Thursday, 17 October 2013

How to -Tartan

The word Tartan does one of two things to me I either gain a small grimace or a large smile. Tartan is known to be worn by a true, obviously hunky, Scotsman in a large gust of wind (cue large smile) but also heavy punk rockers with way too much eyeliner (cue grimace). In all honesty I don't think either of these looks would suit me. This season however saw designers giving Tartan a new lease of life, smart grunge with a hint of the Scots. If like me the thought of this still scares you a little here's a few key pieces to be thrown in to your wardrobe and accessories draw. Tartan doesn't need to be worn from head to toe unless your daring enough. Try a bracelet here, a bag there maybe even a small skirt. 
See not too scary. 

And if your still a bit scared go for something without the bold red colour

How are you wearing Tartan?

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  1. Hi! Awesome blog :) I nominated you for the Sunshine Award! (Details on my blog!!)

  2. Thanks hunni. I'm on holidays at the moment but I will do the award as soon as I get home :D xxx


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