Sunday, 19 January 2014

My Current Skincare Routine

Hello Savvyions!! 

After 23 years I finally feel I have cracked my skincare regime. I have adult prone acne and over sensitive dry skin, so tackling both issue's can be a problem. 

In the morning I try to keep my cleaning process quite simple to avoid over drying. I like to use a good scrub to help shrink my pores. My current favorite that is suitable for everyday is by St Ives and is there Apricot scrub for sensitive skin. The texture is gritty rather than the alternative of beads. I always feel an instant improvement to my skin after using this, pores are diminished and flakey skin removed. For me the perfect start to the morning. 

If my skin is having a particularly healthy day and scrub just doesn't seem necessary I usually grab for L'oreals skin perfection cleanser and toner. Again these products are designed to aid dry and sensitive skin. Both cleanser and toner feel creamy but not over greasy. 

After a hard day's slog in a face full of make up I remove the layers with another fabulous product from L'oreal this time it is there micellar solution. This is the best make up remover I have tried for my type of skin. Although many claim to be appropriate for sensitive skin none have agreed with me including the very hyped about Bioderma. L'oreal's remover can be used for eye makeup and doesn't (thankfully) burn my eyeballs out. I apply this using cotton pads. Once I've removed all remnants I like to use Superdrug's hot cloth cleanser in circular motions. Every now and again my skin feels slightly irritated but once removed the feeling subsides in several minutes leaving no evidence. You read the review of this cleanser here. I finish off my routine with a moisturizer which I use both day and night, L'oreal's triple active cream. 

Once a week I use soap and glory's peaches and clean as a face mask. I usually apply while taking a long shower. I find it helps to remove all the yuckiness from my skin by giving it a deep cleanse. 

My skincare routine is pretty simple I think and is currently working for me. I have a lot of other products but didn't want to bore you in too next week reading about the contents of my bathroom cupboard. The only other product I haven't mentioned on this list that I use daily is Skinetica. I use this on breakout's only as it can be drying if over used. Last year I found this to be a skin savior  for myself and am now on my fourth bottle. 
I hope this may have helped someone to (attempt to) find the perfect skincare routine. If you would like anymore information on these products please leave me a comment and I will answer as best as I can. 

Any dreams products you think I MUST try?
Miss Savvy

St Ives Apricot Scrub- £4.29
L'oreal Skin Perfection Cleanser- £3.99 (or two for £5 (UK))
L'oreal Skin Perfection Toner- £3.99 (or two for £5 (UK))
L'oreal Micellar Solution- £3.33
Superdrug's Hot Cloth Cleanser- £4.99
L'oreal Triple Active Moisturizer- £4.87
Skinetica Anti-Blemish- £8.74


  1. Fab post! I've always fancied trying a few bits from the L'Oreal range, including the Micellar Solution, I might have to give in and give it a try.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

    1. My review for all the L'oreal skincare products has gone up today if you want to have a read of that. Xoxo

  2. I've considered using the St Ives scrubs! They smell so good!
    It's a Wonderful World :)

    1. There wonderful to use as a daily scrub. Not too harsh.


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