Thursday, 31 October 2013

Bye Bye October Hello November

First off happy Halloween. I had to share with you my pumpkin. This is my first carving and well, I'm proud of myself :D Good effort. 

Anyways November is here already. I honestly don't know where the time has gone this year. November to me is all about bonfire, fireworks and preparation for Christmas. Having a child just put's the magic and excitement back into this festive period. 

I'm already planning a few festive posts and maybe a Christmas inspired blog layout. I've also been considering starting a few vlogs this month just for something a little different for you guys. 

What I would love to know is what you would all like to see this month? Let me know and I shall try to fulfil. 

Happy November

p.s blogging from iphone so may be a crazy layout ;)

Week Two Seasonal Lovings: The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturiser

The Body shop is one of my favorite shops for skin and bodycare products. Last week I started using this Vitamin E moisturiser in the hope of keeping my lizard skin at bay this season. Week one of my seasonal loving's series can be found here, If you want to catch up. 

I love products with added vitamins they always seem to help with the nourishment of skin. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, it helps to protect the skin and build a barrier for UV rays, overall helping to prevent skin damage, sun spots and ageing.

This moisturiser is super duper light weight and feels almost velvety to the fingers. It doesn't leave a film on the skin, which makes it easy to apply foundation on top of if your not a fan of primer.

As you all know I have acne prone dry skin and I can thankfully say this has helped my peeling skin but has not broke me out. Yipppppeeeeeee. My skin seems to drink this stuff like happy juice but after feels as soft as a baby's bum.

The scent I would describe as refreshing. I have never been good with describing smells so that is about as good as it gets!!!

Any Autumn/Winter products you would recommend?

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

What I wore Wednesday

I thought I would share a quick OOTD post with you. I love this outfit for Autumn. I picked the dress up from eBay last year, it's part of the Cutie collection from Dorothy Perkins. It's a lovely tea dress with a touch of vintage. I wear this with leggings which are from Primark and cost a mere £3 and on my feet I love to wear these leather boots with the gold detail zips. They give this floaty girly dress a bit of edge. I picked these up in an outlet near me for £25 last Christmas. 

For accessories I teamed my vintage style dress with a vintage looking Casio which retails for £24.75. It's bang on trend this season with an Oxblood face. The design is lovely and light and fits stream line to the wrist for easy wearing during the day*

Make up I wore my new E.L.F lipstick in shade Fearless topped off with a light layer of Rimmel's diamond kisses lipgloss. 

What old outfit are you dragging out this season? 

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Starting off: Make up tools- The last week :(

Sob sob, I can't believe the time has come already for the starting off project to end. I want to say a huge well done to Steph from Steph's inside voice for organizing such a brilliant project. I know I and probably many other bloggers have picked up a few tips and found some new products to try. Congratulations Steph.

So tools, wow there's such a broad spectrum to cover. I'm going to choose brushes to talk about. Unlike many other bloggers I do not own the real techniques collection. Maybe one day but for now I will stick to my amazing budget finds. I've recently just repurchased all my brushes and they have mainly come from E.L.F cosmetics. The quality and durability is amazing. Starting at just £1.50 a brush I really can't complain about them. 

Here's my collection of brushes. 

I will talk you through each one and what I use them for. 

Foundation- This brush is from the Eco tools collection at boots, I have to say I love these as much as my E.L.F brushes but the price sways me, only just though. I use this when I want a thicker coverage of foundation. It has a flat head so just be careful to not create streaks. 

Concealer- Once again Eco tools from boots. I use this both under my eyes and for blemishes. It's a lovely fluffy brush that blends my concealer perfectly. I also use it to blend my foundation in the crease of my chin and sides of my nose. 

Powder- The first of my E.L.F brushes and it's wonderful. The bristles are super soft and picks up just the right amount of powder to mattify my t-zone. 

Blusher- I have two types of blusher brush a fluffy head and a stippling brush. The fluffy head is from E.L.F which I use for powders. The stippling brush is actually a real techniques copy from eBay and actually works quite well. This I use for liquid blushes. Can anyone recommended another good stippling brush's for me to try? 

