Friday, 1 November 2013

What I packed in my travel bag

Me and my family packed up some of our belongings last week to go to the lovely Devon. As it was an England holiday I had no restriction's, well I say none but there was two adults, a toddler, a dog, pram, travel cot and hundred bags all to fit into a 1ltr Corsa. Soooooo maybe some restrictions.

So for face products I kept it to my favorites. There's nothing worse than going away with new products and hating them. Foundation I took Revlon's Colourstay in shade Buff, it's a little light for me but the next shade is too dark. So I choose Casper over ummpa lumpa. I took my kick ass concealer by soap an glory, a big love in my life. Thirdly was my matte powder by Maybelliene, this is fab for travelling as the packaging is a lot more robust than others. Two blushers were packed MUA Lolly and E.L.F baked blush in Passion pink. Lastly I packed my MUA bronzer which I use for contouring. It's lovely and matte which is hard to find on the high street. 

Eyes and eyebrows next. I packed my E.L.F brights palette, which had lots of lovely shades to see me through the week. Two eyeliners, one liquid by Be a Bombshell and one pencil by JVG. My very trusty mascara by Soap & Glory. For eyebrows I took my E.L.F eyebrow palette in Medium. 

Lips I tried to keep these to a minimum. However not shown in the picture is the four lip balms I also packed. What's a girl to do when you can't decide? So I packed two lip stains by E.L.F, watch out for the review on these. Revlon just bitten in Charm, Kate Moss lipstick in 02, E.L.F matte lipstick in Nearly nude, Maybelliene baby lips in Pink punch and Dr balm Nipple balm which I use as a really good moisturizing gloss. 

Lastly I took three nail products a file which as you can see my darling daughter ate, yes I repeat my daughter ate. Nail varnish remover pads from Superdrug, these are lovely and handy for travelling and my trusty Ciate paint pot in Hoopla (Check out my nail tutorial using this shade here

What's in your trusty make up for travelling? 


  1. That bag is really cute!
    When I went shopping yesterday I looked at the Revlon Color Stay because everyone online swoons over it. But I could not, for the life of me, find a shade that matched. The closest was as you say "a little too light" but the next shade was "too dark"! Bummer!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    1. It's a pain the Colourstay, I think a lot of people get stuck for the right shade. The one I have is a little to light for my liking but the next one made me look orange. So went for the lighter and then use a bronzer to contour which then makes the shade much better. The bag was from Primark last year and I really love it. You can fit so much in it. It's really deceiving.


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