Sunday, 15 September 2013

Montibel-lo Gold Oil Essence review

I had to write a review on this product as it is amazing. Liquid gold, literally.
I received this 30ml sample of Montibel-lo  Gold Oil Essence from last months In-style Glossybox. I can honestly say that it is the single best hair care product I have ever used. My hair is naturally very fine and dry, as I dye my hair every four weeks (cue lecture) so I’m constantly using products that promise to restore my hairs shine. Unfortunately, most of these products make my hair greasy. But then I hit gold!

What's involved?
 It contains two popular oils; Argan and Amber. These oils are nourishing, strengthening and protect your hair from the worlds nasties. Every time I use this oil I feel as though I've been to the hairdressers. You know that silky smooth, no fly away perfectly finished style that only a hairdresser can seem to pull off.  Bottle it up and its this. Another plus for me is the scent. It smells divine, slightly fruity with a hint of expensive. Talking of price this can be purchased from Amazon and Birchbox but is currently out of stock at both places. It retails for around £22.00. Hopefully it will be back in stock again soon. 

How to use?
"A little goes a long way" is the best moto for this product. I use a pea size amount in the palm of my hand. Then like most oils rub your hands together to evenly disperse the oil across both palms and heat it up. Run your fingers through your hair, concentrating on the mid-lengths to the ends. I wouldn't recommended using this on roots as it will get greasy very quickly. Start light and build up gradually depending on the length and thickness.

If there's anything you should have on your wish list it should be this. Well worth every hard earned penny. I know I will definitely be re-purchasing. Forget L'Oreal  Montibel is worth it haha worse pun ever. 
On that note I'm loving and leaving you. 

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