Contouring- Above is a basic line brush from E.L.F which I can safety say isn't a favorite of mine, I just haven't had time to replace it yet. It malts a little too much for my liking and after only a few uses has started to go out of shape. The angle the bristles are set at makes it perfect for getting bronzer into your cheek bones. 

Eyeshadow- I have a couple of eyeshadow brushes. From left to right. 
E.L.F sponge: I think I'm one of the few people that likes to use an eye sponge sometimes. I use it to get a good base from not very pigmented eyeshadow. It means I don't waste the products I've bought and not loved but still get the look I'm wanting. 
E.L.F studio line contouring brush: I use this brush in my crease. It's the perfect density to give a good coverage line. 
E.L.F basic eyeshadow brush: This brush I use for blending my eyeshadow's together so there is no scary lines. 

So there's my brushes I use on a daily basis. 
Should I break my real techniques virginity? Am I missing out? 

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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Week one Seasonal lovings: Nivea Hydrating Primer

With the winter months creeping up on us quickly I always find it best to switch up my skincare to more hydrating products. Any one who follows my blog knows I struggle with dry sensitive skin anyway so once the cold weather strikes. I almost have to hibernate. Knowing this I went on the hunt to find some more hydrating skin products. I thought it would be good to do a series letting you all know about my favorite seasonal products, so today I'm going to start with my new Nivea Primer. 

Love is an undestatement of my feeling for this product. I am honestly tempted to go out and buy a dozen to make sure I have enough to last me for the foreseeable future. 

The cream comes in two types dry/sensitive or normal/combination skin types. Although it is a lightweight texture not to state the obvious it's really wet. Ok that sounds weird but seen's as I can't think of another way to put it you will have to just deal with that. You can probably see from the image below that it has a slight gel like consistancy. I feel it has helped keep my makeup in place for longer but moisturised my skin at the same time. 

Although on first opening the packaging for this product you are slightly disappointed from the size of the pot to the box. There is a lot of cream on offer and a little goes a long long way. The picture above was taken after two weeks of continuos use and you can see Ive barely made a dent in it. 

Scent wise it smells like all other Nivea products so if you hate the smell of those this isn't for you. 

I purchased this on offer from Amazon for £2.99 but you can pick it up in all major pharmacy's for around £4.99. For me this is well worth the money. 

What winter wonder products are you loving? 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Glossybox VS Birchbox October 2013

The battle of the beauty boxes. 
I've been subscribed to beauty boxes for around 6 months I found it really helpful reading reviews so I thought I would save your fingers and give you both of the reviews in one place. 

My Glossybox arrived the other day but for some reason this month I wasn't as excited as usual which I think actually turned out to be a good thing. The theme this month was dark romance but it is a little hard to be seen. I hate doing negative posts but I am not going to lie to you lovely people. You make a choice when signing up for a beauty box to pay monthly for products you may love or hate. So no I won't be canceling as this is the first one I wasn't over impressed with. Anyway I'm babbling. 

What's inside
I received five products this month. One that I think fitted with the theme the others are a little strange haha. 

Mememe Cherubs Blush- Cheek and lip tint 
 £5.50 for 12ml
This is something I would never consider buying as it reminds me of food colouring in a nail polish bottle. When I tested it I can't say I was anymore convinced to start slathering this on my cheeks. Nice product for the theme but just not for me. It looks similar to the cheek and lip tint by benefit.  

Katy Perry Killer queen fragrance 
£29.50 for 50ml
The least I say about this the better. First of the fact it's sloppy seconds from last month's Miss Glossybox did not impress me. Second the fact that this sample was missing out of my Miss Glossybox and when I complained to Glossybox customer services I was informed they had non left so I couldn't have a replacement. Not a lover of perfume samples in beauty boxes anyway and this scent is not for me it's a bit too floraly sweet.  

Monu Illuminating Primer 
£24.95 for 50ml
This is probably my favorite sample out of the box. It's a decent size and contains some lovely ingredients such as Vitamin E, reflective particles and Alata leaf extract to help protect skin against UV rays. There isn't much scent to this and the texture is a lot thicker than I would expect from a primer so interested to try this out. 

