Sunday, 2 February 2014

Step up to it Sunday #1

This year now I feel that I have my life back on track as best as I can after having a baby, I felt it was time to set myself some personal goals to really push myself. I have flaws like any normal person, although at times I like to believe I'm Mary Poppins (practically perfect in everywhere). I think too deeply about what people see when they look at me, I struggle with a few anxieties and generally just a few issues. Well doesn't everyone. Instead of setting New Years resolutions I want to try and put myself in to a situation I'm not overly comfortable with or don't do very often every week and hopefully grow as a person and learn things that I may not have before. 

So the aim for this week is going to be simple to start off with and get a new hair cut. I don't make enough time for myself to relax and quite often get stuck in style ruts with a fear of cutting my hair, hating it and having to wear a wig for the foreseeable future. 

This time if I hate it I blaming all you lovely readers.
Just kidding.

Miss Savvy (already dreading it)

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