Monday, 18 November 2013

(Warning) The facts: 10 things you learn as a blogger

A few things I think all bloggers learn at the beginning. 

1. It's a lot harder to create a blog from scratch than it looks.  With HTML's, fonts and URL's ?!?!? 

2. Your not going to be a millionaire tomorrow. Earning money is not really an option, if your not starting out for a hobby don't bother. 

3. Coffee and biscuits will be your best friend when thinking up daily posts. 

4. Time? You need a lot of it. 

5. A perfect picture will not be taken in the first shot. 

6. Writers block is a real thing. (I seemed to have caught this ugly disease at the minute)

7. Choose your name wisely because it rules the content you can write about.  

8. Creating social media icons will be your fear forever. 

9. Patience is definitely a virtue. 

10. Even through all the above It's an amazing job where you can meet some really lovely people who love and share your interests. 

Brutal but true facts about blogging. Although hard work I think most people agree blogging is a fun and creative way to get your voice heard. Go easy and take each step at a time.

What truth have you learnt?

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  1. What I have learned from blogging is that it pays to be responsible about what you post. Where I come from, people take offence at the smallest things and tend to react because of something that was posted (inaccuracies, etc). I learned to research and verify (you'll never know when karma dishes you out with a big fat lawsuit). While I've never been called out on not crediting/copying posts, I know people who get into trouble because of it. Not worth the stress.

    But yes, it's a fun and creative way to express your thoughts!


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