Sunday, 16 February 2014

Where Have I Been Hiding?

Hello possible readers
Its been three weeks since I last blogged any strip of anything. I've missed challenges, weekly posts and tags but all in good reason. I moved house.

(Sad times packing up the dressing table)

It was such a last minute event, I didn't even have time to warn you guys. In three weeks we have renovated our new house to living standards, packed up our old house, moved and unpacked into the new one and settled in. It's been a mayhem ride but thankfully we are now all settled and finally have the internet up and running. So will be back with a vengeance hopefully this week. 

Keep an eye out for all this weeks catch up posts, while I find my feet again. 

Ta Ta for now
Miss Savvy


Sunday, 2 February 2014

Step up to it Sunday #1

This year now I feel that I have my life back on track as best as I can after having a baby, I felt it was time to set myself some personal goals to really push myself. I have flaws like any normal person, although at times I like to believe I'm Mary Poppins (practically perfect in everywhere). I think too deeply about what people see when they look at me, I struggle with a few anxieties and generally just a few issues. Well doesn't everyone. Instead of setting New Years resolutions I want to try and put myself in to a situation I'm not overly comfortable with or don't do very often every week and hopefully grow as a person and learn things that I may not have before. 

So the aim for this week is going to be simple to start off with and get a new hair cut. I don't make enough time for myself to relax and quite often get stuck in style ruts with a fear of cutting my hair, hating it and having to wear a wig for the foreseeable future. 

This time if I hate it I blaming all you lovely readers.
Just kidding.

Miss Savvy (already dreading it)