Premae multi-vit smoothie serum
£22.50 for 50ml
Another facial product this time a serum. This is allergen free so should be good for those people with sensitive skin (like me). This claims to soothe redness and hydrate skin. It can also be mixed in foundation to make your own BB cream. So a pretty nifty cream. The serum also contains lemongrass but thankfully is not an overpowering scent. 

Mystic Diamond Arganoil
£22.70 for 100ml
I love argan hair oils so usually would be really excited about this kind of sample. But calling it a sample is kind of genorous. It's a tiny tiny bottle which at first I thought it would be great for travelling and holidays. The packaging really let's it down though as there is no way I would put this in my bag as the lid is awfully unsecure. The diamond element of this hair oil is meant to give your hair shine like never before. The product is very cloudy compared to other argan oils and doesn't have much scent to it. 

Overall not a great deal of variety to the products and they really don't fit with the theme. Some people may love this box but for me it's not my favorite. 
Rating 4/10

This was the second box I received this month and was really anxious to know what was inside after my glossybox. Although small samples as Birchbox does, the products are all useable and there was 7 of them. The theme wa based on celebrity's favorite products #BBXBUZZ

Dr. Balm Nipple balm for lips
I think some people received this in last months glossybox but I didn't so was quite happy to see it. This balm originally started its life as a nipple cream and some how ended up as a lip balm. Which I'm so glad it did. It's a really thick texture so feels like a mask for your lips great for these colder months. I've used this every night since receiving it an its done wonders for my lips. Really recommended everyone to try. Its a really versatile product that can be used for dry skin on the face, feet and cuticles. But I can't say I've put my nipple cream there yet!! 

Akane mask cocoon nocturne
I cannot stress to you how nice this mask smells. I want to scoop it from the tub and munch it all up. Apple strudel is how I would describe the scent. So again I think a perfect product for this time of year with up and coming bonfire night. This mask is to be used through the night and then removed in the morning for ultra hydrated skin. I've tried this one and although my face felt quite perculiar when it dried I awoke with baby soft skin. 

theBalm Stainiac Cheek and lip tint
Hummmm I'm sure I've already talked about one of these. Thankfully this consistency is much better than the MeMeMe tint and not something I would want to mix into my next cupcake mixture. It's more of a gel formula similar to a lipgloss. Again it is two in one but I think I will just use this as a tinted gloss, lovely colour for Autumn. 

Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser
Obviously being a tinted moisturiser this has an SPF of 20. In contains antioxidant's and gives a lightweight healthy glow. A little strange to receive a tinted moisturiser in Autumn but I will save for summer or any upcoming abroad holidays. 

KMS California silk sheen styling creme
This is a lightweight creme for protection and frizz control.
I haven't had chance to try this yet but the texture seems nice and light, anything to keep my frizzy's in control is welcome. 

Egyptian magic cream £29.00 and The chia co shots pack of 10 £4.79
These were both extras in the box. The Egyptian magic cream is a healing skin cream made with only six natural ingredients. I received three samples of this, nice for travelling. 
The chia co shots were the lifestyle product. I personally will not use these I'm not a seed person. I'm sure there probably really healthy with there omega 3 and protein elements. You never know I may succom to the food of a pidgeon. 

Overall I was really happy with this box. Great selection of good quality products and all usable for me. 
Rating 8/10

Both boxes cost £12.95 inc P+P

I apologise if all my posts for the next week are a little funny looking. While writing this I'm travelling down to Devon for a family holiday. So they will all be wrote from my iphone. 

What do you think of these boxes? 

Thursday, 17 October 2013

How to -Tartan

The word Tartan does one of two things to me I either gain a small grimace or a large smile. Tartan is known to be worn by a true, obviously hunky, Scotsman in a large gust of wind (cue large smile) but also heavy punk rockers with way too much eyeliner (cue grimace). In all honesty I don't think either of these looks would suit me. This season however saw designers giving Tartan a new lease of life, smart grunge with a hint of the Scots. If like me the thought of this still scares you a little here's a few key pieces to be thrown in to your wardrobe and accessories draw. Tartan doesn't need to be worn from head to toe unless your daring enough. Try a bracelet here, a bag there maybe even a small skirt. 
See not too scary. 

