Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Bingo The New Big Thing and What Those Numbers Mean*

Hello, you may think I have gone a bit batty telling you about bingo but honestly don't knock it until you have tried it. Bingo is a fun and enjoyable way to have an alcohol free night out (if you choose). I'm 24 and have to say I love a good game of bingo, it isn't the gambling aspect as personally I forget that actually it is a game associated around that. Getting together with friends and having a giggle at the local bingo hall is just a great way to relax. It is quickly becoming a game not only associated with the blue rinse pensioners as company's are making it a much more fun place to be.

Costa Bingo have teamed up with loggers to show everyone the basics of the bingo numbers.If you have ever wondered just what all the different calls are for the numbers in the game of bingo then these great clips could help! 

Part of an ongoing campaign which will tell the story of all 90 bingo calls in 90 videos, the clips give a visual representation of what each number stands for so that budding bingo players can join in the fun when it comes to shouting  their favourite calls (whether in a bingo hall or at home when playing online). 
For number 37 – more than 11 – the video is fairly simple. A few rolls of the dice to represent the growing numbers and you have got a visual reminder that 37 is indeed more than 11! There are plenty of other clips available online too with the full 90 videos to be fully uploaded within the next four weeks. 

If your feeling a bit bored one evening and fancy a girls catch up. Get your bingo on.
Miss Savvy
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Sunday, 29 June 2014

How To Attend Your Favourite Music Festival At Minimal Cost*

Music lovers anticipate the summer months for the wonderful festivals and concerts that take place across the globe. Unfortunately, if you wanted to attend every event you’d have to have a millionaire’s wallet and have booked your ticket months in advance!

However, with some careful planning you can still attend many of these events at minimal cost while having a wonderful time.

High cost of living need not be a barrier to summer enjoyment

No matter what your age, everyone enjoys a good bargain. Whether you live in a McCarthy & Stone property or a communal house in a city, most people these days have to watch their expenditure and the ticket prices of some festivals and concerts is prohibitive to attendance.

Glastonbury ticket prices have become increasingly expensive over the years and that’s without all the essential treats that you’d like to take with you. Add transportation to the mix and you can expect to lay out a small fortune for this single event.

You can still find ways of enjoying your music for free though, you just have to use your imagination and carry out some research.

Festival volunteering

A way around this problem is to volunteer. Every year at the foot of the pyramid stage you’ll see the names of the charities supported by the Glastonbury organisers. Contact these charities and see if they are looking for volunteers, this is how to avoid paying for your fun.

Festivals like Glastonbury take a huge amount of organisation and a small army of people to make sure that the whole event runs smoothly. This is your chance to listen to your favourite bands and give something back to charity.

International events

You can also attend music and arts events across the globe through volunteering. The independent US film festival Sundance is always looking for volunteers, and so is the German music festival Melt.

You can visit Croatia and see leading acts through the Outlook festivals website volunteering section. These are not last minute options though so you’ll need to ensure that you have the correct paperwork as there is heavy demand for volunteering at these events.

Classical treats can cost nothing

The televised edition of ‘The Last Night of the Proms’ looks great fun but is almost impossible to attend thanks to ticket price and popularity. If you still want to attend a Prom, investigate the possibilities of this year’s free event, Prom 51. You’ll be able to hear Grieg, and Dvorak piano works on 25 August and all it will cost is your fare to London.

Also watch out for free European Opera Days streaming, in order to hear the very best in performance from Glyndebourne and other European venues. These usually take place in May and it’s worthwhile checking the website for more information.

What you waiting for get planning your bargain festival adventure.
Miss Savvy Savver

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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Peek a Boo, I'm back. You may have noticed I vanished from the face of my blog and all social media platforms. Where did I go you may ask? To be completely honest time has just flown past me, I wish I could say I slept the last month away but unfortunately not. Life got a little crazy for a while, you know how it is, the time you can actually imagine yourself chasing your own head down a hill running into a lamp post and falling into a pile dog poo while the fittest man to grace the earth saunters past. I call it the domino effect when a challenging task knock's you into about 500 more problems. So here's a quick fire run down of the month you missed (with more details to follow)

We had a birthday in the rain

A holiday in the sun

and last but not least I have gone back to work. The body snatchers came took me away and made me join the other workers but more on that in another post. I hope your all well and have been enjoying the summer so far. I have a couple of collaboration posts going up this weekend, ow how I fell behind on work. 

I look forward to getting back into the swing of things next week so look out for all those post's on Monday.

Miss Savvy Run Around Mum

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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Style Saturday: Admiring Aztec and the New Shoes

(My new Hi-Top trainers from Topshop that I have fallen very quickly in love with)

Happy Saturday and Happy last day of May, where has this year gone? Please leave your theories below.

How amazing are these trainers, I know there super cool. I'm not a huge trainer wearer but with the sun coming out and more trips to the park planned with dearest daughter, I thought it was about time I embraced this type of comfy footwear. I loved the fact they are a cream base rather than white and decorated with bright colours. Aztec is quickly becoming one of my favourite prints, Come rain or shine it's a quick fix way to brighten up any look, from a key piece to all over outfit. What ever your style, what ever your occasion go Aztec. I've put together a few of my favourite products this season check out the full list at my Shopcade profile.

Miss Savvy Styler

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