Monday, 9 September 2013

Review The Body Shop Tea Tree Creamy wash/cleanser and Toner

I've had a long journey trying to find a skincare routine that matches to my skin and ticks all the boxes. My skin is combination but also sensitive and spotty. I have an oily forehead and nose, my cheeks and chin suffer from spots and my pores are quite large. When I've tried products in the past they have aggravated my skin, within 24 hours I can see dry patches and eczema type rashes. With all this in mind I decided to give the body shop a go. They produce a lot of skincare products to suit everyone. I chose the tea tree range to help with my constant acne battle. Tea tree is a natural ingredient with anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. It helps kill bacteria, infections and also reduce the appearance of redness. 

Tea tree cool and creamy wash £5.00 
This is technically not a cleanser but the staff in the body shop recommended this due to my sensitive dry skin. It is amazing and leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturised  It is called cool and creamy and I couldn't agree more. It makes my face tingle and feel like I've been jetted with an ice cold hose pipe. When used in a hot shower the cooling sensation is emphasised  I think this is due to the menthol ingredients used giving it a "cool" effect. If you struggle to get motivated in the morning this helps you wake up. I've been using this for about two month's now and I can visibly see my spots have decreased also my pores are slowly getting smaller. I know most people either love or hate the tea tree smell but the smell does not linger so don't let this put you off. 

Tea tree Skin clearing toner £5.00 

This is specifically made for blemished skin too. It helps clean away impurities and leaves skin looking mattified. When I first started using this it made my face feel very hot and burned slightly. After several uses this feeling went and am pleased to say it has never come back. My skin feels squeaky clean once I've used this product. Before using this toner you have to activate it. This is done by simply shaking the bottle vigorously as the ingredients infused in this toner sink to the bottom. It contains a natural ingredient called tamanu oil. This oil is excellent for killing bacteria but an even better bonus is it helps fight the signs of ageing. Tamanu is used to help skin re growth and naturally reduces the signs of scars. I have definitely felt the benefits of the toner in my daily routine especially if used twice a day. I usually do this when I have a massive breakout, within two days it has gone. 

Overall both of these products are excellent value for money and I will definitely be re purchasing them. I hope this has been helpful for you and your skin care. You can view and purchase the full range here

What products have you rated or hated recently? If you have tried these what do you think? Let me know I love reading your comments. 

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