And if your still a bit scared go for something without the bold red colour

How are you wearing Tartan?

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

What I wore Wednesday- Oxblood loving

Oxblood was all over our catwalks this season. Here's a few ways I have been rocking it this week. Team your oxblood with a smokey eye or Claret lip for a total vamp look.

 What trend have you fallen for this season?

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Monday, 14 October 2013

10 things you learn being a mum

For today's lifestyle post I thought I would share a few things I have learnt whilst being a mummy. Enjoy!!

1. The 5 second rule does apply. When your child drops there dummy, juice or food on the floor (inside) you will not have the time or the energy to re do which ever item it is they dropped. Just give it them back. 

2. Don't try and look immaculate, it's pointless. Within 10 minutes your child will of sicked, snotted or spilt on you. 

3. Scrunches are cool as a mum. It means you have accepted your life. 

4. If you haven't showered for days. It's ok your too busy being a good mum. 

5. It's ok to just vac the carpet that's visible when guests are coming. They don't know any different. 

6. Wearing jogging bottoms and not going running is practical not irresponsible. 

7. Wiping your child's nose on there t-shirt when no tissues are available is just being environmentally friendly. 

8. Only ironing once a month or never at all is just using your common sense. 

9. Have NHS helpline on speedial. For those unpredictable moments when your child eats the coals of the fireplace. 

10. Cuddles. Grab them, hold them and cherish them while you can. 

What have you learnt about being a mum? 

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Friday, 11 October 2013

MUA blusher's Lolly and Marshmallow review's

MUA is a quite a new brand to me. I have stayed clear for a while truthfully (no snobbiness, I promise) because of the price. As humans we instantly think if it didn't cost a lot, its useless. I swallowed all my anxiety in superdrug and bought two of there blushers in Lolly and Marshmallow  Well come on for the price I had nothing to lose. Excuse the slang but OMG!!! Why did you not tell me how much I was missing out on. Not only are these amazing but there £1. I love love love these blushers and they are currently high in my favorites list. 

Lolly is a lovely natural peach shade perfect for any skin tone and my favorite blush of the moment. It blends easily so If you have a heavy hand like me then this blush is the one for you. Another positive of this blush is that its MATTE!! Yes i said it, a high street blusher with no glitter...... Amazeballs! No more sequin studded cheeks, you can have a natural glow minus the awful sparkle.

Marshmallow on the other hand is a, well, Barbie pink. There is no shades of coral or peach to be found. The colour pay off from this blush is extraordinary. Heavy hander's please beware!! I imagine this blush would be perfect for you pastel gals for a lovely 'english rose' look but again It would suit pretty much any skin tone. Unless your green and then it might not look so good. Start light and build this slowly, I found it easy to blend but hard to remove once on haha. Trust me the first day I applied this I made no plans to leave my house or open my curtains ekkk.

Overall unbelievably worth the money. My only really picky criticism would be the packaging but when you only pay a pound for a blusher of this quality I don't think I care too much.
I've swatched both shades for you below, this is with two light swipes of both hopefully this will help you see the colour payoff.

You can purchase these from Superdrug and MUA for £1 each

Have you tried the MUA products? Any more budget beauty lovelies I should know about?

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Monday, 7 October 2013

Autumn Fashion Lustings

Just some of the outfits i'm really wishing for this season. Now where did I put my credit card?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Whats your favorite style this Autumn?

October Beauty Wishlist

October has creeped up on us already. With Autumn now in full swing I thought I would share with you the products im lusting for this month.

1. Vampy lipstick is the shade to be seen in this season so I would love to get my mitts on this Rimmel Lipstick by Kate Moss in shade 107. Buy at Boots for £5.49.

2. Now the cooler weather has struck the UK its time to start hydrating our faces more and putting away the mattifying products.  I love the sound of this Nivea express hydration primer, who can scoff at a two in one item. More time in bed I say on those chilly mornings. Buy from for £
3. The Body Shop have launched there new Honey line for autumn and it looks lush. Every season I treat myself to there new collection of body washes and hopefully this month will be no different. Buy yours at The Body Shop for £4.00.

