quickly as Lindsey Lohan necks a bottle of vodka and gets behind a wheel. Floral carpets, walls, curtains and ceilings were only the start. All in a array of colours from the rainbow. We had one week to turn this migraine into a home. Cue two large pots of Magnolia and enough gloss to keep you on cloud nine for the next several years. By the end of the week muscles were hurting I previously did not know existed. 

Week 2- The move. Thankfully Isabelle was taken care of and only being at the grand age of 20 months had more sense than me to retreat to grandmas. Woofs had also escaped to a boarding kennels. Leaving me and Ste to fight it out alone. All was well in the morning until the sofa arrived. Cue stress. Our average size sofa was no match for the mouse size living room door. So obviously in this situation you bring your dad in who has never been famous for anything other than driving huge trucks and creating ludicrous plans. By no means was he trained to remove our 9ft window embedded in antique frame. Me on the other hand chose to hibernate in the upstairs bathroom with taps on full power. 30 minutes In I dragged my sorry numb backside to view the damage but when you see four grown men grinning like Cheshire cats that lost a pint of cream but got rewarded with two pints of beer, panic automatically sets in. The only words muttered from them was "run". Thanks of the reassurance guys!!  On entering the living room the sofa was in and so was the window. Hmmmmmm. Behind me I heard an intake of breaths and someone squeaked "have you seen it". Seen what? At this point I spotted IT, the crack right through the centre on the window pane. While a few strong words were muttered, I realised it could be worse. My sofa was in, my window was in, now with a touch of Art Deco. 

The afternoon continued to decline from here. Finally finishing the day around 3am  when not even the dirtiest Kebab shop is open. Stale bread and a tin of beans was the only thing either of us had the energy to prepare. 

It is now three weeks later I swear I'm still unpacking crap. Where does it come from? Where do you hide it? Any suggestions please leave below. Getting rid is for some reason, unspeakable. 

Till my next rant, Farewell
Miss Savvy- Mum

Monday, 10 March 2014

Step it up Sunday #2 and the epic fail


As you may or may not know a month ago I set myself a challenge, to give myself weekly aims to achieve things I probably wouldn't of attempted before. However I epically failed from the first week, which only one word sums this up, OOPS. I had a valid reason, I hope. Moving home was more time consuming than I could ever of imagined, if you would like to have a laugh, read about it here. Even though I failed I am going to re-start from where I left off and really push myself to stick to it. 

#1 Task
You can read my last post about my failing challenge here but to re cap I have a small phobia of cutting my hair. I don't know if it's the multiple bad cuts Ive had or the fact I get bored so quickly. However this I did achieve. Can I hear a woop woop? The second fail of this post is I forgot to take a before picture. Yep I'm am idiot. But here it is my hair..............

Surprise surprise I hate it and have already re styled my fridge several times. I may have to share with you the ways to hide a fringe disaster as I think I've become quite a pro. 

#2 Aim
For this weeks task I want to start exercising regularly so I am going to set myself the task to go for three jogs in a week. I will photo, record and report back on how badly I died or how many stitches I collapsed from. Wish me luck as I am seriously going to need it. 

Why not join in and push yourself further?  Sunday is the end of a chapter start Monday's on a fresh.
I've always wanted to bungee jump......... Hmmmmmmmm

Miss Savvy

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Saturday, 8 March 2014

February Glossybox Review

Hello Savvy readers 

I'm a little late to the Glossybox review party but as I already had it in my possession, it would be a waste not to share it with you. February's Glossybox was based on Clinton's day sorry, Valentines day. Although I could not find time to review the box I some how managed to demolish the Lindt Chocolate bar that was inside. 

There was six items in total (five not including my lapse in diet). 

Noughat London Body Shimmer
I thought this was a body lotion at first and I'm still not 100% if it's not.
Full size £14 for 250ml

Giovanni Eco Chic Cosmetics
I received the Ultra Moist Set which has a shampoo, conditioner and deep moisture mask. 
Three sachets revived. Full size £7.99

Maybelline New York Big Eyes Mascara
This is there new mascara that has a brush for the top lashes and a different one for the bottom. Truthfully at the minute I really don't like this but I am going to give it another try, look out for an in depth review. 
Full size £8.99

Eldora Eyelashes
Another pair of falsies. I'm going to open a shop in my garage for eyelashes. They look nice for a night out, full but quite natural. 
Full size £3.90

The star product for me was the Ciate Paint Pot. There such a fab polish brand to receive in a £10 beauty box and I admittedly have a very small obsession with these littles bottles. 

Overall it was a good box for product sizes, five being full sized. I personally didn't love the box but I'm sure a few did. 

What do you think about this box? 

Miss Savvy

Thursday, 6 March 2014

What I Bought Last Week

We went for a trip to the Trafford Centre to find some new home ware and some how these lovely's fell into my bag. Oops................

Boots had a 3 for 2 offer on Soap & Glory so I picked up some more of there Thick&Fast mascara, Pressed powder and an eyebrow pencil. While walking to the till I stumbled across the Umberto Gianni back comb in a bottle. I hate wasting money on products so bought this in travel size. Great tip for when trying new hair care. Peaches & Clean was also on offer from £8.00 to £5.00 and I had a £1 off voucher which worked out nicely. 

Next up was Lush. Not usually my go to shop but now our house has a bath one I am sure will be on my weekly to do list. 

Last but not least was John Lewis. I have been wanting to try Liz Earles hot cloth cleanser for so long I just had to get my mitts on it. So far I'm loving this. Watch out for a review.

What have you bought recently?

Miss Savvy

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Moving into Spring Easy Nails #2014bloggerchallenge

Spring time is vastly upon us and I for one can't wait. The sun has started shining and somewhere above us I am almost definite I spotted a blue sky. All this put together has given me a great wanting for dusky pinks, canary yellows and a little bit of pastel blue. Cue a nail varnish rampage. 

I find the easiest way to expand your wardrobe is through polish. However bonkers this statement might sound its true. That black jumper you lived in all winter can now be brightened up with a clashing nail. 

For this weeks bloggers challenge it was all about the varnish. I chose to show you my most simplest spring look I could think of but one I love a lot. Just choose two colours from the same pallet but of different shades. I chose Ciate's Hoopla and Kiss chase.

Lots of polish love
Miss Savvy