Thursday, 19 December 2013

NEW Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara Review


Hello beauty friends 
Today I wanted to show you the new mascara from Maybelline. I love mascara its one of those products I would most definitely put up a fight to get it on to my list for a desert island. The issue isn't helped by the fact that my lashes are almost non existent. Anyone that reads my blogs will know I have a love for Soap and Glory's mascara and it has always served me well. My only down fall is the price tag at £11.00 per tube its one of the more hefty priced products on the market so with that in mind I had the brain wave of trying out a few new ones and in the process spending way more money than just sticking to the original product I love. But hey is that not what us women where put on the plant to do! Make no sense at all and spend way more than we earn.

So Maybelline mascara where should I start. Lets go with packaging. I picked this up in Superdrug for £7.99. First impressions was the usual quite tacky plastic packaging that Maybelline seem to favor. They have switched it up a little with a new colour theme in bold turquoise and neon pink. Clashy and a little bit flashy. 

The wand its self is Maybelline's new 'Flexour Brush'. In simple English they put a ridge near the wand head to create flexibility of the brush. Now on first try it feels quite nice to use. However the pressure that you usually use to apply mascara becomes somewhat impossible as you fight against the bendy wand. 

The consistency is the one thing I can really rate and overall sell's this product to me. Maybelline have gone for a new texture of Gel mousse and you can really tell. I like to apply a good three coats of any mascara to create the illusion of lashes and this builds nicely. Although piled onto my eyes it is lightweight and almost fluffy. I found this did help to lengthen my lashes but volumising was slacking a little. I would recommended the mega plush for someone that likes a really natural looking eye or an easy wearing mascara.

Miss Savvy


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Nails: Colour Show Review

I love nail polish it can be one of the quickest ways to jazz up a boring outfit. Picking the right colours this season could be your biggest step towards Miss Claus stardom. 

I picked up these two beautiful shades from Maybelline last week while browsing superdrug for some Christmas present inspiration. The shade on the left is Knitted Gold and the one on the right is Rosy Rosettes. They both screamed Christmas at me and they also begged me to purchase them. What could I do?!? 

Both polishes have a light base colour and made up of fine and chunky glitter. Knitted Gold has a rose gold shimmer to it and Rosy Rosettes a slight pink sheen. 

On first coat they seem quite sheer but surprisingly built well on the second and a third just didn't seem necessary. I found I was best to wait a good 15 minutes after the second coat before trying to do anything too vigorously with my hands, as the polish liked to slide quite literally off my nail's. I personally didn't feel a top coat was necessary due to the high shine and bumpy glitter finish, which I quite liked. 

Overall Maybelline have managed a beautiful long lasting and slightly edgy polish that can really brighten up your day. Try doing an accent nail like mine to really make your polish stand out. 

Let me know what shades you are loving this Christmas. 

Miss Savvy

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Friday, 13 December 2013

Don't wash your hair!!!

Random post title I know but seriously don't do it! We as women wash our hair a lot more than is natural or necessary. I know the feeling when your hair gets a sniff or sight of a bit of moisture, HELLO frizz, GOODBYE style. All the washing we are doing is removing our natural hair oils meaning the hair over produces causing us to then have to shampoo more or else we could fry chips on our barnet's. Once you've washed your hair then comes the drying, styling and frying. No amount of heat protection spray 100% protects our hair. That's why I have compiled a list of my most essential products to keep my hair away from water meaning less washing and more time to spend on the good things in life. Wine anyone?

Protecting the hair from weather can be difficult. I find umbrellas to be the most useless invention ever made especially here in UK. One gust of wind and its broke. My best tip is to invest in a good style hold spray. I love this one from V05 its especially good for holding quiffs and heavy up-dos.

Obviously us girlies need to look after our skin as much as our hair. When your protecting your hair from the water the likely hood is your skin isn't getting fully cleaned. I picked up this towel head band from Primark for a mere £1.50. It fits nicely and keeps my hair splatter free.

Natural grease
Ow how we love a dry shampoo and this one from Batiste is no exception With added XXL it takes a limp greasy wig in to a fresh voluminous style.
Shower caps are a god send for me. With only having a shower in our house its hard to avoid the water. This shower cap is amazing. It can be found at Save The Blow Dry for £14.95. No matter how long your hair is, it will fit in this cap. Its hugeeeee! It has a cute outer covered in bows. Inside is towel lined so any moisture that may get inside is soaked up. The cap can be turned inside out and used as a hat when using a wash out hair mask. Got to love a 2 in 1.

I hope some of these things may help you to avoid a hair dilemma and one more thing......