4. Another product in The Body Shop Honey line is this Honey shimmering lip balm. "Treat lips to our delicious new lip balm. This sweetly-scented balm repairs and moisturises lips whilst giving them a luscious, golden shimmer" Pretty and tasty sounds good to me. Smother your lips here from The Body Shop for £6.00.

5. Revlon colourstay. I have ummmed and arggghhed about this foundation for months. Now the weathers made a turn for the worst with the wind blowing and the rain pouring. I cant think of any better time to try this baby's staying power. Will I finally take the plunge?!? You can purchase here from Boots for £12.49.

6. Another product that has been around a while is Lush's bubblegum lip scrub. I usually DIY exfoliate my lips but I am thinking its time to give my lips some nice TLC. I can feel the cold air affecting them more and more each day so I would love some of this to aid in there moisture. Buy for £5.50 from Lush.

7. Barry M high shine gel effect nail polish. As you can tell I am in love with these polishes. The reason I haven't purchased any is pure and simply I don't know which colour's to try first. There is a HUGE colour range to choose from. Check them all out here for £3.99.

8. This season the catwalks saw the return of some bold retro colour eyeshadow and MUA have got it right with this palette. Your one stop eyeshadow treat to all the seasons hottest looks. MUA pro glamour nights eyeshadow palette buy at Superdrug for £4.00.

What products are you lusting for? Have you tried any of these?

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Saturday, 5 October 2013

How to Ciate Caviar manicure and Review

Ciate is one of my favorite nail varnish brands. I love everything about there products. I find there long lasting, easy to apply and come in the most adorable bottles embellished with a little black bow. When I spotted this nail art kit I just had to have it. They seem quite scary on first look but are actually really easy to apply so I thought i would share my step by step guide and let you know what I am thinking about these cute little sets. Enjoy :D
These cute sets can be purchased here from £18.00

Whats in the box?
1. Ciate paint pot in Hoopla
2. Ciate Caviar in Tutti Frutti
3. Funnel
4. Tray
5. Instructions, but who needs them with this great blog!!

Step One
Prep your nails for action. I always start before using any nail product by cleaning the nails with a nail varnish remover. Once clean file your nails to desired length and shape (hopefully you haven't bitten them all off yet). My next little tip would be to lightly buff the shine off the nail surface this helps the polish to soak into the nail rather than just sitting on a smooth surface. If you would like you can apply a base coat now. I applied a layer of gel to make it last even longer.

Step Two
Easy peasy paint on your first layer of polish using your Ciate paint pot. Allow this coat to thoroughly dry. Thankfully Ciate colour's dry really quick so you wont be waiting too long.

Step Three
Now apply your second layer of Ciate paint pot colour. This time DO NOT let it dry. Place your desired finger over the included tray and poor over the caviar beads making sure you coat the entire area of the nail. Then gently press the beads into the polish, shaping and tidying as you go. You can apply the caviar to as many or as little nails as you like. I choose to just do my ring finger for something a little different. Follow this step individually for each nail.

Step Four
Sit back and relax. Once you have applied all the beads to your chosen/all nails. Grab a brew and some biscuits and chill for 15-20 minutes allowing the caviar to fully set into your nail polish.
Step Five 
Apply a top coat. This is optional but I would highly recommend. Ciate say to just cover the tip of your nail with top coat but I found it better to lightly dab the polish all over the beads.

Step Six 
Tidy up. I know I know not fun but Ciate do provide you with a cute little funnel to help. Place the funnel into the open pot of caviar. Then use the tray which will have collected a significant amount of beads to tip them back through the funnel into the pot. See that wasn't too bad.

Step Seven
Appreciate your hard work and show off to all your friends.  

CHECK IT OUT: Currently on sale at ASOS

Well I don't know about you but I am loving these things. The set I used was Tutti Frutti and is currently on offer at ASOS for £11.50 (click the name for the link). This picture above was taken two days after first application and I really couldn't fault it. The fact that nothing has chipped or moved yet is amazing. I did a full house clean yesterday as well with these things on and they still look perfect. If you haven't already, get trying!! 

What do you think of these? Any great nail products I should know about?

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