Wednesday, 22 January 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

I'm really trying to find a food that I like for breakfast. Cereals, porridge's and fruit are my sworn enemies and I take better too eggs, sausage, bacon and beans!! 
Not the healthiest options I know. So i'm attempting to be a good girl and keep trying. Bleurrgghhh!
This morning I had Wheetabix, Raspberries and skimmed milk.
Total Calories: 209

This very simple looking lunch was actually delicious and a nice change from my usual stodgy sandwiches. I had cooked a whole chicken the night before so used this with a few pieces of wafer thin ham on the side of a salad. I added light salad cream for a bit of flavor and two rye breads to give it some substance. 
Total calories: 174

Snack Time
OOPSY! Mid afternoon I fancied something sweet so relented for a Happy Hippo chocolate biscuit and strong coffee and may I add a very cute Eeyore mug.
This is what happens when you have children (what a lame excuse)
Chocolate calories: 117

I love a nice warming tea in the Winter and this is one of my healthy favorites. Made totally from scratch it is a great portion of Calcium, Vitamins and just plain old goodness. I've put the recipe up HERE if you would like to give it a try.
Total Calories: 497

If you want to see what I eat daily and how I'm currently doing with my healthy eating then add me on myfitnesspal app for iPhone and android.
username: chiggins69

Lots of healthy hugs
Miss Savvy



  1. The wheetabix and berries looks delish. Xx

    1. Would be lovely if you like that sort of food. I really don't like breakfast food. But I shall keep trying xx

  2. Everything looks great, the dinner is something I'm interested in trying but I can't find the recipe! Where can I see it?

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    1. Glad you found it hunny. Ieant to put the link but have had no electricity for 3 days EKKK!! Nightmare. Let me know if you attempt the receipe


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