Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Week Three Seasonal Loving: Don't judge me I ate the lip balm!!

Number three of the seasonal loving's series. Find week one here and week two here. I don't know about you but I have a little bit of an obsession with lip balms I have lost count of how many I actually have in my collection as they are scattered around my bags, coats and draws. I don't seem to be able to walk past a new brand or scent with out it some how appearing in my basket like magic.

In the picture above is my current faves. I know there favorites as when I change coats and bags they follow with me. I have the Nivea Caramel cream on my bedside table and the other two attached to my hands.

The Nivea lip butters are really creamy and moisturizing. They smell amazing and taste quite good too. I know that may seem strange but I hate those balms you apply to your lips and the scent/taste seems to stick in the back of your throat in an unpleasant way. I may be the only person that has experienced this. An example of one I own is the Shea butter body shop balm. Yuck!! I know some people may hate these butters as they don't sink into the lips quickly. Which is why I use them as more of a long nourishing treatment e.g before bed or after exfoliating. I would reccomned when your next at the drugstore/pharmacy you give these a good sniff. As the smell alone is good enough for the £2.25 price tag. You can buy them here in four different scents.

Another balm that has sneakily made its way into my loves is Dr lipp Nipple balm for lips. It started its life in labour wards for new mothers who were breast feeding. It has now become one of the leading brands in lip care. I received this in last months Birchbox and on first view was disappointed with the sample. I know, I know don't judge a book by its cover. I now adore this stuff. Its a strange texture, really thick and hard to get out of the tube. But once you start to apply it melts into more of a liquid. It has no real scent to it which is strange for me but what I love is the time it lasts on the lips. I feel it moisture's my lips for hours. The other bonus is, I love applying this on top of a lip stain. It has a beautiful non sticky glossy finish creating beautiful ready to be kissed lips ;D I've just ordered a full size tube to add to my collection. You can buy it here for £11.50.

Which lip balms are you loving this season? Any you would recommend I must try?

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