Miss Savvy

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel Review

I'm not a huge Lush buyer probably for no other reason than the fact I don't have a bath. Truthfully the shop does scare me a little. In society today we are accustomed to products being jam packed of different chemicals and god knows what else, that when something natural comes along, its a little daunting. I have made a pact to myself that I am going to start being a little more adventurous. The one thing I do LOVE indefinitely is there Limited Edition Snow Fairy  range which is released every Christmas. 

Its a little different from there typical products with an intensely sweet smell and of course a little fairy dust, not glitter mind you just a light shimmer. When I use this product the scent drifts through the rooms and still lingers the next morning. I use my shower gels with a body puff so genuinely don't struggle with getting a lather. This however needs only be used lightly as it foams almost immediately. I find Snow Fairy leaves a subtle moisturizing layer on my skin. Great for days when your rushing or honestly just cant be bothered to moisturize.

Every year I buy this and I think I might have to take a trip back to see what else is in this range. This bottle is 250g and costs £6.85.

Any recommendations for a Lush scaredy cat?

Miss Savvy

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Winter Accessories #thewinterproject

For me there is too many wonderful winter accessories out there but nothing can beat a good bobble hat. The above picture shows you my latest two faves. I picked both of these up in my local Primark for £3.00 each. They are thick knitted and what you cant see is the small glitter threading that runs through them, making a slightly masculine style so cute. Bobble hats come in so many wonderful colours, patterns and outrageous shapes that I had to put together a few of my crushes on the market at the moment. I might have stumbled across a few others too. OOPS!
Which one to buy first I wonder?

Find all the details and prices off these hats on my profile at Shopcade. I'm feeling warmer already.

Miss Savvy

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Street Style: Fair isle Fashion

The days and nights are getting increasingly colder here in the Uk but keeping warm doesn't have to frumpy. There is some beautiful Knits on the market at the moment that will make a perfect statement item in any wardrobe.

Cardigan buying 101

  • Waterfall cardigans can be flattering for curvy figures and so simple to take from day to night. 
  • Fair isle is the most popular print for winter this year, made up from multiple colours giving a great capsule piece.
  • Cardigans don't need to be dressed down. Try using some pieces from the images below to take your outfit from cosy to cool.
  • Layer jewelry to knits to create depth.
  • Who said chunky knits can only be worn with boots? Dig out the stilettos to keep your bottom half slender and tall.

Keep warm this winter in style.
Miss Savvy

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Saturday, 7 December 2013

2014 Bloggers Challenge


I thought I would give all my lovely readers a quick heads up about the challenge i'm taking part in. It is being ran by Gaby. The idea is to write two posts a month on a particular subject. There is now hundreds of participants so if you would like to join in, get your name down fast. Closing is 9th December. Let me know if you are taking part.

Friday, 6 December 2013

The Best of Soap & Glory for Christmas

Soap & Glory I think is one of those presents that could suit anyone. Everyone from my little cousin to my Grandma love there stuff. I don't know if its there sweet scents or cheeky packaging that draws people in but whatever it is I love it. There's a great selection this year to suit all budgets. Here's my gift selection of some of the best.

Under £10- Great for stocking fillers or as main presents.
Soap & Glory Sationalism- £8.50
This is a great trio of body spritz's. Possibly as one gift or split into three stocking fillers.

Soap & Glory Fit For A King- £8.00
Tell someone they stink with this handy full size male set.

Soap & Glory Good, Butter, Best- £8.00
Who doesn't need body butters?!?

Under £20- The ones most worth your money.
Soap & Glory Bubble Barreled- £18.00
Awesome selection of some of Soap & Glory's best products in miniatures. Lovely for a Soap & Glory virgin.

Soap & Glory Groom To Go- £16.00
Nice miniature set for the guys to take to the gym, work or anywhere else they pretend to go to.

Soap & Glory I'm Your Manicure- £14.00
Love this new set, great gift for budding nail technicians or someone with scabby hands.

Splurging- Got a loved one thats worth it (or a sneaky treat for yourself).
Soap & Glory Citizen Clean- £25.00
I have nothing else to say but it has a rubber duck. THE END!!

Soap & Glory The Yule Monty- £60.00
The big one for all Soap & Glory addicts. Contains 9 of there most best selling full size products and a toiletry bag.

All of these images were taken from the Boots website. Don't forget that boots have a 3 for 2 offer running up till Christmas. Find the full range at Boots here


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The last Miss Glossybox November/December Review

This afternoon I was catching up on I'm a celebrity minding my own business when an email popped up on my iPhone. SUBSCRIPTION CANCELLED!! WTF!! 
Glossybox are you kidding me?

