Thursday, 24 October 2013

Glossybox VS Birchbox October 2013

The battle of the beauty boxes. 
I've been subscribed to beauty boxes for around 6 months I found it really helpful reading reviews so I thought I would save your fingers and give you both of the reviews in one place. 

My Glossybox arrived the other day but for some reason this month I wasn't as excited as usual which I think actually turned out to be a good thing. The theme this month was dark romance but it is a little hard to be seen. I hate doing negative posts but I am not going to lie to you lovely people. You make a choice when signing up for a beauty box to pay monthly for products you may love or hate. So no I won't be canceling as this is the first one I wasn't over impressed with. Anyway I'm babbling. 

What's inside
I received five products this month. One that I think fitted with the theme the others are a little strange haha. 

Mememe Cherubs Blush- Cheek and lip tint 
 £5.50 for 12ml
This is something I would never consider buying as it reminds me of food colouring in a nail polish bottle. When I tested it I can't say I was anymore convinced to start slathering this on my cheeks. Nice product for the theme but just not for me. It looks similar to the cheek and lip tint by benefit.  

Katy Perry Killer queen fragrance 
£29.50 for 50ml
The least I say about this the better. First of the fact it's sloppy seconds from last month's Miss Glossybox did not impress me. Second the fact that this sample was missing out of my Miss Glossybox and when I complained to Glossybox customer services I was informed they had non left so I couldn't have a replacement. Not a lover of perfume samples in beauty boxes anyway and this scent is not for me it's a bit too floraly sweet.  

Monu Illuminating Primer 
£24.95 for 50ml
This is probably my favorite sample out of the box. It's a decent size and contains some lovely ingredients such as Vitamin E, reflective particles and Alata leaf extract to help protect skin against UV rays. There isn't much scent to this and the texture is a lot thicker than I would expect from a primer so interested to try this out. 

Premae multi-vit smoothie serum
£22.50 for 50ml
Another facial product this time a serum. This is allergen free so should be good for those people with sensitive skin (like me). This claims to soothe redness and hydrate skin. It can also be mixed in foundation to make your own BB cream. So a pretty nifty cream. The serum also contains lemongrass but thankfully is not an overpowering scent. 

Mystic Diamond Arganoil
£22.70 for 100ml
I love argan hair oils so usually would be really excited about this kind of sample. But calling it a sample is kind of genorous. It's a tiny tiny bottle which at first I thought it would be great for travelling and holidays. The packaging really let's it down though as there is no way I would put this in my bag as the lid is awfully unsecure. The diamond element of this hair oil is meant to give your hair shine like never before. The product is very cloudy compared to other argan oils and doesn't have much scent to it. 

Overall not a great deal of variety to the products and they really don't fit with the theme. Some people may love this box but for me it's not my favorite. 
Rating 4/10

This was the second box I received this month and was really anxious to know what was inside after my glossybox. Although small samples as Birchbox does, the products are all useable and there was 7 of them. The theme wa based on celebrity's favorite products #BBXBUZZ

Dr. Balm Nipple balm for lips
I think some people received this in last months glossybox but I didn't so was quite happy to see it. This balm originally started its life as a nipple cream and some how ended up as a lip balm. Which I'm so glad it did. It's a really thick texture so feels like a mask for your lips great for these colder months. I've used this every night since receiving it an its done wonders for my lips. Really recommended everyone to try. Its a really versatile product that can be used for dry skin on the face, feet and cuticles. But I can't say I've put my nipple cream there yet!! 

Akane mask cocoon nocturne
I cannot stress to you how nice this mask smells. I want to scoop it from the tub and munch it all up. Apple strudel is how I would describe the scent. So again I think a perfect product for this time of year with up and coming bonfire night. This mask is to be used through the night and then removed in the morning for ultra hydrated skin. I've tried this one and although my face felt quite perculiar when it dried I awoke with baby soft skin. 

theBalm Stainiac Cheek and lip tint
Hummmm I'm sure I've already talked about one of these. Thankfully this consistency is much better than the MeMeMe tint and not something I would want to mix into my next cupcake mixture. It's more of a gel formula similar to a lipgloss. Again it is two in one but I think I will just use this as a tinted gloss, lovely colour for Autumn. 

Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser
Obviously being a tinted moisturiser this has an SPF of 20. In contains antioxidant's and gives a lightweight healthy glow. A little strange to receive a tinted moisturiser in Autumn but I will save for summer or any upcoming abroad holidays. 

KMS California silk sheen styling creme
This is a lightweight creme for protection and frizz control.
I haven't had chance to try this yet but the texture seems nice and light, anything to keep my frizzy's in control is welcome. 

Egyptian magic cream £29.00 and The chia co shots pack of 10 £4.79
These were both extras in the box. The Egyptian magic cream is a healing skin cream made with only six natural ingredients. I received three samples of this, nice for travelling. 
The chia co shots were the lifestyle product. I personally will not use these I'm not a seed person. I'm sure there probably really healthy with there omega 3 and protein elements. You never know I may succom to the food of a pidgeon. 

Overall I was really happy with this box. Great selection of good quality products and all usable for me. 
Rating 8/10

Both boxes cost £12.95 inc P+P

I apologise if all my posts for the next week are a little funny looking. While writing this I'm travelling down to Devon for a family holiday. So they will all be wrote from my iphone. 

What do you think of these boxes? 


  1. Great review! I'm on the fence about signing up for a box/month so I'm glad to see this post!
    I am curious about the face primer too. Have you used it yet? You mentioned it was thicker than you'd expect and am wondering how that works with foundations.
    Hope you're having a fun travel down to Devon!! I give you tons of kudos because I would not be posting from my phone. Too impatient for it all haha!
    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    1. Thank you hun. Yes I have tried the primer for the last few days and it works surprisingly well. It takes a bit of blending but once on I do feel it has made a difference. Am definitely going to be saving it for those foundations that like to slide. We had a lovely time in Devon!!
      As for beauty boxes I would suggest going for Glossybox. They have a system in place that you earn points when you complete reviews on the products you receive. You can then also sign up for Miss Glossybox. The points you gain then pays for this box so basically you pay for Glossybox monthly and Miss Glossybox (which runs bi-monthly) you get free. Hope that makes sense but you then get more for your money.


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