Saturday, 21 September 2013

Gillian Michael's Week one & two update

I failed.
Yep I am admitting defeat for now. For my first try it really hasn't gone well at all. At the beginning of the first week I was on a mission so I battered through it Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Tuesday came along and I was ill and have continued to be ill since. I've had a virus which then turned into a chest infection so bouncing around to Gillian's hard core routine has not even been an option. 

Fresh start though this week. I am determined to hammer this DVD before I go on my holidays in one and a half weeks. I just wanted you to know I hadn't forgot about it. I've just not wanted to admit I hadn't done it :(

Fingers crossed it gets better from here. It's already in the DVD player for tonight. So here we go Day 1 (again) 

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