Monday, 4 November 2013

Product of the week- E.L.F Lips Stains

Hello Savvy shoppers and welcome to November. So the product I have been really loving this week is the E.L.F lip stains. They are amazing quality for the price. At only £2.50 each there a steal. I've had a bit of a fetish for E.L.F recently and have been making my way through all there products. These are by far the best product I have tried so far from them.

I purchased Crimson crush and Petal pink. Crimson crush is a beautiful blood red colour and lasts all day. Petal pink I find on my lips to be a lovely pink, the type of pink you wish your lips were naturally.

I know a few people hate stains for the dryness they create on the lips. I have quite dry lips normally and these do not create any further problems. The lushess thing about a stain is the fact I can moisturize my lips all day with a favorite lip butter or balm and it doesn't effect the colour on my lips. So I actually find my lips to be more moisturized , Big smiles.

Unlike some stains I have tried these don't have an after taste. A plus for me. My lips feel and taste as natural as they did before.

My only down side to these and it is minor is the fact they need to be stood upright before use but for me that is no wear near a deal breaker. I just wanted to be honest with you guys.

What products are you loving this week?

Blogging from iphone on the way to the Blackpool illuminations :D


  1. As a Chubbystick devotee I really like the sound of these - especially the length of wear ! Thanks so much for the recommendation x

    1. I love my chubbysticks too! Your very welcome, glad I could be of some help hunny xox

  2. I'm obsessed with lip stains right now. Can't believe how cheap these are! Also love your little blog plans in your diary - so cute !

    Jodie Marie
    à la Jode

    1. Thanks lovely. I love lip stains they give you a beautiful colour without smudging or bleeding. Thnaks for stopping by xox

  3. I almost bought some of the e.l.f. stains on my last shopping trip, and I think I may now because of your review. Thanks for the honesty!!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    1. I'm going to order some more of these for the price there amazing. The crimson lip stain has such brilliant pigmentation. Unfortunately my Pink has just ran out. :(



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