Thursday, 23 January 2014

Loreal Skincare Collection Review

A little review for you today. Instead of reviewing just the one product I thought it would be more beneficial for you all to read about the collection and how the products work together. 

I am loving these products by L'oreal. There Skin Perfection Cleanser, Toner and Micellar solution are all suitable for sensitive skin and are Hypo-allergenic. Even in my most sensitive of skin days I have never felt these irritate or dry my skin. 

The micellar solution removes make-up with ease and am sure finds dirt that was not visible. I feel it digs down deep rather than just taking surface impurities helping to shrink pores in the process. 
The skin perfection cleanser and toner work as well as the solution. There both creamy but not over greasy and sink into the skin quickly. The perfect companion's for those in a rush or on the move. I would feel comfortable using these as my only skincare products. They leave my skin feeling squeaky clean, hydrated and silky smooth, what else could a girl wish for.

As for the moisturizer also by L'oreal it is designed for dry and sensitive skin, I wouldn't recommend it for other skin types. It contains Vitamin E and Vitamin B5, Ceramide and Glycerin. The Glycerin helps to aid your skins natural ability to retain moisture helping to improve skin hydration. The cream is thick and slightly gel like, despite this it sinks into skin quickly and keeps me hydrated throughout the day. After application my skin feels velvety to the touch, supple and plumped. I find many moisturizers designed for dry skin make me break out over night but thankfully this hasn't even though I use morning and night. 

What collections have you enjoyed recently?

Miss Savvy


  1. I've tried the Micellar solution (and I love it) but not anything else from the line. Will definitely have to pick up the other bits. Great post x

    1. I highly recommended them especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. xoxo


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