Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Nails: Colour Show Review

I love nail polish it can be one of the quickest ways to jazz up a boring outfit. Picking the right colours this season could be your biggest step towards Miss Claus stardom. 

I picked up these two beautiful shades from Maybelline last week while browsing superdrug for some Christmas present inspiration. The shade on the left is Knitted Gold and the one on the right is Rosy Rosettes. They both screamed Christmas at me and they also begged me to purchase them. What could I do?!? 

Both polishes have a light base colour and made up of fine and chunky glitter. Knitted Gold has a rose gold shimmer to it and Rosy Rosettes a slight pink sheen. 

On first coat they seem quite sheer but surprisingly built well on the second and a third just didn't seem necessary. I found I was best to wait a good 15 minutes after the second coat before trying to do anything too vigorously with my hands, as the polish liked to slide quite literally off my nail's. I personally didn't feel a top coat was necessary due to the high shine and bumpy glitter finish, which I quite liked. 

Overall Maybelline have managed a beautiful long lasting and slightly edgy polish that can really brighten up your day. Try doing an accent nail like mine to really make your polish stand out. 

Let me know what shades you are loving this Christmas. 

Miss Savvy

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  1. I lovelovelove this color combination, its perfect for Christmas :)! I'm surprised that you only needed two coats, with glitter polish I usually apply like 4 haha.


    1. Thank you hun. I know I was shocked too. They have really good coverage.


  2. Hey girl!!! New here from the 2014 blog challenge! I'm your newest follower and I so look forward to reading future posts :)


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