Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Starting off: Make up tools- The last week :(

Sob sob, I can't believe the time has come already for the starting off project to end. I want to say a huge well done to Steph from Steph's inside voice for organizing such a brilliant project. I know I and probably many other bloggers have picked up a few tips and found some new products to try. Congratulations Steph.

So tools, wow there's such a broad spectrum to cover. I'm going to choose brushes to talk about. Unlike many other bloggers I do not own the real techniques collection. Maybe one day but for now I will stick to my amazing budget finds. I've recently just repurchased all my brushes and they have mainly come from E.L.F cosmetics. The quality and durability is amazing. Starting at just £1.50 a brush I really can't complain about them. 

Here's my collection of brushes. 

I will talk you through each one and what I use them for. 

Foundation- This brush is from the Eco tools collection at boots, I have to say I love these as much as my E.L.F brushes but the price sways me, only just though. I use this when I want a thicker coverage of foundation. It has a flat head so just be careful to not create streaks. 

Concealer- Once again Eco tools from boots. I use this both under my eyes and for blemishes. It's a lovely fluffy brush that blends my concealer perfectly. I also use it to blend my foundation in the crease of my chin and sides of my nose. 

Powder- The first of my E.L.F brushes and it's wonderful. The bristles are super soft and picks up just the right amount of powder to mattify my t-zone. 

Blusher- I have two types of blusher brush a fluffy head and a stippling brush. The fluffy head is from E.L.F which I use for powders. The stippling brush is actually a real techniques copy from eBay and actually works quite well. This I use for liquid blushes. Can anyone recommended another good stippling brush's for me to try? 

Contouring- Above is a basic line brush from E.L.F which I can safety say isn't a favorite of mine, I just haven't had time to replace it yet. It malts a little too much for my liking and after only a few uses has started to go out of shape. The angle the bristles are set at makes it perfect for getting bronzer into your cheek bones. 

Eyeshadow- I have a couple of eyeshadow brushes. From left to right. 
E.L.F sponge: I think I'm one of the few people that likes to use an eye sponge sometimes. I use it to get a good base from not very pigmented eyeshadow. It means I don't waste the products I've bought and not loved but still get the look I'm wanting. 
E.L.F studio line contouring brush: I use this brush in my crease. It's the perfect density to give a good coverage line. 
E.L.F basic eyeshadow brush: This brush I use for blending my eyeshadow's together so there is no scary lines. 

So there's my brushes I use on a daily basis. 
Should I break my real techniques virginity? Am I missing out? 

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  1. love how you included the make-up product to use with the brush this will help loads of people out!
    great post - can't believe it is over with :( xx

    1. Thanks Hun. I know me neither. Going to miss the Tuesday manic last minute posting :D xxx

  2. I love ELF brushes for eye shadow, I think they work really well. Plus I agree with Katie, love how you have the product you use with the brush in the picture too. Lovely post

    Hannah xxx

    1. Thanks lovely. There such cheap brushes that you feel no guilt for buying more!! Lol xxx

  3. Some lovely brushes in your collection! Great post :)


  4. I agree that some of the elf brushes are amazing! For some brushes you really don't need high end ones!
    (Love the look of that elf blush in the pump tube!)
    Great post!


    1. Ow that's the HD blush. One lovely looking blush but scary arse product ;) xxx

  5. You've got a fab collection - Ive yet to try an ELF brush!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

    1. Give them a go but stick to the studio line there much better xox

  6. Replies
    1. Lol it's not meant to have pink tips. It's from the HD blush but it does look cool xox

  7. Great post! Love your eco tools concealer brush <3 xx


    1. Its fantastic at blending and sooooo fluffy xox

  8. Jealous of your awesome collection. I use a few of the elf ones too, they are pretty great for the price.

    ♥ S | S t y l i n s p i r e

  9. I love my ELF brushes, they're great quality and such good value for money. Fab post lovely! Raspberrykiss xo


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