Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Years Inspiration

I had a really hard time thinking about what inspires me in my life and I came to a bit of a dead end. It isn't that i'm not inspired by things like quotes and pictures but more that I think I guide my own life, the choices I make are my own. Every time I thought of the word inspire my little girl Isabelle poped into my head. She drives me through life, making me want to achieve even more than I set my self up for. She challenges me daily, there's tears and laughter but most of all she inspires me to drag my sorry arse out of bed each morning! 
Although I don't naturally get inspired as such by quotes I think they can help put a few facts of life into perspective. Many of us live our dreams based upon other peoples judgement and expectations. I thought this image below was so unbelievably true it deserved a post.

I hope you all have had a fantastic New Year and are looking forward to the adventures of 2014. I'm taking part in the #2014bloggerchallenge the next topic is Skincare so look out for that one.

Miss Savvy


  1. Happy 2014 Clare!!
    I am the same way about quotes, wouldn't call them inspiring but they really put things into perspective with the right words!
    Hope you have a wonderful year. Look forward to more posts!!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    1. Happy New Year Stephanie. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too


  2. happy 2014! ^^ i totally agree on the inspiration quote and Isabelle is such a cutieeeee!!

  3. I hope you have a great 2014! I'm doing the 2014 blogger challenge as well and I have followed you to keep up with your posts. I'd love if you could check out my blog as well :-)


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