Thursday, 7 November 2013

The best of Revlon #theonebrand

When the #thesoproject ended I was really sad to see it go. I'm one of those strange people that likes schedules and thrives with pressure. So when I saw a few people starting new project type series's I had to join. This one was started by Polkadella (click on her name to read about the peolpe taking part) and is a focus on a particular brand each week. This week is Revlon.

I have a few products from Revlon but there is two in particular that I love. Both you have probably seen hyped up by beauty bloggers and I have now become one of them. I don't class Revlon typically as budget, which is what I am all about but you can find it at much cheaper prices than the drugstore/highstreet online. I've hunted out the best deals I've found and purchased from.

Revlon Colourstay in shade Buff

I was really late to jump on this band wagon but I am really glad I finally did. I have super dry skin and need foundations that make my skin look flawless not flaky. This foundation works most of the time but on my worst days it can stick to places I would rather not be highlighted. What I do love about this foundation is how long it lasts. I've been wearing this in the most gruesome of weathers for hours on end and i'm very happy to stay my face looks as flawless as when I left. I save this for those day that I know I will either be beaten by rain or crawling home to my bed after a long day. As anyone who reads my blog regularly will know i'm honest and like to make sure I've pointed out my loves and hates of products.

Revlon Just Bitten in Charm 

I have no hates with this product just full wholesome loves. This one is a lovely nude peach shade, quite sheer but I find it works in any season. The scent is slightly minty and refreshing. I find this really moisturizing and nourishing on my lips, a great in between of lipstick and balm. I bought this at an absolute steal of a price. Find the link above, highly recommended and at this price you just cant beat it.

This is all my Revlon collection (I think)

Whats your favorite products from Revlon?
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  1. been meaning to try a just bitten or two, lovely post thankyou for taking part xxx

    1. This one is such a bragain price instead of the usual £7.99 price tag. Love neutral shades for a non make up look.


    2. definatly need to give this a try, ive actually bought 5 of the new matte/lacquers on ebay so excited for the arrival :) xxx

    3. The postman is now my best friend. I love waiting and receiving deliveries xoxo

  2. The colour stay and lip butters keep popping up in these, they MUST be good :D lovely post

    Hannah xxx

  3. Yes they are. I love my lip butters but not really for this season. I need to invest in some of the darker shades.


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