It seems that beauty box subscriptions are really struggling to keep people entertained. Its a shame as I for one love recieving a surprise package every month. Its like Christmas!!

So now Ive cried on you a little I shall sob about the items I received.

5 Items came in my Cranberry red bag this month
Elegant Touch Little Mix Nail Wraps- £6
I personally would neither use or buy these but a lovely item for the box aimed at teens. They are designed by the very popular Little mix. I received the Leigh-Anne style which are urban graffiti chic inspired, faded denim and quirky conversation bubbles. There quite expensive for the younger generation or low incomes so its nice for Miss Glossybox to include a cute party piece for the festive season.

So?........ Brit Body Spray- £1.69 for 75ml
I instantly felt old when seeing this. I had memories rushing back from days at high school hiding in the toilets between and some times during lessons. The so? body sprays where a constant staple to my school bag, easy, light and smelled great. Now a days I can't say I use body spray but will be nice to chuck in the changing bag to use after a busy day running around after Isabelle.

Lacoste Touch of Pink- £38.50 for 50ml
I am for once not going to sit here and complain about this. I promise. Lacoste perfumes are really nice and this is no exception. My one worry is how many people probably own this fragrance already. Usually when you receive a perfume sample from a beauty box its a new launch but this has been around a long time. Considering the other items I received in this bag I welcomed this without grumbling. 
High five to me.

Jelly Pong Pong 2 in 1 Shadow/Liner- £10.50
I would describe this as a deep bronze. I actually love this pencil it is amazing at aiding the creation of an easy but effective smokey eye. I start by lining my eye and then taking the pencil up through my crease. It blends easily and is a lovely colour for this time of year. Just had a thought, which is never good!
 I will do some form of tutorial for using these type's of pencils. Great for beginners or someone with minimal time in the morning's.

Clear Start Foaming Wash by Dermalogica-£13.00 for 177ml
Saving the best product to last. This ermmm sample is gigantic. As regular readers will know I struggle with adult acne so love trying new products to help combat the problem. Dermalogica is a brand known by many Beauty blogger's. It's hefty price tag is well backed up with the size of bottle and expensive looking packaging. From a teenagers point of view I would of really appreciated receiving this foaming wash in my subscription.

All round a really great box well worth the money. For anyone that didn't know this box cost £7 plus P+P.

Would you be happy receiving this box?

Monday, 2 December 2013

Winter scents From £1

I love Christmas if not for the presents, food and decorations then the lushess smelling candles. I found some lovely festive scents that I thought I would share with you all. All under £10. Perfect gift's for yourself or a loved one. 

I love snuggling down in my winter jammie's with a freshly brewed coffee on a cold winters evening, the tree lights glittering and the candle flames dancing, wow that was deep! 

TK Maxx have got some great candle offerings in store at the minute, they keep there stock up to date with scents for all seasons. You can save some serious bucks in there. Make sure you have a sniff before buying though as there some serious gaggers lurking inside a few pretty pots. Just in case any of you didn't know Tk Maxx have a home store now called HomeSense where you can pick up all sorts of goodies for your humble abode. 

Another great place I've found for candles is Primark. I spotted these over on another blog, I apologize as I cant remember where exactly. I had a look in store and was amazed to find this little glass pot for just a £1. For a few nights now this has been lit and it seems to be lasting really well. There is not the greatest range of smells available but what they do have is lovely. Primark also stock some lovely tinned candles that are £3 and would make fantastic stocking fillers for any candle lover.

Left to right and front to back
1.Sebnini of England - Holly and Cranberry

T K Maxx £3.99
2. Primarks own - Winter 
Primark £1
3. Lily Flame - Comfort & Joy 
Amazon £9.25
4. Yankee candle - Christmas Treats 
Asda £1
5. Yankee candle - Merry Berry 
Asda £1

What scents are you loving this season?

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Blogmas and a little apology

Lets get the apology out of the way. I have been away for a while sorting out a few issues at home. I'm sure you can all understand that sometimes things in life need your undivided attention. I am however glad to tell you that I am back. Can I write a woop woop without criticism of my rubbish writing language. 

Well today is FINALLY the 1st of December. With only 24 days till Christmas I have officially started my countdown. Yesterday I put the tree up and decorated the house. Out came the Christmas and winter scented candles. So I thought I would share some of my living room decoration's to kick start this month of celebrations. I've got a few good posts lined up to keep you on your toes this month so stay tuned for some festive cheer and maybe a bit of baking.