Friday, 13 September 2013

My summer bath and body favourites

We have definitely now waved away the summer here in the UK and the weather has turned quickly cool. The nights are getting darker, and everyone has started the debate of should the heating go on yet or try and get a few more cheap weeks. 
Even though the sun has gone there's a few bath and body products i'm not quite ready to wave goodbye too just yet.

The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel £4.00 for 250ml. Buy here
I can not explain how good this smells. Every time I use it I want to eat the contents of the bottle, but unfortunately on the back of the bottle it does state not fit for consumption! What I love about the body shop shower gel range is that they are soap free cleanser's meaning they don't dry your skin.

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter £13.00 for 200ml. Buy here
Once again this smells amazing and the scent lasts for hours. I tend to buy both a shower gel and matching butter. They really complement each other to give off a nice sweet smell. I find this really moisturising and sinks into my skin well. I suffer in the summer from dry skin on my arms and this solved the problem almost over night.

Soap and Glorys The Scrub of your life £7.00 for 200ml. Buy here
In the summer I dont know about you but I know I prefer to jump in the shower rather than soaking in the bath. What I love about this body scrub is it comes in a tube rather than a pot which I find a lot easier to use when showering rather than flooding the open pot with water. The scent is a combination of mandarin, rose, jasmine, peach, strawberry, and warm vanilla. Basically it smells really good. This scrub has a gel like consistency, and is packed full of tiny beads. My skin always feels amazing after I've used this, it helps me with my dry and skin and is excellent to use before fake tanning.

Anatomicals Spray Misty for me Facial Spritz
I received this spray in my June Glossybox and was a little apprehensive to start spritzing things on my make-uped face. I was really worried that it would make my make run, irrate my face or generally just be unpleasant. I am surprised to say it did none of those things and I now love this spray very much. This Spritz is used on the face to refresh and cool you down. I also use it in my chest and inside of my wrists.The scent of this spray reminds me of a night relaxant spray. This is due to the ingredients including lavender, mint, rose, and witch hazel. Now the sun has gone I have put this in the bathroom to spray on my face after a hot shower or before bed. The only place I could find this to be purchased online was ASOS but I think you can pick it up cheaper in other places. On ASOS it was £6.00 and can be bought here.
What products where you loving this summer? What are you trying next season?


  1. I too prefer to shower in the summer :) that scrub from soap and glory sounds divine I must give it a go. BTW love you blog. x

    1. Thank you :D it is really nice, you should try it. Even though its a scrub its really moisturising. I've just had a look at your blog and its great something I'd really enjoy reading. Hope you don't mind I've followed you on bloglovin and twitter xoxo

  2. I am loving Soap and Glory too! I have the super moisture shower wash. I can feel a major difference on how smooth my skin feels, and the smell, omg girl the smell! is so amazing!!! I just received my Glossybox that had the Anotonicals Face Spritz. So far I am liking it

    1. Hi thanks for stopping by. I know Soap and Glory its good enough to eat!! Is that the summer special Glossybox? It was a good one xoxo


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