Saturday, 14 September 2013

September 2013 Glossybox London Edition

I was so excited to get my hands on this box. I'd seen it advertised on the Glossybox website and the box alone looked really cute. Since they started sending this box out I've been avoiding any sites that may reveal the contents from other subscribers. I really wanted this one to be a surprise. 

The box is the iconic Union Jack to honour the looming London Fashion week. Inside they have designed a London inspired tissue paper embossed with pictures of taxi's, phone boxes, beauty products, tea and of course umbrellas. Well what else would you associate with England ehhh. But do the products match the packaging?!?........

Inside the box 

I received five products in this one and the new GB magazine. 

Eye lure pre-glued eyelashes
How good are these? Lazy-ness in a box.  Eyelashes are ordinarily a bit hit and miss in beauty boxes but these are lovely. They could be worn day or night due to the style they have sent me.  I have never tried pre-glued lashes, thinking they wouldn't have much staying power. So I'm really eager to try these out especially with being a brand I know, plus anything that saves me time is a bonus.  
These are full size and retail for £5.06

Toni and guy Limited Edition Shine serum
Wow you got to love the packaging of this. Toni and guy teemed up with fashion designers answer to a miracle, Lulu Kennedy to create this shine serum. I love hair care products so I was really happy with this item. This is designed to help control frizz and give a lightweight shine. I've tried a few of there products in the past and they have always worked quite well for me. 
This is full size and retails for £7.19

Be Beautiful Liquid Eyeliner in Onyx
First off I love the simplicity of this packaging. It feels quite expensive if you know what I mean. The nib of the pen is similar to a felt tip and really chunky but it does taper down to a small point. My only down fall with this is that it smells similar to a sharpie permanent marker. Which is a little off putting. I gave this a try last night and it applies perfectly. I left it to dry for a few minutes and then gave it a good scrub with my finger. It wasn't for budging, impressed!!
This is full size and retails for $14?!? Huh thought this was a London box. 

Rimmel London Stay Blushes in Pop of Pink
This is there new Stay range which I did really want to try. I have a similar product from the wake me up collection also by Rimmel. I find liquid blushers work really well with BB cream's for a very natural look. It is really pigmented and a little seems to go a long way. The picture I took doesn't really give the colour enough justice. Hopefully it just gives you an idea of the shade I received.
This is full size and retails for £4.49

Elizabeth Arden Untrue Eau de Parfum
My heart sunk when I saw this. Elizabeth Arden is not known for making nice scents. I usually associate her perfumes with more elderly people. I also have a pet hate with receiving perfume samples in beauty boxes, on the basis you can normally pick them up for free at your local pharmacy. I have to say though I was pleasantly surprised. This perfume is actually really nice. On this occasion they didn't send a small piddly vial but rather a decent size bottle. The packaging is really sweet and holds 5ml. As for the smell it's a sweet floral scent. It's probably something I wouldn't of chose in the shop but I will definitely be giving this a try
50ml is £48.00 making this 5ml sample £4.80

So the value of the box is approximately £30 give or take a few pence for exchange rate. 

Overall I am very happy with this box. Glossybox is one of my favorites and they really do struggle to disappoint me. I will do reviews on any products I feel I need to share with you at a later date. Please let me know if there is any in particular you really want to know more about. 

What did you receive in your box? What do you think of this one? 

For anyone that doesn't know, Glossybox is a monthly subscription for £10 plus postage. They send you 5 beauty products each month, these will either be samples or full size products. 
They offer two other boxes:
• Miss Glossybox- this is bi monthly and is aimed at the younger generation (I am subscribed to this one too) This costs £7 every two month plus postage. 
•Glossybox Women- this is bi monthly also and aimed at women aged 40+. This one costs £12.95 every two month plus postage.


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    1. owwww was this your first one? what a good first box. Glossybox is the best one. I'm signed up to three but i'm always really happy with these. Good choice xoxo

  2. I was so impressed by the eyeliner when I swatched on my hand, unfortunately it doesn't wear nearly as well for me and I found that it smudged and made a bit of a mess - but maybe others have had a much better experience. Xx

    1. Ow really. I haven't worn it for a day yet. I had it on for an hour last night but that's all. I rubbed the swatch on my hand it didn't seem to budge. But it's a different story on your eyes I suppose. Will give it a test drive tomorrow. I've had a beauty box day. Birchbox and miss glossybox turned up this afternoon. Overloaded!! Xoxo

  3. Glossybox UK is awesome. This one looks really really great!!! Great post, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you :D and thanks for stopping by. I love Glossybox. Im just writing up Birchbox now. Beauty box central here xoxo


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