Saturday, 5 October 2013

How to Ciate Caviar manicure and Review

Ciate is one of my favorite nail varnish brands. I love everything about there products. I find there long lasting, easy to apply and come in the most adorable bottles embellished with a little black bow. When I spotted this nail art kit I just had to have it. They seem quite scary on first look but are actually really easy to apply so I thought i would share my step by step guide and let you know what I am thinking about these cute little sets. Enjoy :D
These cute sets can be purchased here from £18.00

Whats in the box?
1. Ciate paint pot in Hoopla
2. Ciate Caviar in Tutti Frutti
3. Funnel
4. Tray
5. Instructions, but who needs them with this great blog!!

Step One
Prep your nails for action. I always start before using any nail product by cleaning the nails with a nail varnish remover. Once clean file your nails to desired length and shape (hopefully you haven't bitten them all off yet). My next little tip would be to lightly buff the shine off the nail surface this helps the polish to soak into the nail rather than just sitting on a smooth surface. If you would like you can apply a base coat now. I applied a layer of gel to make it last even longer.

Step Two
Easy peasy paint on your first layer of polish using your Ciate paint pot. Allow this coat to thoroughly dry. Thankfully Ciate colour's dry really quick so you wont be waiting too long.

Step Three
Now apply your second layer of Ciate paint pot colour. This time DO NOT let it dry. Place your desired finger over the included tray and poor over the caviar beads making sure you coat the entire area of the nail. Then gently press the beads into the polish, shaping and tidying as you go. You can apply the caviar to as many or as little nails as you like. I choose to just do my ring finger for something a little different. Follow this step individually for each nail.

Step Four
Sit back and relax. Once you have applied all the beads to your chosen/all nails. Grab a brew and some biscuits and chill for 15-20 minutes allowing the caviar to fully set into your nail polish.
Step Five 
Apply a top coat. This is optional but I would highly recommend. Ciate say to just cover the tip of your nail with top coat but I found it better to lightly dab the polish all over the beads.

Step Six 
Tidy up. I know I know not fun but Ciate do provide you with a cute little funnel to help. Place the funnel into the open pot of caviar. Then use the tray which will have collected a significant amount of beads to tip them back through the funnel into the pot. See that wasn't too bad.

Step Seven
Appreciate your hard work and show off to all your friends.  

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Well I don't know about you but I am loving these things. The set I used was Tutti Frutti and is currently on offer at ASOS for £11.50 (click the name for the link). This picture above was taken two days after first application and I really couldn't fault it. The fact that nothing has chipped or moved yet is amazing. I did a full house clean yesterday as well with these things on and they still look perfect. If you haven't already, get trying!! 

What do you think of these? Any great nail products I should know about?

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  1. I know these seem to split bloggers into 2 camps the love and hate one, but I'm definitely in the love camp. It's not a practical look but it's fun and playful and I particularly like to have perhaps just one or two accent nails with caviar :o). Xx

    1. I am really impressed with these. I cant believe how long they have lasted on my nails. xx


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