Monday, 6 January 2014

New Years blogger Resoloutions

Happy New year to all you wonderful people. I hope the year is treating you well so far. I decided to set my self a few blocker resolutions. I know Ive been a little hit and miss on the blogging front and thought it was about time I set a few goals in writing.

1. To write at least three posts a week.
2. To blog about different topics I'm interested in not just beauty.
3. To get ahead in my posts and schedule at least a week of blogs.
4. Attempt You Tube, yes attempt.........
5. Get involved in more blogger events and chats.
6. To use more self pictures for OOTD, make up looks and demonstrations.
7. Buy a new camera! Ok that's more of a wish than a resolution, a girl can dream cant she.

What resolutions are you setting yourself this year? 

Miss Savvy

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  1. I think all if your resolutions are mine too except number 7, great solutions good luck. I know I'd love to do other posts other then beauty but sadly my blog name is a little restricting 'Subject Beauty' haha. I'd love to try making videos too but my accents so dopey lol x


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